Etheric Body, Astral Body and Beyond

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According to Ancient Wisdom, in particular in Hinduism, in life there are several invisible bodies in the human being. The knowledge of this ancient knowledge is fundamental as a tool for personal growth.

The physical body is the visible one, the grossest level. For many it is the only level that exists. Through the five senses we experience the world of matter: food, sex, sensory perception. Religions, philosophies and sciences, however, tell us that in reality we are not the body: we are a spirit that controls a body. Just like a motorist drives his car, the driver decides the destination.

Most of the films produced today does not value the sublime vocation for personal and spiritual growth of the seventh art. Films are designed and produced mostly to give the spectators adrenaline and emotions. That’s what most audiences look for in a film: thrill, thrill, excitement. Adrenaline as an end in itself is useless if it is not combined with a transcendent dimension, as for example in the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock. Adrenaline, in cinema as in extreme sports, is needed to provide immediate satisfaction. Some have the illusion of finding the meaning of life there. The great cinema, on the other hand, is a journey into the invisible dimensions of existence. 

Here are the invisible bodies we should become aware of:

The Physical Body


Through the body we experience matter, but Ancient Wisdom tells us that we are not the body. The body is the tool through which we can feel feelings, emotions, and leave a trace in the material dimension. The health of the body, the lifestyle determines the understanding of the higher planes of consciousness, and vice versa. A healthy lifestyle takes vital energy, while an incorrect lifestyle leads to an imbalance and a lack of vitality. 

To access higher states of consciousness it is therefore necessary to have a healthy physical body: proper nutrition, through which we take vital energy from healthy and natural foods. In fact, junk food has a low life energy and apparently only nourishes the physical plane. The real nourishment, however, does not reside in the chemicals that we enter into the body through food, but from its quantity of Prana, the Vital energy that comes from the sun. Healthy food is rich in Prana and also nourishes the etheric body. The physical body actually depends completely on the Prana and the etheric body: it is through them that it keeps itself alive.

Eating, touching, having sex, feeling emotions does not always correspond to a high level of vitality. Vitality becomes greater when the physical body is in balance, without stress, and the senses are not compulsively stimulated, just to seek pleasure. The continuous pursuit of pleasure for its own sake does not produce a better life.

The Etheric Body

The next level is thebody etheric. It is an invisible layer of a few millimeters, which surrounds the physical body like an envelope. The etheric plane is actually visible to those with an etheric sight and presents itself as an Aura of white light. The etheric plane is of fundamental importance because it is he who keeps us alive, across the etheric bridge. The etheric plane captures the source of life, prana, and transmits it to the body. Vitality is fueled by Kama, the desire to live. It is also the invisible membrane that connects the physical body to the higher dimensions. A healthy and correct lifestyle produces a healthy physical body and a functioning etheric plan. 

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Astral Body


Above the etheric plane the astral body exists on the astral plane. The astral plane is, on a lower plane, a sensation. On a higher floor it creates emotions. The astral aura can be seen by some who have the faculty of clairvoyance, and also with precise scientific methods with special screens, colored cyanine (cyan color), as an area around the body of different colors. 

If the person has many interests, he is superficial, and does not have a clear mission in life, the aura is confused, crossed by hundreds of different colors. If the person is sad, angry or depressed, the aura colors of the astral body are dark and gloomy. If, on the other hand, the person has put his life in order, the colors are few and bright. Colors represent in the astral plane what words represent in the physical plane: the astral plane constructs concepts through colors. 

The astral plane is inhabited by many presences and acts as an intermediary between the higher and invisible planes and the physical plane. It is the dimension we can visit when we sleep. Is also the dimension where ghosts and inside it live entities who have not managed to separate themselves from the physical world of sensations, entities who want to return to have a body to savor the pleasures of the senses again. 

The lower plane of the astral world is related to Kama, desire. There live beings and entities still linked to desire. The stronger the link with desire, the more these entities behave in a violent way: many of these beings try to attach themselves on the astral plane to living human beings to derive the pleasure of physical sensations from them. In the astral plane there are human, non-human and artificial beings. Among human beings there are all the departed at every stage of evolution of consciousness, from the most evil people to those who have dedicated themselves to the service for the betterment of humanity, who build celestial cities in the astral world.

There are, at the limit of the etheric plane, also animals. Animals with a greater astral presence are animals capable of establishing empathic relationships: cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, cats and dogs. Animals that have been killed to be eaten by humans create a large field of negative energy and suffering in the astral, which feeds the karma negative of the human race. In older cultures, killing an animal to eat it was a special occasion. Today the consumerist business machine is forced to advertise everywhere to dispose of the massive production of meat and sausages. 

Among the non-human presences there are the Spirits of nature: they are elemental thoughts generated by creators for the management of nature: in popular tradition they are fairies, gnomes and spirits of the woods. The spirits of nature are very wary of man, this being that kills animals, upsets the landscapes and ecosystems they build. According to some legends, they take revenge on the man who does not respect nature by causing nightmares during the night through the astral plane. However, these spirits, if properly approached by demonstrating good faith, can dialogue with man to advise him on the management of agriculture and the relationship with nature. 


And then there are the Devas, the Gods capable of creating nature and living beings. And if necessary they can also change the course of events and human destinies to bring about what is foreseen. And then there are the artificial which are rejected elemental thoughts: thoughtforms that have been forcefully generated but are now rejected by their creators and retain a life of their own. 

Mental Body

Beyond the astral plane, if we can bring order to the world of our emotions, we can access the mental plane through the mental body. The mental plane is the world of ideas and organization, it is the one that carries one of the most important values ​​in our life: order. The mental plane processes what is created from the higher plane, the causal plane, through the practical organization of the mind. The entities that populate the mental plane are elemental spirits and mental: thoughts are not what many people believe, a simple function of the human brain, but they have their own essence and live a life of their own. 

