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Finance Movies to Watch

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Among the most unmissable movies to watch in the history of cinema there are some that tell the financial aspects of the world in which we live. Before we see what are the best finance movies to watch let’s take a look at what financial speculation is. A way of earning often practiced in recent years by unscrupulous financial operators in an incorrect way that has caused serious problems for millions of people.

What is financial speculation?


In the world of money, speculation or speculative trading refers to the act of executing a monetary deal that presents a substantial danger of decline, but also contains the expectation of a sizable gain or other important value. With speculation, the threat of loss is greater but offset by the possibility of a sizable gain.

Although the threat of financial investment is high, the capitalist is normally much more concerned with creating a gain based on market value adjustments for that investment than on long-term investments.

Without the possibility of significant gains, there would certainly be little motivation to participate in speculation. Sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish between guesswork and easy financial investment, forcing the market player to consider whether financial investment depends on elements that measure the nature of ownership, the expected length of holding period, and / or the amount of financial leverage.

How Does Financial Speculation Work?

Real estate can blur the line between investing and speculating when buying a property with the intention of renting it out. While this would qualify as an investment, buying multiple condos with marginal down payments for the function of quickly reselling them at a profit would certainly be considered speculation.

Speculators can provide liquidity to the market and reduce the spread, allowing producers to effectively hedge interest rate risk. Likewise, speculative short selling can keep the widespread upside in check and prevent real estate cost bubbles from developing by betting against actual results.

Mutual funds and hedge funds usually participate in the guesswork in the forex markets along with the bond and stock markets.

The Forex Market

The Forex markets run the highest total amount in the world and also the dollar value, with around 6.6 trillion dollars every day. This market is traded around the world for 24 hours a day while placements can be taken or canceled in seconds, using high speed digital trading systems.

Transactions typically include offers to trade sets of currencies, such as EUR / USD (Euro-US Dollar), for distribution with options or simple exchange. This market is dominated by real estate regulators and also by hedge funds with multi-billion dollar profiles.

Guesswork in forex markets can be difficult to distinguish from normal hedging techniques, which occur when a company or financial institution buys or sells a currency to hedge against market movements.

A sale of foreign currency related to the purchase of a bond can be considered a hedge of the value of the bond or a common speculation. These relationships can become complicated to specify if the money placement is bought and sold multiple times.

Speculation and the Bond

market The international bond market is worth over $ 100 trillion, approximately $ 40 trillion of which is based in the United States, and even these properties may include debts issued by federal governments and multinational corporations.

Asset prices can vary significantly and are also strongly affected by interest rate as well as economic and political unpredictability. The world’s largest market trades US Treasuries, often driven by speculation.

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Financial crises, greedy speculators, new digital currencies and major economic changes in the world we live in. Here is a selection of the most interesting finance movies to watch.

The Big Short

Based on Michael Lewis’ non-fiction book The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, this finance movie tells how two smart investors learn, before anyone else, of the housing bubble it has caused the financial crisis in 2007-2008.

The movie is recognized for its method of investigating monetary instruments, for example, by asking Selena Gomez to describe what CDOs are at a casino poker table, or by asking Margot Robbie to describe mortgage-backed bonds in a champagne tub.

Barbarians at the Gates

A mostly overlooked 1993 TV movie focusing on RJR Nabisco’s leveraged buyout (LBO). Although the movie takes some liberties in depicting this real-life event, audiences will be amazed and amused by Nabisco CEO F. Ross Johnson’s incompetence and greed, as well as behind-the-scenes negotiations and even scams around. this renowned LBO.

American Psycho

A thriller set against the backdrop of finance, Christian Bale plays a wealthy financial investment banker with a dark secret in the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel. Although there is very little real money in this movie, American Psycho sheds light on the unique world populated by an elite of finance, and also on the total disconnect they have between them and the real world.

Glengarry Glen Ross

A well-known big screen adaptation of a play by David Mamet, this decidedly interesting finance movie focuses on a team of real estate sellers whose moral is absolutely deteriorated after years of working for their deceptive company. This film shows greed and deceptive methods, coupled with the pressure exerted on salespeople by their superiors. Alec Baldwin’s “motivational speech” takes the entire film and exposes the absolute ideal and even the worst faces of financial functioning under pressure.

Rogue Trader

This finance movie tells the story of Nick Leeson, a trader who single-handedly triggered the bankruptcy of Barings Bank, the second oldest bank in the world. A rising celebrity on the Singapore business scene, Leeson gets into trouble, hiding huge losses from his superiors in completely hidden accounts. While the movie itself is fairly entertaining, Leeson’s tale is a great lesson in threat monitoring and monetary oversight.

