What is the unconscious and what is its relationship with the art of cinema?


The East has always taken much more into consideration the unconscious and the less accessible parts of the mind. In the West, however, society has given much more importance to the conscious mind, to the rational aspect. The importance of listening to the unconscious has been overlooked.  The unconscious is a huge reservoir of forgotten […]

Dystopian Movies: 9 titles to see absolutely


Dystopia and an imaginary reality, or in some ways even real, of a totalitarian and totally negative society where fundamental human rights such as freedom and dignity are denied. It can take on violent or invisible and subtle characteristics.  It can be an obvious and concrete dystopian world or a hidden and invisible world. The […]

Spirituality: the new wave of awareness of the past twenty years


The planet, like every living being, has its own spirituality but most of society seems not to notice it at all. Each person but also each organization and each state has its own spiritual life. But the political and economic approach of those in power seems to take into account only the matter. The policies […]

Personal Growth: movies are the most powerful awareness tool


Cinema is also a tool for personal growth, no doubt about it. Watching a movie is always a good way to relax and feel good about yourself. And if the chosen film manages to create a connection with our inner life, we have the opportunity to find the balance within us. Alone or together with […]

Binge watching: the model for big binge streaming. What’s this?


Discovering cinema, its history and its authors may not be easy in the age of binge watching, even if everything, apparently, is available and within reach. Today the big binge, the filmmaker Marco Ferreri would be happy, seems fashionable in every sector. From all you can eat Chinese restaurants to hypertrophic binge watching, launched as […]

Z generation: the sad end of cinema in the age of digital fanboys


If the Lumière brothers had seen the situation in which cinema fell in the years of the z generation they would have looked at each other and would have commented: we fucked you, we were more far-sighted than the other loser pioneers of cinema, ended up working in the soda kiosks or to serve the […]

Cult movie: what is it? What is the true essence of a cult film?


Cult movie is a very flexible, abstract concept which is applied to many types of cinematographic works but which can be easily manipulated for commercial purposes. Looking at the ads for the new movies, it seems like all of them are cult movies. Triumphal writings appear on trailers: the one or that critic called it […]

What is indiecinema?


Indiecinema is the innovative channel dedicated to indie films and great cult movies neglected by mainstream channels. Experimental films, avant-garde, new visual languages outside the box, indie films of all kinds, films of the history of cinema of the origins, travel documentaries and social impact, spirituality… These are just some of the contents that Indiecinema […]

The cinephile (man) in the Facebook era


The cinephile on social media The cinephile, but more generally man, in the era of Facebook, is an avatar without face or voice, an expert on everything who knows nothing and can take part in any group or discussion at his discretion. He finally he can make his voice heard and not passively suffer the […]

Franco Piavoli’s egg

Franco Piavoli

By dint of re-evaluating Series B films, cinema has become – on a cultural level – a Series B art. While we amused ourselves with the unshocked comedies or the fist fights revered by Quentin Tarantino, rigorous masters such as Béla Tarr or Jean-Luc Godard entered the shadows. Even once-famous authors such as Wim Wenders […]

How movies streaming changed the world (of cinema)

film streaming da vedere

Movies streaming has changed the world of theatrical distribution, No doubt. What was unthinkable only until a couple of decades ago, due to the technical difficulties of transmission with a too large amount of data, has become the main worldwide distribution channel thanks to realities such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, while cinemas have seen […]

Independent films: how to receive and understand them


Independent cinema in United States Making independent films means escaping the mechanism of industrial cinema of uniting creative resources within a decision-making power, it means reinventing oneself as managers of oneself and one’s own artistic skills. It has often happened throughout the history of American independent cinema, since it all began between the 40s and […]

Social networks, the web, algorithms and mass approval

social network e omologazione

Social networks have truly been an epochal revolution, but not because they have connected people to each other. Rather because they revealed who we are, something we were absolutely unaware of until the late 1990s. It is now normal to go to a movie at the cinema but spend most of the time ignoring the […]

The independent filmmaker of the 2000s is a free storyteller

Cinema today belongs to independent filmmaker who has something to tell and the ability to do it. The quality standard of images that a smartphone or any latest generation video recording tool can produce is more than sufficient for a cinematic projection. Cinema is now a democratic art just like writing, painting or oral narration […]