Monster Movies to Watch


Monster movies they are a sub-genre of film horror and sort of science fiction movies which have always fascinated the public, which has always had a morbid curiosity for fantastic and frightening creatures. The monster movie sub-genre has been very productive over the years, with many works going on to become classics and inspiring many […]

Action Movies to Watch Absolutely


Action movies are a genre of film where the main character is thrust into a series of events which include violence and physical action. The category tends to feature resourceful heroes who endure incredible odds. Improvements in computer-generated imagery have made it more accessible and easier to develop action scenes and other visual results that […]

Science Fiction Movies to Watch: The Ultimate Guide


Introduction Sci fi movies work beautifully in the cinematic show: dozens of productions of this genre have become absolutely must-see movies and unmissable masterpieces. They manage to deal with philosophical and political issues with science fiction metaphors that attract a lot of the public. Topics that otherwise would have burdened the cinematic story such as […]

Dystopian Movies to Watch Absolutely


Among the most famous films in the history of cinema there is a sub-genre that generates a lot of interest: that of dystopian films. In a dystopian film the heart of the story is a dystopia, an imaginary reality projected into the imminent future of a totalitarian and totally negative society. It can take on […]

16 Spanish Horror Movies You Must See


Some of the most creative, challenging and downright scary Spanish horror films have graced the scene of best movies to see. They come from the minds of Spanish writers and directors, whose works have indeed enjoyed a small renaissance in recent years. Mexican like Guillermo del Toro also created a filmmaking place in Spain and […]

Revenge Movies to Watch


The revenge movies genre focuses on the story of a character trying to get justice for a wrong done, often by resorting to violence. These films show the protagonist embarking on a personal journey to track down and punish those responsible for their suffering, and the central theme is the struggle for justice and empowerment. […]

Werewolf Movies to Watch


Werewolf movies are a subgenre of horror movies that focus on werewolves, mythological creatures that have the ability to transform from humans to wolves. These films often explore duality between humanity and the animalistic, and the inner conflict that ensues. In many cases, the main characters are werewolves who struggle to control their transformation or […]

Surf Movies to Watch


The genre of surfing movies it is a subgenre of adventure movies which focus on surf culture and the adventures and challenges surfers face at sea. These films can feature a variety of themes, such as competition, friendship, discovering new surf destinations, and exploring nature and coastal life. Sometimes the typical themes of drama movies […]

The Best Adventure Movies Not To Be Missed


An adventure movie is a film genre with several sub-genres such as swashbuckling films, pirate movie and survival movies. Adventure films can also be integrated with other film genres such as action, comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror or war: these mixtures of genres have products in some cases must see movie and masterpieces of the history […]

Pirate Movies to Watch


The film subgenre of pirate movies can be considered part of the genus of adventure movies it developed from the first half of the 20th century and has seen a surge in popularity since the 1980s. These films are often set in the 17th or 18th century during the era of pirates and feature adventures, […]

Body horror: Movies Not To Be Missed


Body horror is a subgenre of cinema horror which showcases monstrous deformations and transformations of the body. These deformations could be manifested through perverted sex, anomalies, mutilation, zombification, physical violence, abnormal condition or movements of the body. Body horror was an emerging subgenre of North American horror films, but has origins in early Gothic works […]

The Best Splatter Movies to Watch


Splatter movies is a subgenre of horror film that focuses on visual depictions of gore and extreme physical violence. These films, usually with the use of special effects, show a fascination for violence against the body and its mutilation. The term “splatter cinema” was created by George A. Romero to define his film Dawn of […]

The Erotic Thrillers not to Be Missed


Erotic thriller movies they are a cinematic subgenre that combines erotic movie and sex scenes with the thriller genre, with sensations that oscillate between pleasure and fear and elements from suspense movie. The aspects of physical risk and pleasure are the main protagonists of the story. Many erotic thrillers consist of softcore sex scenes, although […]

Italian Erotic Movies to Watch


Italian erotic movies include numerous sub-genres: erotic drama, erotic thriller, erotic comedies, coming-of-age films,erotic romantic movies, and others. A pornographic movie, on the other hand, is a sex film that typically does not claim any kind of creative value, only purports to have sex-related stimulation, and are termed adult films. Italian sexy comedy is a […]

Erotic Movies to Watch


Erotic movies showing actions related to sex have been criticized by spiritual groups or have been banned or censored by governments, although the perspectives have changed a lot over the years and in particular a more liberal social environment has been created in many parts of the world, especially in Europe, North America, Australia and […]

Russian Movies to Watch Absolutely


The first Russian movies appeared during the Russian Empire. In the Soviet Union and in the years following its dissolution, Russian movies continued to gain global acclaim. In the 21st century, Russian cinema has risen to worldwide fame with movies such as Hardcore Henry (2015), Leviathan (2014), Night Watch (2004) and Brother (1997). The Moscow […]

Chinese Movies Not To Be Missed


Chinese movies are made between the 3 areas of Chinese language cinema: China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the history of Chinese cinema, there are many must-see movies and masterpieces. Cinema arrived in China in 1896 and the first Chinese movie, Dingjun Mountain, was made in 1905. In the very early years, the cinema market […]

Japanese Movies: Japanese Cinema to Watch


Japanese cinema is among the most important cultural industries; it is the fourth largest market in terms of the number of films produced. Tokyo Story (1953) ranked third in the most important films of all time. The largest Japanese film studio is called Toho. The annual Japan Academy Film Prize hosted by the Nippon Academy […]

Teen Movies to Watch


Teen movies are a genre of movie aimed at young people and teenagers. The stories are based on their passions, growing up, trying to adapt, the typical problems of the age, the conflict with peers and with the older ones, the typical disobedience of teenagers, the conflict with the parents, the suffering or the adolescent […]

Suspense Movies: The List of Movies to Watch


The suspense movies are often related to the thriller movie genre, and the suspense is generated in a state of psychological unpredictability, tension and anxiety, indecision or uncertainty. Suspense is generated by anticipating the ending of a plot or mystery, and has an impact on the main character. The suspense movie keeps the audience interested […]