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Indiecinema is the streaming channel dedicated to independent, arthouse, cult films, masterpieces of cinema history and rare alternative films, with a vision of personal growth. A journey to discover the new independent films and the new avant-garde cinema. A journey through the history of cinema, from the masterpieces of the origins and silent cinema that you can’t find on commercial streaming platforms to lesser-known cult films from distant countries, of which you may have never heard of. In the blog you will find hundreds of articles on every genre and sub-genre of films to watch, directors, cinematographic culture, avant-garde, as well as food for thought and personal growth that go beyond entertainment and cinema, starting from the thematic cores of the individual movie.


Indiecinema was born from an idea of ​​director Fabio Del Greco, developed together with a group of other directors who work in the independent and art cinema sector. After a few years of distributing independent films in the same circuits as “official” cinema, i.e. the most popular cinemas and streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Del Greco realized that the public, regardless of the quality of the work , didn’t consider the vision of independent films at all, except in a minimal percentage. This was down to a number of factors including lack of publicity, network ownership of the film, and more.

Streaming’s promise of free access to a potentially unlimited audience also turned out to be a story badly told: mainstream streaming platforms recreate the same marginalization mechanisms of independent and art film in the same way as the multiplexes serving the big studios. global production. Distributing an independent and art film without large advertising budgets on these platforms was equivalent to setting sail with a small boat to cross the ocean: no one will find it in the flood of contents organized with the logic of the “mall”.

There was a need for a different “place” where one could enjoy this type of film, with the logic of cineclubs and art-house cinemas now extinct. An art-house cinema different from those surviving today in big cities. An art-house cinema that was not dedicated exclusively to the distribution of films awarded at major festivals, or to the usual directors and authors who work in the “fake” politicized cultural elite within the system. There was a need for an authentic film club like the ones that existed a few decades ago willing to give visibility to an alternative, different cinema, free from propaganda, open to experimentation. A platform to give distribution opportunities to new independent films, and new visibility to cult films and rare classics, forgotten masterpieces of the history of cinema, films from distant countries and different cultures.



On Indiecinema you can watch hundreds of movies with just one subscription. A constantly growing catalog with new releases every week. If you don’t want to get lost in the anonymous supermarkets of commercial platforms, spend an hour choosing a film from a jumble of offers that includes everything, Indiecinema is the channel for you. Only selected films for indie cinema lovers.

Technology is advancing at astounding speeds and is changing the game in the world of cinema too: what until yesterday was an impossible feat that required large means of production can now be achieved at very low cost by directors and small producers . Today there can be a new avant-garde free from the shackles of industrial cinema. The dream of hundreds of directors who couldn’t stand the system they worked in is coming true: cinema is becoming a free art.

Independent films have a totally different production logic from the system in which the world of cinema now seems to be imprisoned. On Indiecinema you will find films that prefer a new and unconventional language, that seek new ways of expression, rather than small productions that awkwardly imitate the big film studios.

If you are looking for the new releases that everyone is talking about, if you are looking for the film awarded by the “official” cultural elite at the last prestigious festival, if you love mainstream productions, well, you can already find all this elsewhere. On Indiecinema you will find rare, alternative, classic and forgotten cult films, proposals of the new independent cinema that have not found distribution in the official circuit.

Have you ever suffered from film bulimia, binge watching syndrome? To even watch very good films but forget about them immediately afterwards, without grasping their deepest meaning? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one: it’s the typical consumerism of our age that also extends to watching movies. Binge watching is a real drug, with its harmful side effects. On Indiecinema instead we recommend theSip Watching, the thrifty but precious vision, the one that manages to leave you something even after the film.