Changing Your Life: 9 Tips to Reach Your Goals

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It often happens that you want to change your life. It happens to feel dissatisfied, to perceive that our existence is not as rich as we deserve. After a period of intense personal growth it happens to want to make a radical change in work, in private life, in friendships, in the way of organizing our time. But we can’t figure out if the change will work. Sometimes we can’t even understand what our way to change our life really is. Life is infinitely rich and offers many paths. Which to follow? 

Many people answer: I change my life because I want to do what I like. I change jobs, I change partners because I want to feel good, because I want to feel pleasure, because I want to be happy. But can we really change our lives based on our personal beliefs and opinions? What we think will give us pleasure and happiness, will it actually? Or do we risk being disappointed for the umpteenth time? Seized by doubts, many people often give up on change and prefer to stay in their tried and tested routine. A routine that does not give great satisfaction but that does not reserve bad surprises either. 

What path to take to change your life?


The answer to this fundamental question is clouded by thousands, perhaps millions of interference from daily life. Mass media, relatives, friends, everyone has their own opinion, few have the exact data because they are difficult to find and require commitment. The fact is that opinions count for nothing: mine, yours, that of the experts. Opinions don’t matter, only data matters. The truth is that the decision to change your life is yours alone. But ideas are easily confused in the chaos of the society in which we live, the responsibility is great. What will be the right way? To be able to change your life in a positive way sometimes you need an intuition that goes beyond any rational reasoning. An intuition that detaches itself from our personal needs to connect with the higher worlds.

But if we want to face change in a practical and organized way, here are 10 tips that could really come in handy, 10 tips that if applied constantly in your path of change can really make a difference. 

Tip One: Choose What Keeps You Alive

Choose the vital, peaceful, creative, ethical positive path. Choose what unites and not what divides. Choose the path that finds the solutions to the problems of the world we live in, what enriches us and leads us to a better lifestyle. Do not choose the easy but dead-end path, the selfish immediate gain with no future, the path of conflict. Financial speculators, for example, may feel that they are getting rich because they are smarter than others. They make money simply by buying and selling financial securities at a higher cost. But what is the meaning of those operations? What vitality do they produce? None. In the long run, failure will inevitably come. Choose what keeps you alive, what keeps alive not only you but all the context around you, not just today, but in a very long-term vision.

Tip Two: Don’t Change Your Life Just for Material Opportunities


The simplest way is to decide based on material, concrete data, on the opportunities that material life seems to offer us. But it is an illusion. The consumption of products, fashions, lifestyles change rapidly. What appears to be the cheapest life change may turn out to be the worst choice within a few years. Do not rely on what seems to have brought real benefits to others, because in your hands that choice may not turn out to be adequate. Most people want to get the most with the least effort, but it doesn’t work. Changing your life just to seek material gains from a personal point of view may seem like a good choice in the short term. But in the long run it will reveal its limitations. 

Tip 3: Don’t choose something just because it excites you

The answer many people give themselves when it comes to changing their lives is: I look for that particular thing because I like it and because it excites me. But it is not said that what you like and excite you is really necessary. We are still in the field of personal gain. This is not a material gain but the concept is the same: what excites and you like may not have the same effect on others. It may not be what really keeps you alive. Changing your life based on what you like and what excites you may not have a solid foundation: the solid foundation of a higher vision. Do what you like, get excited, have fun is your right. But changing your life in a positive way is closer to duties than rights. Changing your life by taking the right path is something that belongs more to the dimension of thought than to that of emotions. 

Tip 4: Choose to change your life in an ethical way

The word ethics derives from the Greek Ethos and has various meanings: the main one is custom, norm. It therefore means doing things as they should be done. Ethics is all that is compatible with the development of civilization, with the progress of humanity. If there are cities, streets, cinemas, theaters, gyms, technology is because there is a civilization. We use all these beautiful things that we enjoy, that we like, that excite us because they were created by other human beings. The ethical development of civilization is something that affects us all. Saying that we don’t care, that we just live our little life, that we have an honest job, a family, some loved ones, is not enough. Cosmic laws push us to change our lives in an ethical way. 

We can ignore them we can pretend they don’t exist. But that’s how it works. If man has come out of the caves, if we are at a good point of development it is because someone has worked towards that direction in an ethical way. Ethics is what keeps you alive. What is unethical inevitably leads to destruction, to the degradation of civilization. If governments, companies, individuals choose to change their lives in an unethical, indeed, often destructive way, it does not mean that everyone must accept this. If Wall Street speculators make millions without any ethics it doesn’t mean you have to imitate them to achieve their own material wealth. In the long run it doesn’t work. On the contrary, it means that the decay they create must serve as an example to do something completely different. If you choose to change your life, make an ethical choice. 

