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It Came from Outer Space

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“It Came from Outer Space” is a classic of the science fiction cinema of 1953, directed by Jack Arnold and starring Richard Carlson and Barbara Rush. The film tells the story of an astronomer who witnesses a meteorite fall near his small town in Arizona. However, he soon realizes that the meteorite is actually a spaceship from another planet and that its occupants are using their advanced technology to take over the bodies of the city’s residents.

The film was notable for its use of 3D technology, still a novelty at the time, and for its portrayal of the aliens as not necessarily evil, but simply looking for a way to survive in a new environment. This was a departure from the more common portrayal of aliens as aggressive invaders.

“It Came from Outer Space” was also notable for its contributions to the development of science fiction as a genre in cinema. It was one of the first films to explore the idea of extraterrestrial life seriously and helped establish many of the conventions of science fiction still in use today.

Overall, “It Came from Outer Space” is a classic and influential science fiction film that continues to be enjoyed by audiences to this day.




The plot of “It Came from Outer Space” focuses on John Putnam, an astronomer who lives in a small Arizona town with his girlfriend Ellen Fields. One night, John and Ellen see a meteorite fall from the sky and decide to investigate its whereabouts. When they reach the impact site, John descends into the hole formed by the meteorite and discovers that it is not a rock, but a spaceship from another planet.

However, when John tries to inform the population of the city, no one believes him and they think he’s crazy. Meanwhile, the spaceship’s occupants, who have taken refuge in an abandoned mine, begin to use their advanced technology to take over the bodies of the city’s residents and use them as cover.

John, who has seen the aliens, tries to convince the population to take the threat seriously, but will encounter various difficulties. .

The storyline of “It Came from Outer Space” influenced many subsequent science fiction films, and its portrayal of aliens as not necessarily hostile creatures played its part in the evolution of the genre.




The main characters of “It Came from Outer Space” are:

John Putnam: An astronomer who, along with his girlfriend Ellen Fields, discovers the alien spacecraft after a meteorite falls.

Ellen Fields: John’s girlfriend and his partner in the investigation of the alien spacecraft.

Sheriff Matt Warren: The town sheriff who initially doesn’t believe John and Ellen’s story.

Frank Daylon: A factory worker who is controlled by aliens and becomes their agent in the city.

George: Another resident of the city who is being controlled by aliens.

Dave Loring and his wife June: A couple of scientists who help John fight the aliens.

Pete Davis: A friend of John’s who joins his fight against the aliens.

These characters, along with other alien-controlled city dwellers, create a story full of suspense and action as they try to stop the extraterrestrial invaders and save the city.


Film Production


“It Came from Outer Space” was produced by Universal International Pictures and directed by Jack Arnold. The screenplay was written by Harry Essex, based on a story by Ray Bradbury. The film was produced in 3D, a technology that was still being tested at the time, and was one of the first films to use it.

The film was shot primarily in California, Victorville, Palmdale and the Mojave Desert. The production used a lot of exterior shots to depict the small Arizona town where the story is set.

For the design of the aliens, director Jack Arnold opted for an unconventional representation, using costumes and masks that made the aliens non-humanoid but rather amoeboid. This choice caused the aliens to appear very different from those depicted in many other science fiction films of the time.

“It Came from Outer Space” was a huge box office hit and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Special Effects. It was also well received by critics, who praised its use of 3D technology and its portrayal of aliens as creatures that aren’t necessarily hostile. The film has become a classic of the science fiction genre and has influenced many other subsequent films.

Distribution and Reception

“It Came from Outer Space” was released in US theaters on May 25, 1953, in 3D and standard format. The film was a major commercial success, earning approximately $1.6 million at the box office, a very successful result at the time.

Critics received the film positively, praising its special effects and innovative use of 3D technology. In particular, many critics have appreciated the choice to represent aliens in an unconventional way, as creatures that are not necessarily hostile, a novelty for the science fiction genre.

“It Came from Outer Space” was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Special Effects in 1954, demonstrating the success of its innovative depiction of aliens.

The film has become a classic of the science fiction genre and has influenced many other subsequent films. Today it is considered a masterpiece of the golden era of cinematic science fiction of the 1950s.

Movie Style

“It Came from Outer Space” was one of the first science fiction films to use 3D technology, which gave it an innovative and engaging look for the audience of the time. The film exploits very well the possibilities offered by 3D to create spectacular visual effects, such as the representation of the alien spaceship that seems to literally come out of the screen.

In addition, the film has a slow and reflective narrative pace, which allows you to delve into the psychology of the characters and build tension until the final climax. The film’s plot focuses on the human and psychological aspects of the situation, rather than mere action, giving the film a more mature and adult tone than other science fiction films of the time.

Another distinguishing feature of the film is the depiction of aliens, which was unconventional for the time. The aliens are not represented as scary monsters, but as amoeboid and peaceful creatures just trying to fix their spaceship and go home. This narrative choice made the film unique and innovative for its time and helped make “It Came from Outer Space” a classic of the science fiction genre.




The director of “It Came from Outer Space” was Jack Arnold, an American film director and producer born in 1916 and died in 1992. Arnold was one of the most important directors of the science fiction genre of the 50s and 60s, and directed many films that have become classics of the genre, including ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’, ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’ and ‘Tarantula’.

Arnold had a passion for science and technology, and this is reflected in his films, which often explore the consequences of new scientific and technological breakthroughs. However, despite his fondness for the science fiction genre, Arnold has also directed films in other genres, such as the western and the thriller.

His directing style was characterized by the use of very careful photography and attention to detail, which gave his films a realistic and engaging aspect for the audience. Furthermore, Arnold was skilled at creating eerie and suggestive atmospheres, which helped make his films very emotionally effective.

With “It Came from Outer Space”, Arnold created an innovative and engaging film, which influenced many other science fiction films that followed. His ability to create eerie and evocative atmospheres, combined with his attention to detail and careful photography, helped make “It Came from Outer Space” a classic of the science fiction genre.

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