Indiecinema Film Festival 2021: the final phase of the festival in May

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Indiecinema Film Festival 2021: the first edition will end with this third session

We are pleased to finally be able to announce the third and final session of the Indiecinema Film Festival 2021. In theory, this final tranche should have taken place between February and March, with a live appointment to follow. to communicate the winners and screen the awarded films “live”. But as is well known, the authorities have decided differently, regarding live shows, also backing down on the hypothesis launched a few weeks ago, which instead provided for the reopening of theaters and cinemas on March 27.

The IndieCinema staff has therefore adjusted accordingly: first of all we have decided to postpone the final phase of the review for a few weeks, paying particular attention to the selection and strengthening our presence on the web. The third and final session of the festival will in fact take place from 5 to 16 May 2021 Italian version of the Indiecinema streaming platform, a period during which it will also be possible to view the films of previous two sessions . In the uncertainty regarding the possibility or not of organizing events in the cinema shortly, IndieCinema Film Festival continues to acquire greater visibility on the net, thanks also to the strengthening of our Youtube channel , where in addition to the trailers, interviews and greeting video messages of the authors selected in the course are being published little by little of the review.

It should also be noted that as happened during the second session for documentaries, once again to enrich the event there may be some films out of competition: for example, the non-competing participation of Slow Life, the new and original feature film by Fabio Del Greco .

So we come to the films we have chosen for this third session, once again divided into fictional features, documentaries and short films.


IndieCinema Film Festival 2021: feature films


Two foreign appearances, among the long films chosen for this third part of the festival: the Swedish The Redneg by Luc Ziann, a minimalist “survivor movie” centered around relations on the verge of politically incorrect between the male universe and feminine, and the declared trash of Ninja Badass . That is that psychedelic, coarse and irreverent action movie that author Ryan Harrison sent us from the United States, somehow emulating the anarchic boldness of Troma!

The three Italian feature films are very different from each other. First of all, a precious recovery, that Lemuri – The Kiss of Lilith made in 2008 by the Sicilian Gianni Virgadaula, very courageous in replicating the stylistic features of the silent film with refinement and cinephile rigor, in particular that of Expressionist matrix. This is followed by The last tango – Spaghetti Noir by Giuseppe Iacono, an intelligent genre production in which the slightly vintage atmospheres of the classic detective story are colored with ripically Campania irony. And finally the intimate and sincere cut, not devoid of some reflection on the current social equilibrium, of the feature film directed by Antonio Vladimir Marino, L’ardore dei timidi .


Four documentaries will be in competition. First of all, a welcome return, that of Marco Martinelli, already represented in the second session of the festival by the film shot in Africa, The Sky over Kibera . Instead, we return to Italy, more particularly to the wonderful history of the Teatro delle Albe and to the beloved muse Ermanna Montanari, with the most recent Er , which we will show you during this third session.

Another round another journey, thanks to The Mongolian scrub by Piergiorgo Casotti, a filmmaker who had already shown a predisposition for very remote lands in the previous Arctic Spleen , and who here accompanies in an always surprising Mongolia together with Massimo Zamboni (former CCCP and CSI) and his daughter. No less fascinating, however, is Sardinia, of which Rossana Cingolani illustrates ancient traditions in The water’s edge , centered on an extraordinarily magnetic female figure. Always traveling he will land in a Taranto full of contradictions, portrayed through very personal visual insights in the documentary, The Island ( L’isola) , shot by the only foreign author of this block : that is that Mark John Ostrowski, film-maker from Spain, which is one of the leading exponents of non-narrative cinema in the re-edition of a well-known text by Paul Schrader’s, “ Transcendental Style in Film “.

Short Films


Our selection of shorts is even wider and more varied than usual. Three of these, however, also want to represent, in this sad era dominated by closures, bans and “red zones”, the point of view of some authors on a humanity forced into ever narrower limits by experiences such as the “lockdown” . The short films in question are the following: Lock Town by Antonio Benedetto, Everybody is Herodoc by Rachele Studer and #cronachedauninterno , designed by Iolanda La Carruba for EscaMontage. A small kaleidoscope designed by us, to share sensory experiences and daring filmic reflections, conceived at the crossroads between forced confinement and the desire for freedom.

Among the other traces, coming from Italy, the warning against indifference, against sloth, shadowed in the vibrant Eyes of the very young interpreter and director Maria, always stands out with regard to strong social issues. Laura Moraci. Then follow the brilliant scespirian phantasmagoria of Antonio Lucifero, Now , and the visionary, disturbing Closed Box co-directed by Riccardo Salvetti and the leading actor Gianfranco Boattini. While the only “international” title in this section comes from the United States: Poolside by Alex Kinter and Erik Schuessler, a genre short that intends to paraphrase the traditional “ghost story” from an eccentric angle.



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