10 Italian independent films to see absolutely


What are independent films? From a strictly encyclopedic point of view, a independent film , also called indie film , is a film produced without the intervention of a big Studios , but this is perhaps a valid concept especially in the film market of the United States and, more generally, of the Anglo-Saxon countries. […]

Slow life: a quiet holiday against the stress of the social gear


The plot of Slow life Lino Stella, the protagonist of slow life, the new film by Fabio del Greco, is employed in a municipal library. A permanent job that the mirage of millions of people. But for some time he has not been able to stand his working days, he feels stressed out and takes […]

Lightning: an experimental movie of Manuela Morgaine


Lightning by Manuela Morgaine is an experimental movie – documentary, a 4-hour “monstre” film, Lightning explores in a deep and poetic way the mythologies and phenomena related to lightning, connecting them to human energy, to love, eros, melancholy, healing, dance. Interview by Silvia Tarquini, in collaboration with Alessandro Poggiani Before Lightning you did theater, literature, […]

Franco Piavoli’s egg

Franco Piavoli

By dint of re-evaluating Series B films, cinema has become – on a cultural level – a Series B art. While we amused ourselves with the unshocked comedies or the fist fights revered by Quentin Tarantino, rigorous masters such as Béla Tarr or Jean-Luc Godard entered the shadows. Even once-famous authors such as Wim Wenders […]

How movies streaming changed the world (of cinema)

film streaming da vedere

Movies streaming has changed the world of theatrical distribution, No doubt. What was unthinkable only until a couple of decades ago, due to the technical difficulties of transmission with a too large amount of data, has become the main worldwide distribution channel thanks to realities such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, while cinemas have seen […]

Independent films: how to receive and understand them


Independent cinema in United States Making independent films means escaping the mechanism of industrial cinema of uniting creative resources within a decision-making power, it means reinventing oneself as managers of oneself and one’s own artistic skills. It has often happened throughout the history of American independent cinema, since it all began between the 40s and […]

Lack – Hell: The exterminating reparative angel


Lack – Hell. Faces astonished yet mobile, talkative and yet paralyzed with terror, bathed in a strange light, neither day nor night. Hell are already those signs of their being matter, flesh equal to barriers and fences. Twenty people, women and men, surrounded in a pile of rubble: damned. They work through a trauma, stare […]

Altin in the city: Requiem for a reality show


Altin in the city: the director For some years now, Fabio Del Greco’s interesting artistic career has appeared before us, revealing a stubborn, obstinate, counter-current author, often able to make up for the very few means available with a rough and personal look at the surrounding reality. The aftermath of him is a subjective look, […]

Horror cult: Carnival of Souls


Carnival of souls, horror cult to rediscover Cult horror to be rediscovered with great surprise, “Carnival of souls“, is a strange low-budget American independent horror film made in 1962. which became almost invisible for decades due to distribution bankruptcy. The progenitor of the “Twilight Zone” style horror-purgatory, he puts the supernatural at the center of […]

Spaghetti western, the return: Gold & Lead


Once upon a time there was the West or maybe it still is. Sumptuous homage to spaghetti western, which has one of its strong points in its atypical heroine. Sergio Leone , one of the great masters of world cinema. But also sublime artisans who chewed cinema with unique competence and ardor, like the performers […]

Corona Days: a visionary and grotesque film in the time of the lockdown

Corona days

Available on the channel streaming Indiecinema the new film by Fabio Del Greco, Corona Days. We had dealt with his self-sufficient and resistant cinema not many weeks ago, after viewing The smartphone woman . A few weeks, but it already seems like a century. Because since then our habits (cinephiles and otherwise) have been completely […]

Indie films to see absolutely to learn more about art cinema

film indipendenti italiani

What are indie films? From a strictly encyclopedic point of view, an indie film is a film produced without the intervention of a large production company, but this is perhaps a valid concept especially in the film market of the United States and, more generally, of the Anglo-Saxon countries. In Europe, things are different. Large […]

Lack – Purgatory


Telemachus looks out to sea, waiting for the return of Ulysses, the Father. In Lack – Purgatory, instead, it is Ulysses, a woman, whom we see from behind. Which she will then speak of a daughter, after having (re) entered into a symbolic womb, in the ship she is in command of her. Her crew […]

About Astrid, a teenager looking for herself

In streaming Dalle parti di Astrid

About Astrid: the director of the film Among the names to be taken into greater consideration within the indie cinema scene, there is undoubtedly that of Federico Mattioni, a young filmmaker, who – with an important experience in the world of short films behind him – in 2016 made to his first work: About Astrid […]

Tides, review of the documentary shot in Ireland by Alessandro Negrini


The river tells A visual symphony. Attending the screening of Tides. A History of Lives and Dreams Lost and Found (Some Broken) , which for non-English speakers would be Maree. A story of lost and found (some broken) lives and dreams, this effective expression, used by the director himself during the interview we had a […]

John Cassavetes, the godfather of independent cinema

John Cassavetes

Cassavetes’ first film In 1968 John Cassavetes made the film Faces in his home and with his friends and collaborators, which had a huge impact on the development of independent cinema. Made on a budget of just $ 275,000, the film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. John Cassavetes proved that […]

The independent filmmaker of the 2000s is a free storyteller

Cinema today belongs to independent filmmaker who has something to tell and the ability to do it. The quality standard of images that a smartphone or any latest generation video recording tool can produce is more than sufficient for a cinematic projection. Cinema is now a democratic art just like writing, painting or oral narration […]