Abacuc is a provocative, highly experimental film that brutally demolishes the standardized language that cinema has built from its origins to today, in a brutal way as has rarely been done before.  The “non” Plot of Abacuc Abacuc, the protagonist of the film, is played by Dario Bacis, a forty-year-old weighing 200 kilos with a […]

Federico Mattioni


Director, screenwriter, poet, writer and film critic, Federico Mattioni studied at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and graduated in 2006 in the history of films.  The Beginnings  He started writing short stories and poems from the age of 16, and in the following years He worked as a film critic in various magazines and […]

Fabio Del Greco, Life and Films


Fabio del Greco was born in 1974 in Pescara, an Abruzzo city on the Adriatic Sea. Already in elementary school he wrote short stories. The first movie he sees in the cinema is Flash Gordon, and the experience in the theater affects him deeply. At the age of 10 he discovers Steven Spielberg’s cinema.  At […]

Festival in Cannes


Festival in Cannes: the Plot Festival in Cannes, 1999. Alice, an actress, wants to make an independent film as a director based on a screenplay written by two of her friends which includes the interpretation of Gena Rowlands, wife and actress of the godfather of American independent cinema John Cassavetes. But Kaz, a guy who […]

Slow Life


The Plot of Slow Life Lino Stella, the protagonist of slow life, the new indie movie by Fabio del Greco, is employed in a municipal library. A permanent job that the mirage of millions of people. But for some time he has not been able to stand his working days, he feels stressed out and […]

Art and Life: The Lost Poet


Existence is sometimes the difficult art of walking in balance on a suspended thread between art and life. Art lives on the same road as life but in a more secret place. On the top floor of a somewhat hidden apartment building. Art is a lonely room in the attic of a rented apartment. Life, […]

The Films of Manuela Morgaine


Lightning by Manuela Morgaine is an experimental movie – documentary, a 4-hour “monstre” film, Lightning explores in a deep and poetic way the mythologies and phenomena related to lightning, connecting them to human energy, to love, eros, melancholy, healing, dance. Interview by Silvia Tarquini, in collaboration with Alessandro Poggiani Before Lightning you did theater, literature, […]

Lack – Hell: The exterminating reparative angel


Lack – Hell. Faces astonished yet mobile, talkative and yet paralyzed with terror, bathed in a strange light, neither day nor night. Hell are already those signs of their being matter, flesh equal to barriers and fences. Twenty people, women and men, surrounded in a pile of rubble: damned. They work through a trauma, stare […]

Altin in the city: Requiem for a reality show


The director of the film For some years now, Fabio Del Greco’s interesting artistic career has appeared before us, revealing a stubborn, independent filmmaker, counter-current author, often able to make up for the very few means available with a rough and personal look at the surrounding reality. The aftermath of him is a subjective look, […]

Spaghetti western, the return: Gold & Lead


Once upon a time there was the West or maybe it still is. Sumptuous homage to spaghetti western, which has one of its strong points in its atypical heroine. Sergio Leone , one of the great masters of world cinema. But also sublime artisans who chewed cinema with unique competence and ardor, like the performers […]