Francois Truffaut, films as a mirror of life


Introduction  Francois Truffaut was born in Paris on February 6, 1932. He was one of the most influential directors of French cinema. In addition to his activity as a director, he joined that of film critic, in the editorial office of the Cahier du Cinema. He has also often been the screenwriter, producer and actor […]

Robert Bresson: philosophy in his cinema, films to watch


Introduction Talking about Robert Bresson, in the age of TV series and original films on streaming platforms can be complex. These impeccably packaged films are nothing more than photocopies and re-chewing of previous films, of different artistic depth, which are proposed as new cinematic products. Fortunately, Robert Bresson lived in another era, he was able […]

French movies to see: old masterpieces and new independent films


French movies and the birth of the Cinematographe The history of cinema begins precisely in France with French movies, at the end of the nineteenth century, when Louis and Auguste Lumiere invented the Cinematograph. France was at that time the most culturally advanced nation and Paris was the world capital of the arts. From universal […]