Documentaries: 3 Titles Not to Be Missed

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The documentary is certainly the largest and most multifaceted experimental laboratory of independent cinema, with the greatest possibilities to explore reality without having large budgets and to bend to the sometimes very complex production logics of fictional films. Documentary cinema offers the most surprising novelties and the most courageous experiments of low-budget indie cinema, giving the public the opportunity to discover unknown and very interesting worlds and realities of the world in which we live. Reality often exceeds all possible imagination. Here are 3 amazing streaming documentaries available on Indiecinema that you absolutely cannot miss.

Rebel surgeon


The surgeon Erik Erichsen, tired of the Swedish bureaucracy, decides to move to Ethiopia, where there are extremely limited resources and sometimes you work with really rudimentary tools, but you can be masters of your own choices. The director Erik Gandini, author of Videocracy, one of the first most successful documentaries to tell the Berlusconian saga, tells us here the adventure in Ethiopia of an extraordinary man, a totally counter-current surgeon. Forced to work in dramatic situations but endowed with an irony and an uncommon firmness, Mr. Erichsen is not too subtle in choosing his tools. Irony and gory images come together in a truly unique film.

The Dream of Homer


An auteur documentary that explores the unconscious and the dreams of a group of blind people from birth, with a hypnotic rhythm and with images of strong visual impact. A cinema that fully exploits the potential of the seventh art of showing the invisible. A journey into the dark through the diaries recorded every morning upon awakening. The unconscious that emerges and that binds their lives. A poetic exploration of the saving power of dreams and the imagination.

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Moving sound

Can you imagine anything crazier than cycling from England to West Africa? Teacher and musician Ed Wade-Martins did and documented it in this documentary film. To raise funds for the Fresh Start Foundation and support the Gambian orphans, he sets out on an epochal journey with the aim of uniting different cultures with the universal language of music. A solitary journey without help, if not that of his video camera with which he documents his days, across 6,000 miles, eight different countries, two continents. A unique journey to the rhythm of music.

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