Lack – Purgatory


Telemachus looks out to sea, waiting for the return of Ulysses, the Father. In Lack – Purgatory, instead, it is Ulysses, a woman, whom we see from behind. Which she will then speak of a daughter, after having (re) entered into a symbolic womb, in the ship she is in command of her. Her crew […]

About Astrid, a teenager looking for herself

In streaming Dalle parti di Astrid

About Astrid: the director of the film Among the names to be taken into greater consideration within the indie cinema scene, there is undoubtedly that of Federico Mattioni, a young filmmaker, who – with an important experience in the world of short films behind him – in 2016 made to his first work: About Astrid […]

The Mirror and the Rascal, from Shakespeare’s Richard III


Available in exclusive streaming on Indiecinema The idea of ​​the film “The Mirror and the Rascal” is not an “easy” film. The choice of the subject in itself invites a problematic approach, of reflection and finding of meanings. Already the historical drama does not lend itself to remakes and re-elaborations, it is a “perfect” theatrical […]

The independent filmmaker of the 2000s is a free storyteller

Cinema today belongs to independent filmmaker who has something to tell and the ability to do it. The quality standard of images that a smartphone or any latest generation video recording tool can produce is more than sufficient for a cinematic projection. Cinema is now a democratic art just like writing, painting or oral narration […]