Francois Truffaut, films as a mirror of life


Introduction  Francois Truffaut was born in Paris on February 6, 1932. He was one of the most influential directors of French cinema. In addition to his activity as a director, he joined that of film critic, in the editorial office of the Cahier du Cinema. He has also often been the screenwriter, producer and actor […]

Robert Bresson: philosophy in his cinema, films to watch


Introduction Talking about Robert Bresson, one of the best directors of all time, in the age of TV series and original films on streaming platforms can be complex. These impeccably packaged films are nothing more than photocopies and re-chewing of previous films, of different artistic depth, which are proposed as new cinematic products. Fortunately, Robert […]

The movies of Emiliano Dante and the precariousness of existence


Emiliano Dante was born in L’Aquila in 1974. He is professor of Contemporary Art History at the University of Cassino and at the University of L’Aquila. He also directed the Abruzzo Documentary Festival in Pescara. Before starting to make films, he became interested in other arts such as photography, music, writing and theater. From 2003 […]

Amir Naderi: solitude and the search for a place in the world


Life of Amir Naderi Amir Naderi was born in Abadan, in the Persian Gulf, on August 15, 1946. He never knows his father and loses his mother when he is 5 years old. Orphaned, he survives in Tehran living on the street and doing the most humble jobs. As a teenager he managed to find […]

Forough Farrokhzad: Persian poetry and New Wave cinema


Forough Farrokhzad was a poet and Iranian director who in the fifties and sixties fought for women’s rights in Iran through her art and her intellectual commitment. She pioneered the avant-garde movement modernist.  Forough Farrokhzad’s Persian Poem Born in Tehran on January 5, 1934, Forough Farrokhzad had a difficult life due to the Iranian regime […]

Alessandro Negrini: cinema and dreams that lead beyond borders


Who is Alessandro Negrini?  Alessandro Negrini was born and raised in Turin. Even as a boy he was a flaneur, he loved to take long exploratory walks in the city, trying to perceive the stories, people and places in the atmosphere.  Before embarking on a career as a director Alessandro Negrini does various jobs: janitor […]

Federico Mattioni: in search of the lost paradise


Director, screenwriter, poet, writer and film critic, Federico Mattioni studied at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and graduated in 2006 in the history of films.  The beginnings  He started writing short stories and poems from the age of 16, and in the following years He worked as a film critic in various magazines and […]

David Lynch, the films of a director who reinvented the history of cinema


David’s childhood David Lynch is among the most famous directors of all time. He was born in Missoula, Montana, on January 20, 1946. His father, Donald Walton Lynch was a research researcher working for the United States Department of Agriculture, and his mother, Edwina “Sunny” Lynch, is was an English teacher. Lynch lived his early […]

Jean Vigo: a story of anarchy and love for cinema


In the 1930s, France was the world capital of cinema, the place where cinema was born and where the cinematographic and artistic avant-gardes that influenced the whole world were most developed. After René Clair, Antonin Artaud and Jacques Feyder. France was forced to confront war and the misery of the human condition. In cinema, a […]

Stanley Kubrick, life and films of a genius of cinematic vision


Stanley Kubrick was one of the most famous and important directors of all time. Born in New York, Manhattan, on July 26, 1928, to Jacob Leonard Kubrick, an American doctor born into a Jewish family of Austrian, Romanian and Polish descent, and to Sadie Gertrude Perveler, an American housewife, also of Jewish descent. As a […]

Roger Corman, the king of low budget, between independent films and Hollywood


Roger Corman is one of the most important examples of a way of doing independent cinema, one of the few cases in which the filmography of an indie director has achieved worldwide fame. But Roger Corman has long collaborated with big studios as well, continually moving in and out of the mainstream. Many of his […]

Yasujirō Ozu: the ingenious simplicity of great cinema


The life of Yasujirō Ozu Ozu is among the best directors ever. He was born in the Fukagawa district of Tokyo, the second child of 5 brothers and sisters. He regularly avoided school classes to see films like Quo Vadis or The Last Days of Pompeii. In 1917 he saw the film Civilization and decided […]

Kenji Mizoguchi, 8 must-see films by the master of Japanese cinema


Kenji Mizoguchi, one of the most important directors of all time, was born in 1898 in Tokyo. The father is a modest craftsman who has many financial difficulties and sells raincoats to soldiers during the war against Russia. To survive he moves to the Asakusa community, a place full of popular theaters and very poor […]

Samuel Fuller, 9 must-see films by the great American director


Who was Samuel Fuller? Samuel Fuller was an American director, screenwriter, and novelist. He has been called “the last great Hollywood author” and has directed 30 films in his career. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts on August 12, 1912 to Ukrainian Jewish immigrants from Kiev; Samuel studied journalism / communications at the University of Illinois before […]

Derek Jarman, 9 great indie films not to be missed by the English filmmaker


Derek Jarman was born in England on January 31, 1942. He studied art in London and began painting, setting up several successful solo exhibitions. In the 1970s he openly declared himself homosexual and led public struggles for the rights of homosexuals. Later he has to fight against the AIDS disease which he was diagnosed as […]

Hitchcock: biofilmography and 9 lesser-known films you can’t miss


Who was Alfred Hitchcock?  The one who would become one of the most famous directors of all time was the son of a modest family of merchants, his father was a fruit and vegetable trader, Alfred Hitchcock studied in a strict boarding school of Jesuit fathers. After the loss of his father he enrolled in […]

Orson Welles, life, style and 10 films to see absolutely


Orson Welles and the beginnings with the theater Orson Welles is among the most famous directors in the history of cinema. He was born in a wealthy family in Wisconsin from a pianist mother and inventor father from whom he inherited both talents: already as a child he plays the piano and plays games of […]

Alejandro Jodorowsky, an artist in search of the secrets of life


Who is Jodorowsky? Alejandro Jodorowsky was born in Tocopilla, a seaside city in northern Chile, on February 17, 1929, into a family of Jewish and Ukrainian origins. In 1953 he moved to Paris and began his theatrical activity. He creates the Panico theatrical movement together with the poet Beppe Costa. He collaborates for a long […]

Howard Hawks, his cinema and films to see absolutely


Howard Hawks was born into a wealthy Wisconsin family on May 30, 1896. He graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and became an aviator during World War I. Later he became an employee of the aeronautical industry. Then he moved to Los Angeles where he met Douglas Fairbanks, a friend and partner of Charlie […]