The Wolf of Wall Street

If you haven’t seen this biopic directed by Scorsese recounting the fluctuations of a famous stock scammer, Jordan Belfort, you are missing out on many of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best performances. The Wolf of Wall Street is based on real-life events around the infamous Stratton Oakmont, a brokerage firm, and a pump-and-dump that aided the IPO of a number of large public companies during the late 80s and 90s.

Wall Street

Shock, Shock: The Number One Money Movie Every Specialist Must See by Oliver Stone, which allowed countless college graduates to utter the incessant phrase “Blue Horseshoe Enjoys Anacott Steel” as they rushed to Series 7 tests.

Originally created to show the excess and indulgence associated with finance, Wall Street still wields incredible power as a recruiting tool for traders, brokers, analysts and even lenders nearly 30 years after its creation. The movie serves to alert us to the threats of advanced trading and also to dabble a little in our money-hungry side; after all, as Gekko would say, “Greed is good.”.

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Film indipendenti cult

Inside Job

“Citibank’s Chuck Prince claimed that” we have to dance until the music stops. “In fact, the songs had already stopped when he said it.” – George Soros

This documentary, told by Matt Damon, responds to the occasions of the global financial disaster of the subprime mortgage crisis, which at a price of over 20 trillion dollars. Countless people lost their jobs and even their homes in the worst economic downturn, including the Great Depression, and it nearly led to a worldwide economic collapse.

Too Big to Fail

Shot on location in the US, Iceland, England, France, Singapore and China, “Inside Job” is a documentary based on research and comprehensive interviews with financial experts, journalists, politicians and academics too, the movie traces the wave of a market that damaged politics and the academic community, sharing the point of view from then-politician Christine Lagarde to world-renowned financier Georges Soros. The movie is structured in five parts and delves into topics such as the law of economic markets and the real estate bubble market. The movie garnered appreciation for his study and debate against accountability of the US financial system.

Based on Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book: Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street as well as Washington fought to save the financial system, this movie takes a look at the 2008 monetary dilemma and how powerful figures decided the fate of the global economic climate in a few weeks.

The movie focuses on exactly how US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson tried to save Lehman Brothers and AIG from bankruptcy. You may know how the rest of the events unfold, but Paul Giamatti’s portrayal of Ben Bernanke is very cool – no wonder he won a Screen Actors Guild Award for it.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

“I would definitely like to know if you are on crack, if so that would clarify a lot. If not, you may want to get started because it will take a long time before we trust you again. “

From the seventh largest company in the United States to bankruptcy in less than a year, this finance docudrama clarifies the fluctuation of Enron Corporation, arguably one of the most shocking cases of modern eco-friendly business and corruption. From profit inflation, to uncertain accounting practices and manipulation of the electricity market, you have it all right here in this one docu-drama of corporate greed.

Becoming Warren Buffett

“If you are psychological about financial investing, you are very unlikely to do well. You may have all these feelings about a supply, the supply has no feelings about you.” – Warren Buffett.

This documentary follows the growth of a numbers-obsessed Nebraska child to become one of the most recognized and successful investors in the world, all the while knowing the people who greatly helped his development. It’s not focused on finance, but there are plenty of words of wisdom all over the place that are sure to give you food for thought later on.

All of Berkshire Hathaway’s investor letters are consistently interesting and educational read to understand his investment strategy and personality.

Trading places

Louis Winthorpe is a businessman who benefits Duke and Duke’s product brokerage firm owned by brothers Mortimer and Randolph Duke. The Duke brothers quarrel over one of the most trivial matters.

When Winthorpe runs into Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy), a street cheater and also assumes he is trying to rob him, she has him imprisoned. After seeing exactly how different the two men are, the brothers decide to bet on what would happen if Winthorpe lost his job, his home and was rejected by every person he knows and even if Valentine was provided with Winthorpe’s job. The film culminates in an intense confrontation on futures trading which is a wonderful example of asset trading.

Asset trading on government-obtained details was not actually prohibited when this one appeared comedy, but it’s illegal at the moment. It was banned in the 2010 financial audit legislation, under a unique provision usually described as the Eddie Murphy rule.

Boiler Room

“You will definitely make your first million in 3 years.”.

That’s the promise Jack Young (Ben Affleck) makes to his young employees at an investment firm. Starring Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel and Ben Affleck, this film anticipates financial themes ten years before the Wall Street wolf of Scorsese. Pump and dump is a kind of stock fraud that includes the marketing of unnecessary stock at artificially filled costs, usually through hostile selling techniques, combined with outright incorrect or misleading information.

Giovanni Ribisi plays Seth, a university student who joins Jack Young’s company with the intent of making his father proud, and initially is successful in his studio. As he begins to excel and love hard selling and high paying, learning more about the company he works for, Seth questions the authenticity of the company’s procedures.

