Haxan, avant-garde masterpiece between horror and false documentary


Introduction Haxan is a 1922 Swedish avant-garde film by Benjamin Christiansen, considered one of the most important and innovative masterpieces in the history of films. The film invents and mixes different genres in a truly surprising way. 50 years before Godard and the Nouvelle Vague Benjamin Christiansen invents the fake documentary and the gothic and […]

B movie: what exactly are B movies and which ones to see?


B movie: meaning The term b movie comes from the English definition that film studios used to give to minor films that were a sort of continuation of a more expensive main film. Just like the B side of a record was to be heard after the main tracks, but that doesn’t mean it was […]

Halloween, 6 movies to see in the film marathon of the night of the witches


Halloween is an ancient festival that celebrates the end of summer and the beginning of winter, linked to the cycle of the seasons and the agricultural harvest. Some have associated it with the ritual feasts of ancient Rome dedicated to the goddess of fruits and seeds Pomona, or the anniversary of the dead which was […]

Roger Corman, the king of low budget, between independent films and Hollywood


Roger Corman is one of the most important examples of a way of doing independent cinema, one of the few cases in which the filmography of an indie director has achieved worldwide fame. But Roger Corman has long collaborated with big studios as well, continually moving in and out of the mainstream. Many of his […]

Halloween, the story of a hugely successful cult horror


Halloween, the film that brought director John Carpenter to a resounding success, is now over 40 years old. But it continues to be celebrated with sequels and remakes every new year. The film, which cost just $ 300,000 at the time, grossed over 80 million, and has become one of the most profitable films in […]

Movie genres: how the film industry builds audience loyalty


Movie genres are consolidated by Hollywood producers of the 1930s and 1940s for production planning needs. The division into well-coded movie genres allows studios above all to reach very specific target audiences. In addition, producers always try to connect well-known stars to each genre. The association between a certain gender and a certain face becomes […]

Dystopian Movies: 9 titles to see absolutely


Dystopia and an imaginary reality, or in some ways even real, of a totalitarian and totally negative society where fundamental human rights such as freedom and dignity are denied. It can take on violent or invisible and subtle characteristics.  It can be an obvious and concrete dystopian world or a hidden and invisible world. The […]

Dreyer, Sjostrom and filmmakers outside the great avant-gardes


Outside of this rich scenario of European French, German and Russian avant-gardes and the development of American cinema, there is a long series of individual experiences of directors operating in other countries, such as Carl Theodor Dreyer. In Italy in the 1920s everything seems to have stopped and there is a profound production and distribution […]

Murnau, the dark fairy tale, romance and the “living” camera


Friedrich Plumpe, aka Murnau is a German director born in 1888 on December 28 in Bielefeld. He is one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema. Most of his films are influenced by expressionism and kammerspiel. Youth After a childhood in which he already showed his penchant for art and theater by staging […]

Expressionism: deep fears become the protagonists of the image


Expressionism in cinema, as in other arts, aimed to bring the emotions of the characters to the fore. Expressionism’s view of the world is extremely subjective, emotional and non-rational. The unconscious and its most ancestral fears come to life in the work. Expressionism was born in Europe, in the early 1900s, which lasted until the […]

Horror cult: Carnival of Souls


Carnival of souls, horror cult to rediscover Cult horror to be rediscovered with great surprise, “Carnival of souls“, is a strange low-budget American independent horror film made in 1962. which became almost invisible for decades due to distribution bankruptcy. The progenitor of the “Twilight Zone” style horror-purgatory, he puts the supernatural at the center of […]