Nanook and other films from documentary pioneer Robert Flaherty


Robert Flaherty, the director of the famous film Nanook of the north, was the undisputed pioneer of documentary and cinema-truth. All his filmography revolves around the great theme of the relationship between man and nature. He was born in Iron Mountain, a very small and cold town in the United States, in Michigan, on the […]

10 documentaries on awareness of the world we live in

10 documentaries

Documentaries, in addition to being a great opportunity for today’s independent filmmakers, they are films that can be made with small badgets and big motivations.  They are also the territory where the public can acquire a great awarness of the world around us. Undoubtedly, the fascination for fictional films remains immense. But documentaries in the last […]

Lightning: an experimental movie of Manuela Morgaine


Lightning by Manuela Morgaine is an experimental movie – documentary, a 4-hour “monstre” film, Lightning explores in a deep and poetic way the mythologies and phenomena related to lightning, connecting them to human energy, to love, eros, melancholy, healing, dance. Interview by Silvia Tarquini, in collaboration with Alessandro Poggiani Before Lightning you did theater, literature, […]

Franco Piavoli’s egg

Franco Piavoli

By dint of re-evaluating Series B films, cinema has become – on a cultural level – a Series B art. While we amused ourselves with the unshocked comedies or the fist fights revered by Quentin Tarantino, rigorous masters such as Béla Tarr or Jean-Luc Godard entered the shadows. Even once-famous authors such as Wim Wenders […]

Home, the documentary on climate change

The documentary "Home"

In the documentary Home, one of the best documentaries on climate change ever, spectacular aerial images that accompany us through a meditative reflection on the 200,000 years of existence of the human race on Earth, which instead existed undisturbed since 4,000 million years ago. Until he arrived: the man. The documentary “Home” tells us about […]

Documentaries: 3 titles not to be missed


The documentary is certainly the largest and most multifaceted experimental laboratory of independent cinema, with the greatest possibilities to explore reality without having large budgets and to bend to the sometimes very complex production logics of fictional films. Documentary cinema offers the most surprising novelties and the most courageous experiments of low-budget indie cinema, giving […]

Tides, review of the documentary shot in Ireland by Alessandro Negrini


The river tells A visual symphony. Attending the screening of Tides. A History of Lives and Dreams Lost and Found (Some Broken) , which for non-English speakers would be Maree. A story of lost and found (some broken) lives and dreams, this effective expression, used by the director himself during the interview we had a […]

Sheep Hero: the shepherd against institutions and power

Sheep Hero

We must be grateful to IndieCinema: in the very first months of its existence, the courageous and innovative online platform showed excellent potential, making available to the public an excellent selection of small Italian and foreign productions, both of genre that of a more purely authorial brand, both fictional and documentary. And among the documentaries […]