Carl Theodor Dreyer


Outside of this rich scenario of European French, German and Russian avant-gardes and the development of American cinema, there is a long series of individual experiences of directors operating in other countries, such as Carl Theodor Dreyer. In Italy in the 1920s everything seems to have stopped and there is a profound production and distribution […]

White Telephone Films


Introduction The white telephone films is a line of Italian films produced in the 1930s and early 1940s, which is characterized by the bourgeois setting, the carefree and optimistic tone, the simple and linear plot, and the use of a conventional and Hollywood. The term “white telephones” derives from the color of the telephones present […]

Best B Movie to Watch


At the antipodes of what are considered unmissable movies and masterpieces are the B movies. But in some cases, over time, the value of some of these B films has been reassessed to cult status. B Movie: Meaning The term b movie comes from the English definition that film studios used to give to minor […]

Movie Genres


Movie genres are consolidated in the history of films by Hollywood producers of the 1930s and 1940s for production planning needs. The division into well-coded movie genres allows studios above all to reach very specific target audiences. In addition, producers always try to connect well-known stars to each genre. The association between a certain gender […]

French Impressionism and Cinema


French impressionism in cinema it replaced industrial film in France in the 1920s. The production of French films in the 1920s decreases drastically. Cinema is produced much more in the United States and Germany. Pathè and Gaumont, which had been the first industrial film production companies in history, dedicated themselves to the distribution and production […]

Expressionist Cinema: German Films and More


Expressionism was among the fundamental movements in the history of cinema. As in other arts, expressionism aimed to bring the emotions of the characters to the fore. Expressionism’s view of the world is extremely subjective, emotional and non-rational. The unconscious and its most ancestral fears come to life in the work. Expressionism was born in […]

The Russian Avant-Garde in 1920s

russian avant-garde

The Russian avant-garde of the 1920s it was pivotal in the history of films. It was born after the revolution, in the context of the October of the arts. It is one of the most interesting and radical avant-gardes in the history of cinema. The Bolshevik Communist Party allows artists great freedom to experiment, while […]

Surrealist Cinema: the Unconscious in Films


Where was surrealism born? Surrealism was also an avant-garde movement for the development of the history of films. Like the cinema of the Lumiere brothers and most of the avant-gardes of the twentieth century was born in Paris. As the New York of the new world developed like Fritz Lang’s Metropolis spaceship chasing the economic […]

Famous Actors and the Star System


Famous Hollywood Actors and Cinematic Stardom Famous actors in Hollywood, the Star System and stardom are one of the main phenomena that changed the history of films in the 30s and 40s, which, as opposed to independent cinema and art, ensures the participation of stars in their productions to attract the masses to cinemas. The […]

Free Cinema


The English Free Cinema was a film movement which emerged in Britain in the second half of the 1950s and lasted until the mid-1960s. It was a response to conventional and commercialized British filmmaking, which predominantly focused on middle-class stories and traditional narrative conventions. Free Cinema has influenced the film history in the following decades. […]

Nouvelle Vague 


The Nouvelle Vague (French for “New Wave”) was a French film movement of the 1950s and 1960s that had a major impact on the films history. The movement arose as a reaction against traditional French cinema and sought to create a new style of filmmaking. The directors of the Nouvelle Vague used innovative techniques, such […]



The neorealism is an artistic and cultural movement that emerged in Italy in the early post-war years, especially in the field of cinema, but also in literature, painting and music. Neorealism developed in response to Italy’s post-war political and economic situation, characterized by the destruction of war, widespread poverty, unemployment, and disillusionment with politics and […]

History of Films: the Origins and Pioneers


History of Films: Before the Cinema The history of films begins well before the Lumière brothers, and is lost in the mists of time. The power of mental images that will manifest itself to its maximum degree with cinema has always been part of man’s nature. From the myth of Plato’s cave to the insights […]

Hollywood and Cinema: The Dream Factory


After the end of the First World War and before the Great Depression of 1929, the Hollywood film industry dominated the world and the history of films changed radically. An industry that presents itself to the general public as a dream factory that proposes the realization of the American dream. A series of characters, heroes […]

Kammerspiel And The New Objectivity


Germany is certainly among the most vital and innovative countries in the history of films of the 1920s and 1930s. In addition to being the homeland of expressionism, kammerspiel and The New Objectivity are also established, with a long series of dramas and historical movies. The kammerspiel, which means chamber acting, is a theatrical and musical […]

New Hollywood and American cinema


American New Hollywood or often called the Hollywood Renaissance, refers to a film movement from the mid-1960s to the early 1980s which marked the history of films, when a new generation of young directors became prominent in the United States. They influenced the types of films produced, their production, advertising and marketing, as well as […]

American Independent Films


Independent cinema in United States Independent American films were created to escape the mechanism of industrial cinema of uniting creative resources within a decision-making unicum, it means reinventing oneself as managers of oneself and one’s own artistic abilities. It has happened often throughout the history of films, since it all began between the 40s and […]

Classic Movies: The Golden Age of Hollywood


Between 1930 and 1945 the history of films change. Hollywood industry consolidates and begins to produce classic movies. In 1929, the collapse of the Wall Street stock market is a tsunami that engulfs the entire nation. The difficult period of the great depression began in 1929 and continued until the end of the thirties, with […]

The Avant-Garde Cinema: Movies to Watch


What is the Avant-Garde The avant-garde is an extreme artistic movement, unconventional with respect to the dominant art, society or culture. The avant-garde pushes the limits of what is accepted as status, mainly in the cultural world. The avant-garde is regarded as a trademark of modernism. Numerous artists have aligned themselves with the avant-garde movements […]