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Watch hundreds of rare independent and arthouse films, cult films and hand-picked documentaries from around the world with a single subscription, on any device. No limits, no ads.

Indiecinema affiliate program

Through the affiliate program Indiecinema you can promote the cinema culture of arthouse and independent films, contributing to film education and monetizing with your content, publications and blogs.

Recommend Indiecinema to your audience through custom links for blogs and social media content and earn 10% via affiliate commissions for each new monthly or annual subscription.


How does the Affiliate Program work?

The affiliate program allows you to promote and offer subscription to the Indiecinema channel to your audience through a personalized link, and to obtain a 10% profit on each subscription actually started, after the free trial. The cost of the monthly subscription is € 5.99, the annual subscription costs € 59.99. 

Bloggers, publishers, influencers and content creators with a website can participate in the program.

How can I make money with this program? You will earn revenue from subscription purchases based on the traffic you generate to the Indiecinema site. 

Some tips to get started

Use your blog and monetize traffic

Create quality and useful content, SEO-optimized posts and categories to reach the right audience. If you have a blog that talks about film, technology, art and culture or other topics related to cinema and personal growth, you have the right target for our affiliation.

Social media

Promote posts with affiliate links on social media by sharing in suitable Facebook groups or posting related hashtags on Instagram. Post at least once a day on Facebook and once or twice on Instagram. Comment on the related posts by inserting the affiliate link. Interview influencers and famous people on the target topic. Create a network of links and shares with other bloggers. 

Email marketing


Sign up your users via an email form and use your email list to promote links. Whenever you create a new article or content, send a newsletter to your audience. The more links you enter the more chances you have to increase your profit. Insert links to new content.

Related content

Create an article with a list of selected films to recommend to your audience and insert a final call to action with the affiliate link. Offer the subscription as a gift during the holidays with a schedule of some thematic posts during the Christmas holidays and other holiday periods of the year.

To register please fill out this form. We will review your application and notify you of the possibility of joining the program by signing an agreement. Once affiliation is confirmed, we will send you a personalized link to place on your websites and blogs or to use on social media to track all the sales of your business. You will also need to communicate the payment details to us, which will take place on a quarterly basis.

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