Gate of hell: the crazy love of a samurai in medieval Japan


The gate of hell the Jidaigeki genre Gate of hell (original title Jigokumon) is a 1953 Japanese film of the jidaigeki genre. Jidaigeki is a genre of Japanese film that refers to period drama films, especially the Edo era in Japanese culture. That is from 1600 to 1870. The Gate of Hell is set even […]

Tokyo Story by Yasujiro Ozu: one of the best family dramas ever


An elderly couple comes to town to visit their grandchildren and children. Their children are hectic and the elderly are a problem for their daily life. Even the children will have to travel. From these two aspects, Yasujiro Ozu made one of the greatest films of all time. Tokyo Story (1953) has not nostalgia and […]

Early summer: The Passing Time, Beginnings and Dissolution


Early summer: The Story Noriko, a Tokyo secretary who resides in Kamakura, lives with her large extended family, which includes her mothers and his dads Shūkichi and Shige, his older brother Kōichi, a doctor, his wife Fumiko and their 2 children Minoru and Isamu. Noriko’s friends are divided into 2 groups, the married and single, […]

Yasujirō Ozu: the ingenious simplicity of great cinema


The life of Yasujirō Ozu Ozu was born in the Fukagawa district of Tokyo, the second child of 5 brothers and sisters. He regularly avoided school classes to see films like Quo Vadis or The Last Days of Pompeii. In 1917 he saw the film Civilization and decided he wanted to become a director. At […]

Kenji Mizoguchi, 8 must-see films by the master of Japanese cinema


Kenji Mizoguchi was born in 1898 in Tokyo. The father is a modest craftsman who has many financial difficulties and sells raincoats to soldiers during the war against Russia. To survive he moves to the Asakusa community, a place full of popular theaters and very poor artists, and is forced to offer his 14-year-old daughter […]

Japanese cinema: a brief history of films from the origins to the 2000s


Japanese cinema is among the most important cultural industries; it is the fourth largest market in terms of the number of films produced. Tokyo Story (1953) ranked third in the most important films of all time. The largest Japanese film studio is called Toho. The annual Japan Academy Film Prize hosted by the Nippon Academy […]