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In the documentary Home, one of the best documentaries on climate change ever, spectacular aerial images that accompany us through a meditative reflection on the 200,000 years of existence of the human race on Earth, which instead existed undisturbed since 4,000 million years ago. Until he arrived: the man.

The documentary “Home” tells us about the plundering of natural resources

The planet’s catastrophic climate change is the result of the impressive progress of our civilization in the last century. A blink of an eye respects the history of the Earth but enough to put us in a dramatic emergency situation for our future.

Directed by Yann Arthus, the documentary “Home” is a major production shot in 50 countries

Traveling around the world for 18 months with his 2 cameramen, the director, as in his previous projects, has always chosen to film from above, aboard a helicopter, to focus our attention on the great problem that every human being can no longer ignore to safeguard the nature that hosts us.

The film was produced by Luc Besson and the English narrator is that of Glenn Close.
The director has already used with great success this way of narrating with aerial shots in “La Terre vue du Ciel” a photographic book composed of aerial photographs of our planet. His first experience in this field was born in Africa, in the Masai Mara, where he understands the great potential of the images taken from above to which he decides to devote himself in the following years.
The film is the result of a collaboration with director Luc Besson for World Environment Day, and is thrilling for the great commitment and sincerity that the filmmakers have put into shaking consciences on one of the most important issues of our time. A problem that must be addressed urgently to avoid an irreparable disaster.

An ambitious and high-impact documentary, which also leads us to the discovery of the wonders of Nature, forced to undergo artificial transformations that have seriously altered its balance.

A film to be shared and which certainly must see as many people as possible. A great gesture of environmental commitment that we hope will contribute over the years to greater awareness of citizens and governments and to an increasingly decisive change of direction in the exploitation of resources.

The overall approach of the documentary “Home” is certainly positive: it is always highlighted not that 50% of the forests have disappeared, but that 50% are still there. The message that comes to us is that we all have our share of responsibility and even changing small daily habits can be very important.

“I have always been a lover of the Planet, and several times I have tried to show people its most beautiful aspects through my films, Le Grand Bleu, Atlantis and Arthur and the Minimoys. It was therefore natural for me to join Yann in the production of this fantastic project. “
Says producer Luc Besson.

Filmed in 54 countries and around 120 locations. Shooting filmed for over 500 hours in 18 months.

The unbridled consumption of every resource in recent decades has put the planet and its climate in serious danger, but it is not too late to reverse the course. And this documentary film is one of the many important contributions that can make us understand how things really are and which is the way to go.

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