There are more alive thoughts and less alive thoughts, thoughts that last millennia and thoughts that last only a day. There are concrete thoughts and abstract thoughts. Their ability is to acquire autonomy and to join other thoughts generated by other living beings. Some thoughts live over time acquiring an incredible power: artistic movements, religions, scientific inventions are examples of ideas and thoughts born from a single person or from a small group of people that have grown and become of enormous importance in the history of humanity. 

The mental plane is divided into three levels: the lowest is the level of reasoning, which includes concrete thoughts intended to manage daily actions. The second level is that of memory: through memory we reach information outside of space and time: we can expand our reasoning skills to higher levels through accumulated experience. The highest level is that of the imagination: imaginative thinking allows us to create what does not exist. 

can be created through the mental plane Thought waves or mental thought forms. The thought-waves are an intention, a reflection before acting and leave a real trail. The energy trail left by thought waves is usually bound to dissolve quickly, but it can also be picked up and empowered if it encounters similar thought waves that strengthen and prolong its existence. 

Thought instead have a much higher power: they are very structured ideas that they want to get a result. Mental thought-forms act with great influence on all lower planes. On the astral plane they can generate an astral thought form, a positive emotion that strengthens them. The mental thought form works through the most powerful element of the human spirit: the will. When the will that generates a mental thought-form also produces a positive emotion associated with it, as an astral thought-form, its energetic influence becomes particularly powerful. 

Mental thought-forms transcend the individual who generated them to become collective mental thought-forms. The collective mental energies are grouped into a single entity. There are mental thought forms that can last for centuries or millennia. The awareness of the mind passes through 5 levels: in the first level there is total unawareness, which corresponds to the random wandering aimlessly from one thought to another: a chain of thoughts that we passively undergo, the mind that dominates us. In the second level we are in the confusion of the thoughts that cross us, we are vaguely aware of the storm of thoughts and we try to oppose it. In the third level we are no longer prey to thousands of random thoughts but we have a single obsession, a single thought that dominates us: it is still the mind that wins. In the fourth level we are able to dominate our thinking and our goal. In the fifth level, the dominion over our thinking is enriched by the inspiration of the universal consciousness in a state of contemplation, Samadi. 

After the first levels where nothing is learned, the mental body is able to go through three stages: concentration, meditation and contemplation, where one learns to concentrate on a single thought, to expand it and contemplate it on a larger plane. Samadhi means going to the very root of the objects and the meaning of things, such as from a clock, from its mechanical structure to get to contemplate the time. 

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The Causal Body

The causal plane is the place of the spirit, where all things are created by the causal body. It is the point of contact between the human being and the divine. The arts, the great inventions, the great ethical works are created on the causal plane, transcending themselves. On the causal level, what you do does not belong to you: you become a link between the higher planes and matter. Inspiration comes from distant worlds but it is truer than any demonstrable reality: on the causal level you are able to establish a connection with universal intelligence. When you connect with the causal plane you get out of all conflict, because all conflicts belong to the lower planes. Duality and conflict, black and white, day and night no longer exist. 

The causal plane is associated with intuition, the certainty of a truth that is not based on the rational reasoning of the mind or on emotions but which for us is an absolute certainty. Intuition, beyond the rational scientific verifications that can be made, makes us affirm “So it is”. The causal plane is the plane inhabited by Buddhahoods where the greatest powers of the mind manifest themselves: when you are creative, when you are pursuing a great invention, when you are not engaged in a work involving only the mind and reasoning, then you are operating in the causal plan. The causal plane is the dimension closest to the Logos and to the higher intelligences, the plane in which it is possible to perceive and make associations beyond space-time. 

When an individual spends a lot of time on the causal plane he loses interest in all the mundane, fashionable, enjoyable, entertaining activities that are typical of the lower planes. An individual on the causal level begins to be autonomous and is increasingly free and independent: he derives satisfaction from his creative activity and perceives other things as a waste of time, a source of boredom. In the causal plane the human being overcomes the heresy of separateness, selfishness and personal interests, and begins his search for the absolute.


The inventions that made civilization grow, everything that did not exist before and seemed utopia, all objects such as electricity, cars, planes, internet, are ideas and intuitions that are born on the causal level. It is the plane that clearly distinguishes human beings from animals, plants and minerals. The mineral has only the physical and etheric plane, the vegetables have something of the lowest astral plane. Animals possess the physical, etheric and astral planes: they feel emotions, and in some cases they overlook the intelligence of the lower mental plane. The human being is able to go much further, to create worlds that materialize from the causal plane on the physical plane. 

From the causal plane we have the possibility of domination over sensations, emotions and thoughts. We can use the mind, emotions and body without being dominated by them. The individual on the causal plane causes things and uses sensations, emotions and thoughts to reach the goal he has set himself: how to take a musical instrument when we are inspired and want to play, without having to suffer unwanted music played by someone else when we want silence . The causal plane is also called : the Observerthere is no longer identification with the lower planes, we are observers.

A successful work of art, a successful film is a manifestation belonging to the causal plane: physically it does not exist but causes emotions on the astral plane, reasoning on the mental plane. It is all these things put together in a creative act that exists in the mind of the creator and the viewer at the same time, who gives his attention to something intangible, but more exciting, more rational than a real object: A beam of light and of ombre, a mosaic of pixels that has its own precise personality, an essence that cannot be explained. An experience that a director could summarize with a sentence from Federico Fellini: “Making a film is the best way to compete with the Creator”. 

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