Introduction Haxan is a 1922 Swedish avant-garde film by Benjamin Christiansen, considered one of the most important and innovative masterpieces in the history of films. The film invents and mixes different genres in a truly surprising way. 50 years before Godard and the Nouvelle Vague Benjamin Christiansen invents the fake documentary and the gothic and […]

John Wayne Movies


Biography John Wayne, pseudonym of Marion Robert Morrison (Winterset, May 26, 1907 – Los Angeles, June 11, 1979), was an American actor. Nicknamed Duke, he began his career in silent cinema in the 1920s, becoming one of the most popular stars of world cinema between the 1940s and 1970s, especially for his roles in westerns […]

75 Western Movies Not to Be Missed


The western is less popular today and is used as an element of a mix of genres, but it has produced some of it over the years most important films in the history of cinema. The western is a genre of film set mainly in the latter half of the 19th century and early 20th […]

The Best Adventure Movies Not To Be Missed


An adventure movie is a film genre with several sub-genres such as swashbuckling films, pirate movie and survival movies. Adventure films can also be integrated with other film genres such as action, comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror or war: these mixtures of genres have products in some cases must see movie and masterpieces of the history […]

Folk Horror Films: From Murnau to Ari Aster


The folk horror genre is a subgenre of horror with deep roots in film history. Characterized by rural settings, local mythology, and a sense of ancestral darkness, folk horror has created some of the most evocative cinematic works of all time. This article will explore the evolution of folk horror movies, the directors who have […]

New Horror Movies from the Last Ten Years


Horror cinema is a film genre that has always enjoyed great success with the public, even in the most difficult periods. In the last ten years, the genre has experienced a period of great ferment, with the production of new horror movies, the emergence of new trends and the evolution of consolidated ones. The Return […]

Survival Movies to Watch


The survival movie is a cinematic subgenre in which the protagonist characters fight for physical survival. It often overlaps with various other film categories. It is a subgenre of adventure movie and war films. Survival movies are darker than other adventure films and typically focus their story on a lone character, usually the main character. […]

Best Ocean Movies to Watch


The Relationship between Cinema and the Sea The sea has always been a fascinating and mysterious element for man. It is a place of great adventures, but also of danger and mystery. It is therefore not surprising that the sea has been a recurring subject in cinema since the dawn of this art form. The […]

On the Road Movies to Watch


On the road movies is a term that refers to a category of films that focus on the narrative of travel and adventures along the roads. This genre emerged in cinematography as a reflection of the profound social, cultural and political transformations that have characterized the Western world over the of the 20th century. Here […]

Sherlock Holmes Movies to Watch


Before moving on to the list of the best films to watch about Sherlock Holmes, the most famous private investigator in the world, let’s take a look at how the literary character of Sherlock Holmes, his author, his story was born. The books of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is a literary character of mystery stories […]

Vampire Movies: The Ultimate Guide


Vampires are creatures that have existed in popular myths and legends for centuries. In cinema, they are the central figures in the subgenre of vampire horror movies, a subgenre that includes numerous must-see films. However, vampires are not the only ones in the horror film genre: they have often appeared in various genres, ranging from […]

Horror Movies for Halloween Not to Be Missed


Before recommending horror movies and other genres for Halloween not to be missed, let’s find out where this party that has become so popular comes from. Halloween it is an ancient festival which celebrates the end of summer and the beginning of winter, linked to the cycle of the seasons and to the agricultural harvest. […]

Docufiction Not to Be Missed


Docufiction is a film genre that mixes elements of documentary and fiction narrative to create a narrative that appears authentic, but has actually been crafted to include elements of fiction or dramatization. This genre aims to combine the informational aspect of documentary with the emotional and narrative appeal of fiction, often seeking to make historical […]

Movies to Watch Absolutely: the Masterpieces


When it comes to defining the masterpieces of history of films happen to find rankings of all kinds, for all audiences and manipulated by the marketing of the big production companies. Rankings that have little or nothing to do with the art of cinema. It happens to see such commercial films included in these lists […]

Esoteric Movies to Watch


Esotericism comes from the Greek esoteros, the meaning of the word is knowledge reserved for a few. exoteric is the word that indicates knowledge accessible to many. The characteristic of esotericism is to go beyond external knowledge to access a deeper truth, through a path of study and initiation. There are some movies that, although […]

Japanese Movies: Japanese Cinema to Watch


Japanese cinema is among the most important cultural industries; it is the fourth largest market in terms of the number of films produced. Tokyo Story (1953) ranked third in the most important films of all time. The largest Japanese film studio is called Toho. The annual Japan Academy Film Prize hosted by the Nippon Academy […]

Indian Movies Not to Be Missed


Brief History of Indian Cinema The story of the Indian cinema it is a rich and fascinating journey that extends for over a century. Known as “Bollywood”, Indian cinema is one of the largest and most prolific in the world, producing a staggering number of indian movies every year. Among Indian movies are some of […]

Cult Movie Guide: The Cult Movies to Watch


Cult movie is a very flexible, abstract concept which is applie to many types of cinematographic works but which can be easily manipulated for commercial purposes. Looking at the ads for the new movies, it seems like all of them are cult movies. Triumphal writings appear on trailers: the one or that critic called it […]

Silent Films Not to Be Missed Absolutely


Silent films are an important part of films history. These are films produced primarily from the silent film period, which spans from approximately the late 19th century to the 1920s, before the advent of sound in motion pictures. Silent films were characterized by the absence of dialogue synchronized with the action on the screen. The […]

The Psychological Thrillers that You Must See


The psychological thriller is one of the genres that has produced countless movies to watch absolutely, masterpieces of the history of cinema. It is a subgenre of thriller and psychological fiction. It is generally used to define the literature or movies that revolve around the mind in a thriller. A defining feature of a psychological […]