Island of Lost Souls


“Island of Lost Souls” is a film horror with elements of the science fiction genre of 1932 directed by Erle C. Kenton and based on the novel “The Island of Dr. Moreau” by H.G. Wells. The film is considered one of the first sound horror films and one of the first to explore topics such […]

The Invisible Man


“The Invisible Man” from 1933 is a classic science fiction film directed byJames Whale and produced by Universal Pictures. The film is based on the novel of the same name by H.G. Wells from 1897 and stars Claude Rains as the invisible man. The plot follows the story of Jack Griffin, a young scientist who […]

Things to Come


“Things to Come” it’s a science fiction film of 1936 directed by William Cameron Menzies and based on the novel “The Shape of Things to Come” by H.G. Wells. The film explores the future of humanity through three different eras: War, Reconstruction and Rebirth. In the first part of the film, set in 1940, the […]

Bride of Frankenstein


Bride of Frankenstein is a horror movie with elements of the sci-fi cinema directed by James Whale and released in 1935. The film is the sequel to 1931’s Frankenstein and continues the story of the monster created by Dr. Henry Frankenstein. In the film, Dr. Frankenstein, played by Colin Clive, is persuaded by Dr. Pretorius, […]

King Kong 1933


King Kong from 1933 is a classic of adventure cinema and the sci fi genre, directed by Merian C. Cooper e Ernest B. Schoedsack. The plot of the film revolves around the figure of Kong, a giant anthropomorphic ape who is captured on the mysterious island of Skull Island and brought to New York to […]



‚ÄúDeluge” from 1933 is a science fiction film, directed by Felix E. Feist. It was produced in black and white and distributed by RKO Radio Pictures. The plot of the film centers on a series of natural disasters affecting the United States, including earthquakes, floods and erupting volcanoes. In the midst of all this, a […]

The End of the World


“The End of the World” (“The End of the World” in English) is a science fiction film of the subgenus gods disaster movie of 1931 directed by Abel Gance. The film was produced in France and premiered on March 5, 1931. The film’s plot revolves around the aftermath of a large solar explosion that causes […]

Woman in the Moon


The film “Woman in the Moon” (“Woman in the Moon” in English) is a science fiction film silent 1929 directed by Fritz Lang. The film is considered a classic of the science fiction genre and represents a milestone in the history of cinema. The plot of the film follows the story of a group of […]



Metropolis is a famous science fiction film silent film from 1927, directed by the German director Fritz Lang. The film is considered one of masterpieces of cinematic history and was an important milestone in the evolution of cinema as an art form. The plot of the film is set in a large futuristic city called […]

The Lost World


The Lost World is a science fiction film silent film of 1925, directed by Harry O. Hoyt and produced by First National Pictures. It is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel of the same name, published in 1912, which tells of an expedition to an unexplored region of the Amazon in search of prehistoric […]



“Aelita” is a science fiction film Soviet silent film from 1924 directed by Yakov Protazanov. The film is based on the novel by Aleksei Tolstoy, “Aelita, or the hero from Mars”, published in 1923. The film is set on both Earth and Mars and follows the story of an Earth engineer named Los who, after […]

Paris Sleeping


“Paris sleeping” (“Paris qui dort” in French) is a science fiction film by the French director Rene Clair, released in 1925. It is a black and white silent film that tells the story of a group of people who wake up in Paris after the city is hit by a mysterious freezing ray that immobilizes […]

The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari


The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari is a science fiction film1920 silent horror film directed by Robert Vienna, considered one of the masterpieces of German Expressionist cinema. The plot follows the story of a hypnotist named Caligari, who through the sleepwalking of his assistant Cesare, induces him to carry out a series of murders in a […]



The sci-fi movie “Atlantis” (also known as “Lost Atlantis”) is a French silent film classic directed by Jacques Feyder in 1921. It is a film adaptation of the novel “L’Atlantis” by Pierre Benoit, published in 1919. The plot of the film follows the French adventurer Pierre Morhange, played by Jean Angelo, and his friend the […]

Dr. Mabuse


Dr. Mabuse is a German silent science fiction film of 1922, directed by Fritz Lang. The film is a classic of the expressionist cinema German, and is considered one of the most important films of its era. The plot of the film follows the adventures of Dr. Mabuse, a brilliant and dangerous criminal who manipulates […]

The Holy Mountain


The Holy Mountain is a place according to the alchemical tradition that is located on the island of the Lotus, an Island that does not exist. Those who can reach it can know the secret of truth and the world from the 9 immortal keepers who live there: those who can teach how to abandon […]

Gate of Hell


The Gate of Hell and the Jidaigeki Genre Gate of hell (original title Jigokumon) is a 1953 Japanese film of the jidaigeki genre. Jidaigeki is a genre of Japanese film that refers to period drama films, especially the Edo era in Japanese culture. That is from 1600 to 1870. The Gate of Hell is set […]

The Best Drug Movies to Watch


Drug movies are a genre of films that explore the themes of substance abuse, addiction, drug trafficking and the negative consequences that can arise from the use of drugs. These films can be very varied, ranging from intense dramas and realistic a grotesque comedies and ironic. Among the most famous films on the drug theme […]

The Best Crime Movies to Watch


The Crime Genre The crime movies, also known as Giallo or investigative thriller, is a type of fiction that focuses on solving a mystery or crime through the use of investigative techniques, often conducted by a professional detective or amateur character. The crime genre has its roots in 19th-century literature, especially the works of Edgar […]

The Best British Movies to Watch


British movies date back to the early 20th century, when the film industry was still in its infancy. England was one of the first countries to develop its own film industry, with the founding of the British Film Manufacturing Company in 1908. In the 1920s and 1930s, British movies became an important contributor to world […]