David Lynch, the films of a director who reinvented the history of cinema


David’s childhood David Lynch was born in Missoula, Montana, on January 20, 1946. His father, Donald Walton Lynch was a research researcher working for the United States Department of Agriculture, and his mother, Edwina “Sunny” Lynch, is was an English teacher. Lynch lived his early childhood with peace of mind, he didn’t worry about making […]

B movie: what exactly are B movies and which ones to see?


B movie: meaning The term b movie comes from the English definition that film studios used to give to minor films that were a sort of continuation of a more expensive main film. Just like the B side of a record was to be heard after the main tracks, but that doesn’t mean it was […]

Samuel Fuller, 9 must-see films by the great American director


Who was Samuel Fuller? Samuel Fuller was an American director, screenwriter, and novelist. He has been called “the last great Hollywood author” and has directed 30 films in his career. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts on August 12, 1912 to Ukrainian Jewish immigrants from Kiev; Samuel studied journalism / communications at the University of Illinois before […]

Sherlock Holmes, 8 films not to be missed on the famous detective

Genre films

The books of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is a literary character of mystery stories created by Arthur Conan Doyle at the end with the novel A Study in Red of 1887. He is one of the most famous private investigators in literature, theater and cinema. He is presented as a man of 60 years of […]

Hitchcock: biofilmography and 9 lesser-known films you can’t miss


Who was Alfred Hitchcock?  The son of a modest family of merchants, his father was a fruit and vegetable trader, Alfred Hitchcock studied in a strict boarding school of Jesuit fathers. After the loss of his father he enrolled in a naval engineering school. After the war ended, he found a job as an advertiser […]

Orson Welles, life, style and 10 films to see absolutely


Orson Welles and the beginnings with the theater Orson Welles was born in a wealthy family in Wisconsin from a pianist mother and inventor father from whom he inherited both talents: already as a child he plays the piano and plays games of prestige. At the age of 8 he lost his mother and left […]

Dystopian Movies: 9 titles to see absolutely


Dystopia and an imaginary reality, or in some ways even real, of a totalitarian and totally negative society where fundamental human rights such as freedom and dignity are denied. It can take on violent or invisible and subtle characteristics.  It can be an obvious and concrete dystopian world or a hidden and invisible world. The […]