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The Omega Man

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The 1971 film called “The Omega Man” it’s a science fiction film post-apocalyptic directed by Boris Sagal and played by Charlton Heston. The film is based on Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel ‘I Am Legend’ which has been adapted into other cinematic works such as ‘The Last Man on Earth” of 1964 and “I am legend” of 2007.

The plot of the film follows Robert Neville (played by Charlton Heston), who becomes the last man on Earth after a global epidemic has turned most of the population into zombie-like creatures. Neville tries to survive in the city of Los Angeles, where he collides with infected survivors who try to kill him.

Neville’s character tries to discover a cure for the epidemic while trying to survive the attacks of the infected survivors. His fate intertwines with a group of uninfected survivors, including a woman named Lisa (played by Rosalind Cash), who may be humanity’s last hope.

The film was received mixed by critics, but became a sci-fi cult favorite due to its post-apocalyptic atmosphere and Heston’s performance as Neville. His influence can be seen in many later similar genre films, such as 2002’s ’28 Days Later’ and 2010’s ‘The Walking Dead’.




The plot of the filmThe Omega Manfollows Robert Neville, a solitary man who appears to be the last survivor of a devastating epidemic that has transformed much of the population into creatures similar to zombie. Neville lives in a deserted Los Angeles, where he has to fight for survival every day, trying to avoid the attacks of the infected.

In search of a cure, Neville spends much of his time exploring the city and trying to develop a cure for the epidemic. However, its loneliness it is broken when he encounters a group of survivors who appear to be resistant to the infection, including Lisa, a young woman with whom Neville begins a relationship.

As Neville tries to develop a cure for the plague, he must also protect himself and the survivors from the infected creatures that relentlessly stalk him. His fight for survival reaches its climax when Neville is captured by the infected creatures and has to fight for his life. The ending of the film is quite dramatic and has a surprising twist.

Movie Characters


Here are the main characters of the film “The Omega Man”:

Robert Neville (played by Charlton Heston): He is the last survivor on Earth after a global epidemic that has transformed most of the population into zombie-like creatures. Neville tries to survive and develop a cure for the epidemic.

Lisa (played by Rosalind Cash): She is one of the few survivors of the epidemic who appears to be immune to the infection. Lisa is one of the few uninfected characters Neville encounters throughout the film.

Zachary (played by Anthony Zerbe): is the leader of the infected and seeks to kill Neville and the other survivors who have not been infected.

Dutch (played by Paul Koslo): is another survivor that Neville meets throughout the film. Dutch is not infected, but has decided not to join Lisa’s group as he lost his family in the epidemic.

These are just some of the characters in the film. There are other minor characters as well, such as members of the secret “Family” organization, who try to force Neville to join them.




The film “The Omega Man” (The Omega Man) was produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and directed by Boris Sagal. The screenplay was written by John William Corrington and Joyce Hooper Corrington, based on the novel by Richard Matheson “I Am Legend”.

The film was shot primarily in Los Angeles, California in the 1970s. The production had to reconstruct parts of the city to create the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the film.

Charlton Heston played the title role, Robert Neville. Other actors featured in the cast include Rosalind Cash, Anthony Zerbe, Paul Koslo, Lincoln Kilpatrick and Eric Lanesville. The film score was composed by Ron Grainer.

The production of the film was rather troubled: the crew had to deal with a fire in a warehouse that destroyed a large part of the furnishings and sets used for filming, forcing the production to have to rebuild some parts of the set. Additionally, actor Charlton Heston was injured while filming some action scenes, forcing the production to halt filming for a few days.

Distribution and Reception

The film “The Omega Manwas released in U.S. theaters on August 1, 1971. The film received mixed reviews from film critics, but was a commercial success, grossing approximately $8 million at the box office.

The film has had some influence on popular culture, inspiring several subsequent post-apocalyptic films and TV series, such as ‘The Walking Dead’. In addition, the film was considered a cornerstone of the science fiction film genre and horror.

Despite mixed reviews from critics,”The Omega Man” has become a cult movie, loved by fans of the post-apocalyptic genre and considered one of the best films based on the novel “I Am Legend” by Richard Matheson.


The film “The Omega Man” features a style typical of 1970s science fiction and horror films, with a strong emphasis on atmosphere and action. The film’s photography uses plenty of natural light to create a dark and eerie atmosphere, which fits perfectly with the post-apocalyptic setting of the film.

The film’s soundtrack, composed by Ron Grainer, uses a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments to create an eerie and tense music that fits perfectly with the mood of the film.

The film also features a number of action sequences, including car chases and gunfights, which make the film highly engaging for the audience.

Overall, the film’s style is characterized by a strong emphasis on atmosphere and suspense, which fits perfectly with the post-apocalyptic storyline of the film and contributes to making it a classic of the genre.




The director of “The Omega Manwas Boris Sagal, a Ukrainian-born American director and screenwriter. Sagal worked primarily in television, directing episodes of several TV series including ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’, ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘Mission: Impossible “.

Sagal began his career as a screenwriter, working on several movies and TV series in the 1950s and 60s. During his career, he also directed several feature films, including 1978’s ‘Battle of the Planets’ and 1981’s ‘Death of a Professor’.

Sadly, Sagal’s career was marred by a tragic passing. In 1981, while directing the TV movie ‘World War III’, Sagal was killed in an accident on set, when he was hit by a helicopter that crashed during filming.

Despite his untimely death, Boris Sagal left an important mark on the world of cinema and television, becoming one of the best-known directors of the sci-fi and horror genre of the 1970s.

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