Black comedy: characteristics, how it was born and 22 films to watch


Black comedy is a subgenre of comedy that downplays topics that are usually viewed as taboo, especially topics that are generally considered difficult or painful to deal with. Writers, directors and comedians generally use it as a tool to talk about loathsome problems causing discomfort, reflection and amusement. Some of best movies in the history […]

Italian comedy: how it was born, the directors and 18 titles not to be missed


The Italian comedy begins with I soliti ignoti (Big Deal on Madonna Street) in 1958, and with Divorzio all’italiana Pietro Germi’sAmong the many Italian comedies, some of the cinematic masterpieces of all time. More than a particular genre, the term indicates a period (from the late 1950s to the early 1970s) in which the Italian […]

The funniest American comedies: a selection of movies to watch


What makes a comedy worth watching? Maybe the script, maybe the dialogues, maybe the actors who have perfect comic timing. Some comedy films that were unsuccessful upon their theatrical release have matured over time in ways their creators never imagined, to become gods. classic movies of all time. Start a free trial now e watch […]

Noir films to watch: 59 titles including masterpieces and little-known films


Film noir is a cinematic term used largely to describe Hollywood crime films, particularly those that emphasize a negative view of life. The 1940s and 1950s are generally considered to be the golden age of American film noir during which some of the gods were made best cinematic masterpieces. The film noir of this era […]

The best gangster movies of all time


No style has actually influenced audience perception more than gangster movies – in this genre there are some of the best movies of all time. For more than 80 years, gangster movies have captivated and seduced the minds of millions; from the pre-code criminal activity of the Prohibition era to the gangster life of the […]

75 Westerns movies to watch: masterpieces and lesser-known films


The western is less popular today and is used as an element of a mix of genres, but it has produced some of it over the years most important films in the history of cinema. The western is a genre of film set mainly in the latter half of the 19th century and early 20th […]

Movies to watch absolutely: the masterpieces of the history of cinema


When it comes to defining the masterpieces of history of films happen to find rankings of all kinds, for all audiences and manipulated by the marketing of the big production companies. Rankings that have little or nothing to do with the art of cinema. It happens to see such commercial films included in these lists […]

The must-see and cult psychological thrillers for lovers of the genre


The psychological thriller is one of the genres that has produced countless movies to watch absolutely, masterpieces of the history of cinema. It is a subgenre of thriller and psychological fiction. It is generally used to define the literature or movies that revolve around the mind in a thriller. A defining feature of a psychological […]

Best sci fi movies to watch: cult and new discoveries


Introduction Sci fi movies work beautifully in the cinematic show: dozens of productions of this genre have become absolutely must-see movies and unmissable masterpieces. They manage to deal with philosophical and political issues with science fiction metaphors that attract a lot of the public. Topics that otherwise would have burdened the cinematic story such as […]

Movies that change your life: the titles you must see


There are certain movies that change your life, movies that in a particular moment of your existence have a great impact on your way of thinking, on personal growth and on your future choices. These are the same movies that are often unanimously considered great masterpieces in the history of cinema. Here is a list […]

Motivational movies to watch to look beyond the world’s appearances


Before moving on to the list of motivational movies see some sentences and enlightening suggestions to find the maximum of our motivations. Neville Goddard was a spiritual and mystical theorist born to an English family in Barbados in 1905. May his quotes motivate you to imagine success and take action to ensure that you can […]

Finance movies to watch: money, greed, speculation and digital currencies


Among the most unmissable movies to watch in the history of cinema there are some that tell the financial aspects of the world in which we live. Before we see what are the best finance movies to watch let’s take a look at what financial speculation is. A way of earning often practiced in recent […]

Esoteric movies: 17 movies that can become initiatory paths


Esotericism comes from the Greek esoteros, the meaning of the word is knowledge reserved for a few. exoteric is the word that indicates knowledge accessible to many. The characteristic of esotericism is to go beyond external knowledge to access a deeper truth, through a path of study and initiation. There are some movies that, although […]

16 Witch movies not to be missed. Centuries of history behind the movies


We are used from an early age to perceive movies about witches and witchcraft as scary tales of terror, created by directors and writers to stimulate our imagination and our desire to confront fear. But by studying these themes more deeply, we discover the most absurd and incredible aspects of human history. One of the […]

The best romantic movies to watch absolutely


Love stories, passionate relationships, feelings and emotions. The romantic genre is an inexhaustible trend that has produced so many movies to watch in the history of cinema. Romantic movies focus on the love stories of the protagonists, telling the fundamental desire of every being: to love and to be loved. The search for love on […]

The best short films to watch absolutely


Short films have always been the training ground for young directors who are starting their film career. Some of them will arrive a few years later to create one of those unmissable masterpieces that have marked the history of films. Conventionally, all films that last less than 40 minutes are considered short films, according to […]

Best thriller movies: the history of the genre, thrillers to watch


Among the great movies to watch absolutely never made, the thriller occupies a place of honor. The thriller movies is a genre where often the arthouse cinema and the commercial aspect of production manage to meet. In fact, the public has always adored Thriller and does not give particular importance to the fact that it […]

French movies to see: old masterpieces and new independent films


French movies and the birth of the Cinematographe Over the decades, France has occupied an important position among the most significant movies to watch. The history of cinema begins precisely in France with French movies, at the end of the nineteenth century, when Louis and Auguste Lumiere invented the Cinematograph. France was at that time […]

Drama movies to watch? Here is a list of great films do not miss


The drama movies are born like other genres with creation of Hollywood and cinema as an industrial production process. It is the genre with the highest number of productions made as well as the one where we find the greatest number of movies to see absolutely. Thinking of cinematographic works as products similar to any other […]

Comedies to watch absolutely: from the origins of cinema to today


What are the most interesting comedies movies to watch in the history of cinema? Long considered a minor genre, some comedies have become cult, inserted by major film magazines and critics among the must-see movies. Before getting to the cinema, let’s see how the genre of comedy was born in ancient theater and literature. The […]