The best romantic movies to watch absolutely


Love stories, passionate relationships, feelings and emotions. The romantic genre is an inexhaustible trend that has produced so many movies to watch in the history of cinema. Romantic movies focus on the love stories of the protagonists, telling the fundamental desire of every being: to love and to be loved. The search for love on […]

The best short films to watch absolutely


Short films have always been the training ground for young directors who are starting their film career. Some of them will arrive a few years later to create one of those unmissable masterpieces that have marked the history of films. Conventionally, all films that last less than 40 minutes are considered short films, according to […]

Best thriller movies: the history of the genre, thrillers to watch


Among the great movies to watch absolutely never made, the thriller occupies a place of honor. The thriller movies is a genre where often the arthouse cinema and the commercial aspect of production manage to meet. In fact, the public has always adored Thriller and does not give particular importance to the fact that it […]

French movies to see: old masterpieces and new independent films


French movies and the birth of the Cinematographe Over the decades, France has occupied an important position among the most significant movies to watch. The history of cinema begins precisely in France with French movies, at the end of the nineteenth century, when Louis and Auguste Lumiere invented the Cinematograph. France was at that time […]

Drama movies to watch? Here is a list of great films do not miss


The drama movies are born like other genres with creation of Hollywood and cinema as an industrial production process. It is the genre with the highest number of productions made as well as the one where we find the greatest number of movies to see absolutely. Thinking of cinematographic works as products similar to any other […]

Comedies to watch absolutely: from the origins of cinema to today


What are the most interesting comedies movies to watch in the history of cinema? Long considered a minor genre, some comedies have become cult, inserted by major film magazines and critics among the must-see movies. Before getting to the cinema, let’s see how the genre of comedy was born in ancient theater and literature. The […]

Horror movies to watch, cult films in the history of cinema and new indie


The sublimation of fear Here is one of the fundamental genres of cinematography that has produced hundreds of must-see movies. Why are horror movies, horror literature so loved and know no crisis? Because it gives a solution to one of the fundamental needs of the human being, that of sublimating the deepest and most irrational […]

Iranian cinema, essential guide to films and directors


Among the must-see movies in the history of cinema, Iranian films play an important role. While the West is experiencing a phase of artistic decline that seems inexorable compared to the turmoil of the 60s and 70s, some Eastern and Middle Eastern countries seem increasingly oriented towards creating arthouse films and interesting artistic experiments.┬áThis is […]

B movie: what exactly are B movies and which ones to see?


At the antipodes of what are considered unmissable movies and masterpieces are the B movies. But in some cases, over time, the value of some of these B films has been reassessed to cult status. B movie: meaning The term b movie comes from the English definition that film studios used to give to minor […]

6 horror movies for Halloween to watch on the night of the witches


Before recommending the horror movies for Halloween not to be missed, let’s find out where this party has become so popular. Halloween is an ancient festival that celebrates the end of summer and the beginning of winter, linked to the cycle of the seasons and the agricultural harvest. Some have associated it with the ritual […]

Sherlock Holmes, 8 films not to be missed on the famous detective


Before moving on to the list of the best films to watch about the most famous private detective in the world, let’s take a look at how the literary character of Sherlock Holmes was born, his author, his story. The books of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is a literary character of mystery stories created by […]

Dystopian Movies: 9 titles to see absolutely


Among the most famous films in the history of cinema there is a sub-genre that generates a lot of interest: that of dystopian films. In a dystopian film the heart of the story is a dystopia, an imaginary reality projected into the imminent future of a totalitarian and totally negative society. It can take on […]