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This Island Earth

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“This Island Earth” is a science fiction film of 1955 directed by Joseph M. Newman and based on the novel of the same name by Raymond F. Jones.

The film follows the adventures of two scientists, Dr Cal Meacham and Dr Ruth Adams, who are recruited by an enigmatic scientist called Exeter to work on a mysterious project. They soon discover that Exeter and his team are working on advanced technology, and that they are from an alien planet threatened by a hostile force.

The film is known for its stunning graphics, futuristic set designs, and colorful and detailed images of alien technology. It was also one of the first films to use the CinemaScope widescreen format, which made it possible to create spectacular images.

“This Island Earth” was a huge commercial success in its time and inspired numerous other science fiction films. The film was also the subject of a 1995 remake, but the original 1955 film remains a classic of the genre.




The story of “This Island Earth” follows the adventures of Dr. Cal Meacham, a brilliant scientist who receives a mysterious invitation to work on a secret project. Accepting the invitation, he is taken to a highly advanced laboratory where he meets Dr. Ruth Adams, another scientist recruited for the project.

Together they discover that their mysterious benefactor is an enigmatic scientist named Exeter, who is working on highly advanced technology. Exeter reveals to them that he is from an alien planet called Metaluna, which is under threat from a hostile force called the Zahgon, who are seeking to destroy their world.

Exeter enlists Meacham and Adams’ help in rescuing Metaluna, offering them a ride in his saucer to visit the alien planet. Once they arrive on Metaluna, they discover a highly technological civilization but in the grip of a desperate war against Zahgon.

Meacham and Adams join the fight to save Metaluna, but discover that Exeter has a dark plan behind his call for help. The trio will have to fight against Zahgon and his fleet to save Metaluna and return home safely.

The plot of “This Island Earth” is replete with adventure, action and suspense, with outstanding graphics and an innovative cinematic style that made the history of the sci-fi genre.




The main characters of the film “This Island Earth” are:

Dr. Cal Meacham – played by Rex Reason. He is a brilliant scientist who is recruited to work on a mysterious project.

Dr. Ruth Adams – played by Faith Domergue. She is another scientist recruited for the project, who works with Meacham to uncover the truth about their mission.

Exeter – played by Jeff Morrow. He is the enigmatic scientist who recruits Meacham and Adams to work on the project and takes them to his alien planet.

Brack – played by Lance Fuller. He is another scientist from Metaluna who helps Meacham and Adams in their mission.

The Monitor – played by Douglas Spencer. He is a highly evolved being from Metalluna, who telepathically communicates with Meacham and Adams.

Zahgon – is the hostile force that threatens Metalluna, represented only through images of monstrous creatures and menacing spaceships.

These characters are central to the plot of the film and each of them has an important role in the story, from the development of the protagonists to the creation of the alien setting.


Film Production


The film “This Island Earth” was produced by Universal International Pictures and directed by Joseph M. Newman and Jack Arnold. The screenplay was written by Franklin Coen and George Callahan, based on the science fiction novel by Raymond F. Jones.

The production of the film required particular attention to scenography and special effects, to create the alien setting of the planet Metaluna. The production designers created a futuristic and technologically advanced world, with clothing and decorations that reflected the imagery of the 1950s.

The special effects were created by Clifford Stine and David S. Horsley, using innovative techniques for the time, such as the projection of images on transparent screens and the construction of scale models of space ships. Additionally, the film benefited from the use of the new Technicolor technology, which allowed for vibrant and colorful images.

The cast of the film included such actors as Rex Reason, Faith Domergue and Jeff Morrow, who brought the main characters of the story to life. The soundtrack of the film was composed by Herman Stein and Henry Mancini, and contributed to the adventurous and mysterious atmosphere of the plot.

The production of “This Island Earth” was a great technological and creative undertaking, which made it possible to make one of the most important films in the history of science fiction.

Distribution and Reception

The film “This Island Earth” was released in the United States in 1955 by Universal Pictures. The film was a huge commercial success at the box office, earning more than $1.5 million and becoming one of the top-grossing films of the year.

Critics praised the stunning graphics and futuristic set design, and the film was a landmark in the sci-fi genre. However, some critics noted that the film tended to focus more on the graphics and visual style than on the plot and characters.

In the years since its release, “This Island Earth” has become a science fiction classic and has inspired many other films and television shows. In 1996, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress due to its cultural, historical and aesthetic significance.

“This Island Earth” was positively received by audiences and critics of the time, and left an indelible mark on the history of science fiction cinema.

Movie Style

The film “This Island Earth” presents a style of direction and scenography that represents the typical imagery of science fiction of the 50s. The alien world of Metaluna is characterized by a futuristic scenography, flashy costumes and a heavy use of special effects. Additionally, the film’s photography is vibrant and colorful, thanks to the use of Technicolor technology.

The film was produced during the Cold War period, and therefore has elements of political tension and espionage. Furthermore, the theme of the external threat posed by aggressive aliens reflects the concerns of the time about nuclear warfare and the widespread fear of extraterrestrial invasion.

The plot of the film is all about scientific exploration and discovery, but also has elements of action and suspense. Music and sound effects were used to create an adventurous and mysterious atmosphere.

Overall, the film style “This Island Earth” is characterized by its visual imagination, its stunning graphics and its imaginative depiction of a alien world.




The film “This Island Earth” was directed by Joseph M. Newman, with the collaboration of Jack Arnold. Newman was an American director and screenwriter, active mainly in the 1940s and 1950s. He has directed numerous films in different genres, including westerns, noirs, comedies and science fiction.

Newman worked frequently for Universal Pictures, producing such films as ‘Red Skies of Montana’ (1952) and ‘The Human Jungle’ (1954). He also directed the science fiction film “The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock” (1959).

In his career, Newman has worked with actors such as Burt Lancaster, Yvonne De Carlo, Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and Debbie Reynolds. He was known for his attention to film technique and photography, and his ability to create atmospheric and suggestive atmospheres.

In “This Island Earth,” Newman teamed up with Jack Arnold to direct the film, though most of the work was done by Newman. Together, they created a unique and original visual style, which helped make the film one of the science fiction classics of the 1950s.

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