Margin Call

Margin Call is a drama didn’t get much attention from a large audience, however it had a fantastic cast that included Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Stanley Tucci, Demi Moore and Zachary Quinto. One of the most technically accurate films on this list is a realistic take on what happened at the start of the 2008 crisis. Most of the company is fired, Peter’s boss is one of them.

The Company Men

Although money takes a back seat in this drama movie, the effect of the recession caused by the 2008 monetary crisis is truly overwhelming in The Company Men. If you are among the numerous people who have actually been laid off during the economic crisis training course, The Company Men can be extremely recognizable, insightful and emotional to enjoy.

The film adheres to the downsizing of GTX, a shipbuilding company, and the lives of the 3 staff members after the resignation. One of the first to leave is sales supervisor Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) who is surprised and then injures and then overcomes with a feeling of failure and embarrassment. Bobby’s partner, Maggie (Rosemarie DeWitt), initially reacts in desperation, but readjusts to work as an emergency room nurse, convincing her son not to lose hope in Bobby. Bobby tries to find work, but is a victim of unemployment in the country: he eventually accepts the supply of Maggie’s brother, Jack (Kevin Costner), to work as a basic carpenter.

On the other hand the downsizing is made up of Gene McClary (Tommy Lee Jones), one of the founders of the company, and also a longtime staff member Phil (Chris Cooper) who falls back in anger and even humiliation at being unemployed at because of his advanced age. The way in which each of these three males copes with the loss of jobs and even earnings weaves a complete story with a disaster along with a demonstration of the indomitable human spirit.

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Film indipendenti cult

Bitcoin – The End Of Money As We Know It

We highly recommend this documentary to those who are new to the concept of cryptocurrencies. This concise, clear and non-technical documentary is aimed at the mainstream target market. Start by checking out the broader scenario by analyzing the background of cash, the patterns of technological change, and how it led to the emergence of cryptocurrencies.

Director Torsten Hoffmannalso recently presented another relevant documentary this year entitled “Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet”, focusing on the blockchain. Check out the links below if you like her style!

The China Hustle

“Capitalism rewards those who strive, but it also rewards those who benefit from others” is the opening sentence of this disturbing film.

There are numerous reasons why you need to see this finance movie. To begin with, he discovers a real real-time scam that occurred in 2018 in the US on the stock market. See how, after the 2007 financial crisis, the next big thing has become the purchase of Chinese stocks. Everyone intends to belong and take their part in China Story.

It is difficult to spend directly in China, so in an unscrupulous collaboration with US investment firms, Chinese companies have discovered a backdoor to float on US exchanges that steer clear of regular checks and even balances associated with an initial public offering. . The film introduces you to the world of short sellers.

Capitalism: a Love Story

The thing I like about Michael Moore is that he fights for a reason and never shies away from confrontation. Michael Moore in this movie transforms his gaze on capitalism. Pleasant, provocative: the film’s historical facets and the effects of what it illustrates are powerful. A sample quote: Rep. Dennis Kucinich: “Is it the United States Congress or the board of directors of Goldman Sachs?”

The Ascent of Money

Niall Ferguson traces the history of money and exactly how it grew from a device capable of exchanging services and products much more conveniently to a dominant aspect in the culture. How exactly has money changed in the world we live in?

Chasing Madoff

Based on the great book “No one would Listen” by Harry Markopolos. This is an exciting account of the rise and fall of Bernie Madoff and how difficult it was for Markopolos himself to get the Securities & Exchange Commission to act. You need to see this just to understand the depth of the issue of attempting to oversee companies benefiting from corrupt money. A good movie with solid actors and excellent acting.


A fascinating collection of filmed documents examining human nature and that exactly how we describe the world around us is hardly ever tied to true reason. It can be dry at times, but it demonstrates how adopting a different goal for the economy, as well as the thought process, can reveal various insights.


From director James Allen Smith, this timeless cult describes exactly what it was like on the Chicago Board of Options trading floor. Trading on the floor still exists and a lot of money is still being passed over the counter and on the floor. Excellent finance movie to understand its dark mechanisms.

Wall Street Warriors

Insights galore here in different roles on Wall Street, and even if they make a great deal of money, mental anxiety and job type misery can crush a man. A great insight into the mentality of the people to whom you entrust your money, your profile and, ultimately, your economic future.

Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on Bitcoin is a documentary film that highlights the birth of Bitcoin and the underlying technology that drives it, the BlockChain. For any individual who is bewildered by technology and wants to know more, this is a fantastic foundation.

Strong interviews with BlockChain and Bitcoin enthusiasts complete the documentary. Bitcoin and competing e-money are loved by investors. However the reality is that in 2018 most of those who bought Bitcoins and others also actually lost huge amounts of money. The best investment bubble has taken a break in the past year. Find out more about this fantastic docudrama.

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