Interview with Filippo Sozzi, awarded at the Indiecinema FF

Our pleasant chat with the author of “Il Metodo Orfeo”, winner of the second edition of Indiecinema Film Festival A bet won. Resurrecting after years of hibernation a title like Il Metodo Orfeo, an underground thriller that had attracted so much interest in Italy about a decade ago, was almost a duty for the staff […]

Interview with Giuseppe Tandoi, upon Pope Celestino V

The co-director of the highly documented and compelling historical-philosophical docu-fiction “Be ready – The keys of Pope Celestino V” speaks with us At Indiecinema Film Festival – Second Edition, two movies selected for the Documentary Competition tell us about the Middle Age, to the delight of Alessandro Barbero or other scholars of the subject. One […]

Interview with Patrick Müller: from Germany to Indiecinema

This is our interesting conversation with the German artist, who directed Into the Realm of the Night Between the short movies selected for the second edition of Indiecinema Film Festival, Into the Realm of the Night is the one which strucked us for its extraordinary formal care, for the nocturnal charm in which darkness and […]

Interview with Michele Senesi, an emergent Italian director

The filmmaker from Marche’s region in Italy is once again protagonist of the Feature Film Competition, after the Special Mention obtained in the first edition for “Bumba Atomika”, with his second movie “Il Cerchio delle Lumache”. Michele Senesi can be really defined as an “aficionado” of Indiecinema Film Festival. After all, his Bumba Atomika, during […]

Interview with Valerio Graglia, the “Monstre”‘s director

Monstre: the origins of such short movie Your short film tells the story of some people who want to make an independent short movie. It is therefore a meta-short, in some way. How did you get the idea? The idea comes from some stories written in the past years, inspired by the everyday life we […]

Interview with the PIIGS’s director, Federico Greco

The working team Federico, in the meantime, a curiosity: you directed PIIGS together with Adriano Cutraro and Mirko Melchiorre, but how does the collaboration between you take place? Is there actually a division of roles? And together you have carried out other projects, right? In writing and directing we work as one person, trying to […]

Interview with SF director Matteo Scarfò

The director, who divides his time between theater and cinema, has created the admirable ‘space opera’ selected for the short film competition, “Pale Blue Dot: A Tale of Two Stargazers” Another appreciated passage from Trieste’s Science + Fiction to the Capitoline Indiecinema Film Festival. Discovered by us in Trieste, Pale Blue Dot: A Tale of […]

Interview with the Australian director Michael Anthony Kratochvil

The creator of amazing “Sweet Mary, Where Did You Go?” speaking with us! A sort of cosmic horror, not separated from a ferocious irony, made its way into our spirit after watching Sweet Mary, Where Did You Go?. It happened immediately after the discovery of such short movie, which participated in 2021 to S+F, we […]

Interview with Stefano Zait Oliva, in competion at Indiecinema Film Festival 2022

The multiple interests of the author of Metamorphosis, a short film at the crossroads between the visionary nature of filmic language and the reverberations of a peculiar musical research In the rich and so varied Short Film Competition of the Indiecinema Film Festival, movies with an experimental imprint could certainly not be missing, aimed at […]

Interview with director Cevahir Çokbilir for Indiecinema Film Festival 2022


This is our conversation with the director of “Ant and Human”, amazing short movie from Turkey Ant and Human by the Turkish director Cevahir Çokbilir is one of the first shorts that we have selected, for the new edition of Indiecinema Film Festival. Meager. Essential. Poetic. At the beginning, a harsh scene of war and […]

Indiecinema Film Festival 2022: selections ended


The films in competition have already been announced and the jury of the second edition of the Indiecinema Film Festival, scheduled for mid-May In the climate of uncertainty that still reigns in Italy (and in Europe), the staff of Indiecinema Film Festival took a little more of time, before announcing the contents of a highly […]

David di Donatello: how the Oscar for Italian films was born and how it works


David di Donatello was inspired by the characteristics of the American Oscar winner. It was created by cultural clubs and associations such as the Open Gate of Rome in the early 1950s and by the interest of AGIS, the Italian general association of entertainment. The first edition was in 1956, at the Fiamma cinema in […]

Indiecinema Film Festival 2021: the final phase of the festival in May


Indiecinema Film Festival 2021: the first edition will end with this third session We are pleased to finally be able to announce the third and final session of the Indiecinema Film Festival 2021. In theory, this final tranche should have taken place between February and March, with a live appointment to follow. to communicate the […]