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Indiecinema is the streaming channel dedicated to arthouse, cult films, masterpieces of cinema history and rare independent films, with a vision of personal growth. A journey into the history of cinema, from early masterpieces and silent cinema to contemporary cult, with food for thought that goes beyond entertainment and simple classification in general, focused on the thematic heart of individual films.

Sip watching and conscious visions

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Did it happen to you too to suffer from cinema bulimia, to suffer from the binge watching syndrome? To watch some very beautiful films but to forget about them immediately afterwards, without grasping the deeper meaning? Don’t worry, you are not the only one, it is the typical consumerism of our age that also extends to the viewing of films. On Indiecinema instead we recommend sip watching, the thrifty but precious vision, the one that manages to leave you something even after the film. Articles and food for thought with a view to personal and spiritual growth for more aware visions.

The “true” independent cinema

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Indiecinema favors independent and experimental films outside the large-scale distribution and often neglected and unavailable on commercial streaming platforms. Indiecinema is dedicated to cinephiles who want to discover the history of cinema, its avant-garde movements, the masterpieces of the past and the new talents that are born in the contemporary avant-garde.

Don’t get lost in streaming supermarkets

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More than 300 movies to watch with subscription, constantly growing with 1/2 new releases per week, all carefully selected. If you don’t want to get lost in the anonymous supermarkets of commercial platforms, spend an hour to choose a film in a jumble of proposals and genres that includes everything, including many mediocre films in which you risk stumbling, Indiecinema is the channel for you .

Each film in the catalog is a cult film in the history of cinema or something that is still worth watching. The vision is to propose high quality cinematographic works and not to show new releases at all costs, in the advertising logic of festivals, awards and mainstream distributions. The selections are based on the ratings of the most important cinema websites in the world. All films have high ratings from critics and audiences from authoritative sources such as IMBD. On Indiecinema you will find only the best of the seventh art and courageous and particular proposals of the new independent cinema.

Film of the history of cinema and cult

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You can rediscover (or discover for the first time) the fantastic cinema of Méliès, the masterpieces of the expressionist cinema of Murnau or Fritz Lang, forgotten films of the silent cinema that are stunning works, much more modern than the cinema of today, the Impressionist avant-garde and its masterpieces such as Jean Epstein’s films, Chaplin’s short films, the first works of masters such as Stanley Kubrick, cult horror such as Carnival of souls, Dementia, up to today’s independent and avant-garde cinema.

Indiecinema Film Festival

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To discover new films and short films there is a festival, Indiecinema Film Festival, where you can find new talents and the latest news. Indiecinema is the only platform to watch “truly” independent films and not depend only on the show business of the proposals of the big festivals and distributions that monopolize the market. Looking for these works on known platforms can prove to be really difficult in a sea of ​​products of all kinds.

The new avant-garde

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Avant-garde films have a totally different logic of production and distribution from the system in which the world of cinema now seems imprisoned, that of show business and the dizzying rotation of new products and new releases that struggle to find their own public. Independent and avant-garde cinema is conceived from a long and very long-term perspective without the advertising campaigns of the big studios that tend to release one film after another and maximize profits in the shortest period. On Indiecinema you can find films that prefer a new language, documentaries outside the box, looking for new ways, rather than small productions that imitate the big film studios in a clumsy way.

Monthly membership costs is only € 5.99 per month or 59.99 per year. You can see all the films in the channel, read the blog and take a journey through the history of cinema to know and watch the best, without getting lost in the ocean of films and news where you risk losing your bearings.

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