Spaghetti western, the return: Gold & Lead


Once upon a time there was the West or maybe it still is. Sumptuous homage to spaghetti western, which has one of its strong points in its atypical heroine. Sergio Leone , one of the great masters of world cinema. But also sublime artisans who chewed cinema with unique competence and ardor, like the performers […]

Lack – Purgatory


Telemachus looks out to sea, waiting for the return of Ulysses, the Father. In Lack – Purgatory, instead, it is Ulysses, a woman, whom we see from behind. Which she will then speak of a daughter, after having (re) entered into a symbolic womb, in the ship she is in command of her. Her crew […]

Sheep Hero: the Shepherd Against Institutions

Sheep Hero

We must be grateful to IndieCinema: in the very first months of its existence, the courageous and innovative online platform showed excellent potential, making available to the public an excellent selection of small Italian and foreign productions, both of genre that of a more purely authorial brand, both fictional and documentary. And among the documentaries […]

The Mirror and the Rascal, from Shakespeare’s Richard III


Available in exclusive streaming on Indiecinema The idea of ​​the film “The Mirror and the Rascal” is not an “easy” film. The choice of the subject in itself invites a problematic approach, of reflection and finding of meanings. Already the historical drama does not lend itself to remakes and re-elaborations, it is a “perfect” theatrical […]

The independent filmmaker of the 2000s is a free storyteller

Cinema today belongs to independent filmmaker who has something to tell and the ability to do it. The quality standard of images that a smartphone or any latest generation video recording tool can produce is more than sufficient for a cinematic projection. Cinema is now a democratic art just like writing, painting or oral narration […]