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Tip 5: Don’t choose to change your life out of fear


Sometimes changes are reactions to situations of chaos and emergency. Choices dictated by fear are the absolute worst. The mass media and propaganda do nothing but create fearful thought forms. Because? Because fear makes products sell. It is scientifically proven by advertising researchers that TV commercials after a catastrophic news program sell much more. Fear wrecks your ability to reason and you become vulnerable: You are at the mercy of advertisements, of what they want you to believe. You are more willing to take your wallet or credit card to fill that existential void created by fear. Reasoning, on the other hand, makes you waterproof, less conditioned. 

Fear is very similar to the state of hypnosis. Buying objects, taking initiatives, choosing to change your life when you are in a state of hypnosis is not at all advisable. Before planning how to change your life you have to free yourself from fears, from the negativity of external influences. Thousands of negative interferences and false values ​​reach you every day. Silence them to choose to change their lives in a rational, ethical way, based on real values. 

Tip 6: Hang out with new people and environments

If you want to make a change in your life, you also need to start hanging out with different people and environments. The people you hang out with are usually connected to your old lifestyle and always communicate the same thought forms to you. This can be a difficult step. Abandoning your old friends, distancing yourself from certain family members, maybe change of city. But it is necessary because a new life cannot always start in an old scenario. There are probably many cases where the change doesn’t have to be that drastic. But in some cases it is necessary to change completely. The people you have always frequented, the environment in which you lived would not accept your total change. You would be marginalized, someone might say that you have gone mad, that you have lost your identity. To take on a complete new identity, a new scenario is needed. Identity is the key to your change. 

Tip 7: Change your life without being intimidated by criticism


Perhaps you have found ideas to change your life in an ethical and positive way, but the clash with the material needs of life immediately arises. All the people around you start teasing you about your project. And how do you pay the expenses? How do you eat? How do you pay your bills? Society appears brutal, nature reveals demands incompatible with your vision. On this planet everything seems very difficult. How can your project be compatible with the materialism that prevents you from taking a new path? With friends, family members who perform well in business and practical life mocking you? 

This is the stage where you have to get out of the world of ideas and confront the ruthless laws of nature, this is where your life change really begins. The frontal confrontation with the materialists is the phase in which your project must materialize and demonstrate that it is capable of being realized also on the material level. The problem is that those who have identified with matter are ignorant, they do not know themselves, they do not know spirituality, they do not know its potential. His attack on your ethical vision and your plans to change your life exists because of his conformity and fear. You must be able to dismantle any criticism, any attack on your change project, while remaining calm and inspired in your project. To do this you need to study. If you show that you really know your motivations and your project, you will be able to respond to any criticism. All the necessary effort and effort are already part of the ethical path.

Tip 8: you can also change your life without changing anything on the outside

Not all changes require external actions, concrete transformations on the material level. Sometimes it is enough to change your ideas, and your ways of perceiving reality. For example, you can’t bear to be an employee of your company, you hate your job. An entrepreneur does not hate his job because he created it. If he doesn’t like what he does, he has the power to make changes. An entrepreneur does not create a company that he hates because he is responsible for it. You have an employee job that you don’t like, but in some cases it is not necessary to become an entrepreneur: just change your idea of ​​responsibility. That is, you have to abandon the idea of ​​being something separate and become responsible for the company you work in, for what it produces. In this way, your attitude changes: you become like a partner in the company, not an employee who has to undergo decisions from above. By taking responsibility, you truly take part in the life of the company you work in. But what if you don’t share the company’s ethical choices and way of working? In that case you have no choice, your change must also be external. You can’t take responsibility for something you don’t believe in. 

Tip 9: Improving yourself can be the biggest life change


Changing your life on the outside can be relatively simple: a little courage is enough and we can move to another city, change jobs, change relationships, change partners. In a new context we feel freer and we are not tied to our old identity. But if there has not been an inner improvement, the old conflicts return after some time. The same problems arise again: quarrels with the partner, lack of money even in the new job, disappointments even from the new city. The concept you need to understand is that the conquest of new territories is limited.

When you are about to move for the fifth time to a different city, when you start your new job for the tenth time you should start asking yourself a few questions. Is there some problem, some blockage inside you? What are the mistakes that repeat themselves? In this case it is best to start a serious introspection, look within, and understand how the change you are looking for can really happen. You can probably achieve it without wasting external energy: it is an inner change, changing beliefs, or transforming the way you communicate. The best change you can do without leaving home, with a deep inner work.

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