Personal Growth: Movies and Awareness


Cinema is also a tool for personal growth, no doubt about it. Watching a movie is always a good way to relax and feel good about yourself. And if the chosen film manages to create a connection with our inner life, we have the opportunity to find the balance within us. Alone or together with […]

Movies About Loneliness


Loneliness, in its negative sense, has become one of the predominant feelings in the age we live in. A widespread problem especially in the large western metropolises, to which products and services have tried to give answers and make profits. From the speed dates of the 2000s to the invention of social networks and virtual […]

Binge watching: the model for big binge streaming. What’s this?


Discovering cinema, its history and its authors may not be easy in the age of binge watching, even if everything, apparently, is available and within reach. Today the big binge, the filmmaker Marco Ferreri would be happy, seems fashionable in every sector. From all you can eat Chinese restaurants to hypertrophic binge watching, launched as […]

Z generation: the sad end of cinema in the age of digital fanboys


If the Lumière brothers had seen the situation in which cinema fell in the years of the z generation they would have looked at each other and would have commented: we fucked you, we were more far-sighted than the other loser pioneers of cinema, ended up working in the soda kiosks or to serve the […]

Social networks, the web, algorithms and mass approval

social network e omologazione

Social networks were truly an epochal revolution, but not because they connected people to each other and fostered personal growth. Rather because they revealed who we are, something we were absolutely unaware of until the late 1990s. It is now normal to go to a movie at the cinema but spend most of the time […]