The best romantic movies to watch absolutely


Love stories, passionate relationships, feelings and emotions. Romantic movies focus on the love stories of the protagonists, telling the fundamental desire of every being: to love and to be loved. The search for love on the journey of life can be one of the most complex and exciting searches that any person faces.  The conflicts […]

The best short films to watch absolutely


Short films have always been the training ground for young directors who are starting their film career. Conventionally, all films that last less than 40 minutes are considered short films, according to the Academy who awards the Oscar.  Directors almost always start by producing their own short films alone or with a small funding from […]

Documentaries to watch: history of the documentary and new avant-gardes


Introduction The documentary is a film, short or long, shot filming reality without a pre-established script, without an intent to manipulate real facts. The director makes himself available to follow the flow of real life events, with the intention of bringing the events to the screen as they actually take place.  The documentary film therefore […]

French movies to see: old masterpieces and new independent films


French movies and the birth of the Cinematographe The history of cinema begins precisely in France with French movies, at the end of the nineteenth century, when Louis and Auguste Lumiere invented the Cinematograph. France was at that time the most culturally advanced nation and Paris was the world capital of the arts. From universal […]

Drama movies to watch? Here is a list of great films do not miss


The drama movies are born like other genres with creation of Hollywood and cinema as an industrial production process.  Thinking of cinematographic works as products similar to any other object, the need arose classify genres, to create a target audience for each genre and for each big screen star. Each star usually worked within only […]

Comedies to watch absolutely: from the origins of cinema to today


What are the most interesting comedies movies to watch in the history of cinema? Before getting to the cinema, let’s see how the genre of comedy was born in ancient theater and literature. The origins of the comedy The word comedy derives from the classical Greek kōmōidía, which is composed of the 2 words feast […]

Horror movies to watch, cult films in the history of cinema and new indie


The sublimation of fear Why are horror movies, horror literature so loved and know no crisis? Because it gives a solution to one of the fundamental needs of the human being, that of sublimating the deepest and most irrational fears, fears that escape the rationality of conscience. Because with fear you don’t live well at […]

B movie: what exactly are B movies and which ones to see?


B movie: meaning The term b movie comes from the English definition that film studios used to give to minor films that were a sort of continuation of a more expensive main film. Just like the B side of a record was to be heard after the main tracks, but that doesn’t mean it was […]

Halloween, 6 movies to see in the film marathon of the night of the witches


Halloween is an ancient festival that celebrates the end of summer and the beginning of winter, linked to the cycle of the seasons and the agricultural harvest. Some have associated it with the ritual feasts of ancient Rome dedicated to the goddess of fruits and seeds Pomona, or the anniversary of the dead which was […]

Sherlock Holmes, 8 films not to be missed on the famous detective


The books of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is a literary character of mystery stories created by Arthur Conan Doyle at the end with the novel A Study in Red of 1887. He is one of the most famous private investigators in literature, theater and cinema. He is presented as a man of 60 years of […]