Kaneto Shindo


Kaneto Shindo’s Beginnings in Films  Born in Hiroshima in 1912, Kaneto Shindo is one of the most important directors of Japanese cinema. He grew up in a family of landowners, which then went into disrepair. In 1927 he entered the Shinko kinema studios, where he began working in Japanese cinema, initially as an assistant to […]

Jean Epstein and Impressionist Cinema


Born in Warsaw in 1897, Jean Epstein was one of the most famous directors of French cinema. Lost his father and moved with his mother and sister, also a future director and screenwriter, to Switzerland. Then they moved to France, to Lyon, where Jean Epstein studied medicine and met August Lumière.  Jean Epstein was a […]

Franco Piavoli


Who is Franco Piavoli Franco Piavoli is one of the best directors of all time in the independent film and documentary industry. He was born in Pozzolengo in the province of Brescia, in 1933. He attended classical high school and graduated in law in Pavia in 1956. He completed his training dedicating himself to the […]

Chantal Akerman, the Cinema of Interiority


Born in Brussels in 1950, Chantal Akerman is one of the best female directors of all time. She was born to Jewish parents who emigrated from Poland. His maternal grandparents and his mother were deported to Auschwitz. She decides to devote herself to cinema after being struck by the film The Bandit at 11 by […]

Fernand Leger and Cubism


Born in 1881 Fernand Leger began as a draftsman for an architect’s studio in Paris in 1903. He was a very eclectic artist, creator of tapestry and stained glass cartoons, decorator, ceramist, sculptor, draftsman, illustrator, costume designer, set designer. Son of a Norman breeder he manages to move to Paris where he is admitted to […]

Luis Bunuel


Luis Bunuel was undoubtedly one of the most influential directors of all time and the most important Spanish director. He was born in Calendar, a small town in Aragon, Spain on February 22, 1900. He was sent to study in a Jesuit college. In all likelihood, this experience made up of rigid rules and monotonous […]

Jean Vigo: a Story of Anarchy and Cinema


In the 1930s, France was the world capital of cinema, the place where cinema was born and where the cinematographic and artistic avant-gardes that influenced the whole world were most developed. After René Clair, Antonin Artaud and Jacques Feyder. France was forced to confront war and the misery of the human condition. In cinema, a […]

Independent Movies to Watch Absolutely


The Rebirth of Independent Films In an increasingly connected world, where geographical and cultural barriers are dissolving, a new trend is rapidly taking hold in the global film industry: independent film. We are facing an unprecedented phenomenon, where experimental and original film productions are gaining ground over traditional blockbusters and mainstream films. This trend stems […]

A Better Life


The Plot of A Better Life The protagonist of the film A better Life is Andrea Casadei, lives in Rome, a city filmed by director Fabio del Greco in a dark black and white full of shadows. Andrea, played by Fabio del Greco himself, accepts commissioned jobs from husbands betrayed by their wives, or from […]

Crazy World


Fabio del Greco‘s independent film Crazy world is set in 2009, in Rome in an Italy that has Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as a winning model. A successful man, surrounded by beautiful women, who has uncommon communication skills, which fascinates most Italians.  The Plot of Crazy World The film opens with a large demonstration in […]