The Holy Mountain


The Holy Mountain is a place according to the alchemical tradition that is located on the island of the Lotus, an Island that does not exist. Those who can reach it can know the secret of truth and the world from the 9 immortal keepers who live there: those who can teach how to abandon […]

10 Documentaries on Awareness

10 documentaries

Documentaries, in addition to being a great opportunity for today’s independent filmmakers, they are films that can be made with small badgets and big motivations.  They are also the territory where the public can acquire a great awarness of the world around us. Undoubtedly, the fascination for fictional films remains immense. But documentaries in the last […]

Home, The Documentary on Climate Change

The documentary "Home"

In the documentary Home, one of the best documentaries on climate change ever, spectacular aerial images that accompany us through a meditative reflection on the 200,000 years of existence of the human race on Earth, which instead existed undisturbed since 4,000 million years ago. Until he arrived: the man. The planet’s catastrophic climate change is […]

Panopticon: What Does it Mean


What is the Panopticon? The panopticon is an architectural structure designed by Jeremy Bentham at the end of the 1700s. It is a large circular construction designed to have control over the criminals or mentally ill locked up in the cells scattered around the circumference of the structure. A single guard in the center is […]

Spirituality: 25 Movies to Watch


The planet, like every living being, has its own spirituality but most of society seems not to notice it at all. Each person but also each organization and each state has its own spiritual life, which has a fundamental impact on one’s personal growth. But the political and economic approach of those in power seems […]

Mass social Homologation Today


Social networks have truly been an epochal revolution, but not because they have connected people to each other and have fostered personal growth. Rather because they revealed who we are, something we were absolutely unaware of until the late 1990s, creating an mass homologation epochal. It is now normal to go to see a movie […]

Arthouse Cinema: What Happened?


What Happened to Arthouse Cinema? The history of cinema, in particular that of arthouse cinema, is a complex history like that of the other Arts and more generally like the history of humanity. It has been subject to many pitfalls, misleading ways of thinking, as well as being full of creativity and genius. Art cinema is […]

Etheric Body, Astral Body and Beyond


According to Ancient Wisdom, in particular in Hinduism, in life there are several invisible bodies in the human being. The knowledge of this ancient knowledge is fundamental as a tool for personal growth. The physical body is the visible one, the grossest level. For many it is the only level that exists. Through the five […]

Human Microchip and Cryptocurrency


In these days there is talk in the mainstream media such about the development of human microchip technology that could be used to incorporate the Green pass and many other services on a digital level. Keeping yourself informed and knowing these topics is essential for the development of one’s inner awareness.  The microchip, already active […]

What Are Arthouse Films?


There is today a great confusion about what arthouse films are, a discussion that has been going on for more than a century. Is cinema art or entertainment? Great mass show or creation capable of inspiring and improving society? How related are arthouse films and independent cinema? Since the big studios and the propaganda system […]

Changing Your Life: 9 Tips to Reach Your Goals


It often happens that you want to change your life. It happens to feel dissatisfied, to perceive that our existence is not as rich as we deserve. After a period of intense personal growth it happens to want to make a radical change in work, in private life, in friendships, in the way of organizing […]

What Is Art Really?


The meaning of art What is art in the history of mankind? Art comes from the Sanskrit word Ar- which means to go towards. In Latin it took on the meaning of adapting, making, producing (ars, artis). Its origin, however, is to go further. But go where?  In the ancient tradition and especially in the […]

Universal Consciousness


The planet earth is not, as many think, a mass of rocks, water, fire and gas. On planet earth and throughout the universe, things work wonderfully, with incredible mathematical precision. There is a kind of universal consciousness which has its own personal growth on a cosmic level. It does not happen, it cannot happen that […]

Independence Versus Dependence


The history of cinema in a certain sense mirrors the history of society as a whole. The main conflict, which affects numerous human activities, is: independence or dependence, freedom or slavery, creativity or mechanical execution? This film dilemma is actually the core of the greatest dilemma in the history of mankind. The dilemma that continually […]

Buddhism and 3 Documentaries to Understand it


Buddhism is one of the main world religions inspired by a very ancient tradition and by the teachings of Gautama the Buddha, and around 400 million followers in the world . It is mainly practiced in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Bhutan and Mongolia, China and Tibet. It is the state religion in Cambodia […]

Mass Media


Mass media: definition  The term mass media was coined in England in the twentieth century. The definition says that they are open means of communication, to reach a large audience in a short time. But the encyclopedic definitions never take into consideration the evolution of the phenomenon. How much are the mass media involved with the […]

Mandatory Vaccine and Green Pass


What many have thought for months is now happening slowly: the mandatory vaccine in exchange for a green pass that allows you to continue to lead a social life is about to become a reality.  In about a year and a half, planet Earth has changed more than it has in the past 50 years. […]

What Is a Fashion and How Is it Born?


If you try to ask many people who they want to look like, what fashion they follow, most of them will tell you that they are themselves, authentic, unique and inimitable. But if you try to go deeper to ask a more precise question, such as defining your identity, many of them already no longer […]

Alejandro Jodorowsky


Who is Jodorowsky? Alejandro Jodorowsky was born in Tocopilla, a seaside city in northern Chile, on February 17, 1929, into a family of Jewish and Ukrainian origins. In 1953 he moved to Paris and began his theatrical activity. He creates the Panico theatrical movement together with the poet Beppe Costa. He collaborates for a long […]

What is the unconscious and what is its relationship with the art of cinema?


The East has always taken much more into consideration the unconscious and the less accessible parts of the mind. In the West, however, society has given much more importance to the conscious mind, to the rational aspect. The importance of listening to the unconscious has been overlooked. In recent decades, however, even in the West, personal […]