Mandatory Vaccine and Green Pass

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What many have thought for months is now happening slowly: the mandatory vaccine in exchange for a green pass that allows you to continue to lead a social life is about to become a reality. 

In about a year and a half, planet Earth has changed more than it has in the past 50 years. The coronavirus pandemic seems to have come at a crucial moment to demand very specific answers from the human species and its evolutionary growth. The reaction and countermeasures of the so-called experts was a tragic Odyssey. Even after the vaccine arrived, unlikely things happened. Mainstream media propaganda has become a caricature of itself, with a number of contradictions each more ridiculous than the other. 

A great split is taking place: 70% of the world population believes the narrative of the official media. Millions of people, on the other hand, think differently: they have some vague suspicion that there is no sincerity in the information he listens to every day. The grotesque parodic deformation, the opinions of experts during the pandemic period and on vaccines, the political choices devoid of any ethical vision, increasingly paradoxical, brutal and materialistic, have dropped the veil. 

Will the vaccine be mandatory for everyone?


The green Covid-19 certification is valid for nine months from the date on which all doses of the vaccine were made. It is a decree law, which will be discussed in these hours in many countries. In Italy and France the text says that the green pass will be issued after taking the first dose of the vaccine, but its validity begins 15 days later until the administration of all scheduled doses of the vaccine is completed. However, there is no mention of a mandatory vaccine: the term used is “onerous”. If you want to go to socializing places, if you want to travel on public transport, if you want to go to another state, or if you want to go for a coffee at the bar, you have the obligation to get vaccinated. Otherwise no.

The idea is to make the vaccine and the green pass covid mandatory for attending almost any social activity from public transport, such as airplanes, ships and trains, to cinemas and theaters, and even at the entrance to restaurants and bars. . But does the green pass covid provide for the mandatory vaccine? The media say for now that even a certificate proving healing from the covid through the development of its own antibodies is sufficient. Ministers and TV personalities urge the population to get vaccinated, but to the question “what’s in the vaccine, does it really work, can it be dangerous?” they don’t know how to answer. 

Mandatory covid vaccine worldwide?


The idea of ​​a mandatory vaccine and showing a certificate to access public places brings back memories of events that make you shiver. Is it really ethical to restrict the free movement of individuals nationally and globally? The media are telling something contradictory for the umpteenth time: if you are found positive for the covid after obtaining the green pass then your free circulation rights are no longer valid. 

Does the Green pass covid and the mandatory vaccine therefore give no immunity to the virus? So it’s a mandatory vaccine but it doesn’t work? No, someone replies, The problem is that there are variants of the virus. So we do a new mandatory vaccine for a new green pass covid every time a new variant arrives? Have you counted how many there are? How many could that be over the years? Two, three, a thousand? A million? So everyone will have to do a million green passes? 

Vaccination obligation for weddings?


You may feel the maximum humiliation and the feeling of exclusion, however, if they invite you to a wedding and you cannot participate because you have not had the vaccine and you do not have the green pass. What a petty figure. They will all be there, elegant and bowed in their best clothes, celebrating by cutting the cake and uncorking the sparkling wine, together, happy. While you will have to stay in the dark in your room, plagued, infected to keep away from society, marginalized by your own friends and relatives, while loneliness takes over your soul. 

And slowly the vaccination obligation expands to access other events, weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, name days, celebrations of the town’s patron saint. How do you do without the green pass, without the vaccine? Your life can only continue if you accept the vaccination obligation and inject this substance into your body. However, experts do not know exactly what it is: every strategy, every declaration, every certainty released in this period has proved to be fragile, often non-existent or bogus. 

Propaganda, mainstream media, politicians, experts and testimonials have turned out to be what they always have been: very limited people who easily change their opinion, even on important issues, from week to week. People who do not have the tools at all to lead a country or to indicate a way out. But why? Do they have any psychological problems? Did they do poorly in school and didn’t study enough? Or maybe they are all wicked and evil and have gained positions of power and prominence to make the people suffer? Probably none of this, they proceed in the dark, by trial and error, with little awareness and little information. They are people who are prisoners of the mind and the material plane of life. A vision is missing. 

We have seen all kinds of them in this last year and a half. The experts who constantly appeared on the mainstream channels to change their minds from one day to the next: all the fault of a bat that accidentally pissed in a market, indeed no, it was pangolin. No, that’s not true: it is a virus created in the laboratory and spread by mistake. The mask is useless. But what are we saying, the mask is mandatory. The vaccine can cause fatal thrombosis. No it is not true. It was just one case, one in a million. That vaccine is good for everyone. No, now that millions of people under 60 have injected it, we have found that it is only suitable for those over 60. 

Is the mandatory covid vaccine the definitive remedy?


Then the conspiracy theorists and alternative information on the internet also confounded our ideas. It is a conspiracy of the world elite for the domination of the planet. It’s about installing 5G and digitizing our lives to control ourselves with surveillance systems. It is a plan of the aliens to take over the earth. In short, our psyche, our emotions have been put to the test. The propaganda media have instilled in us anxieties and fears every day for decades, but this time they have gone beyond the limits: it has not been possible to turn away and ignore the matter. The bad news affected us all directly. 

In Milan during the celebrations for the victory of the Scudetto there were the largest gatherings in recent months, and in the following days in the city the infections have drastically dropped. Some experts have improvised their theory: a particularly large and intense gathering causes the opposite effect. The other experts looked at him stunned, open-mouthed, with a grin of severe reproach. Such a theory collapsed in a second like a house of cards all the restrictive measures of the global pandemic. 

The list of the spectacular contradictions of these months is very long and irresistibly comical. Experts have not been able to pretend to know and have continually made a fool of themselves. Certain political decisions have caused immense damage around the world, with a definite point of no return. Now we are getting to the final confrontations. The French president Macron passes the law for the mandatory vaccine: it will be necessary to show the Green pass to participate in social life of any kind, even to enter a bar. 

Mandatory vaccine and disobedient

For the French, who lead a lifestyle that does not reflect very much the ideals of the French Revolution, but who have these ideas rooted in their minds, it is a very serious thing. A good part of the inhabitants of the planet Earth will not take it at all well, if similar political decisions are also adopted in their country. They really shouldn’t take it well even if they weren’t adopted in their country. But you know selfishness is the prevailing lifestyle. Okay with me, okay with everyone. 

We are reaching the final clashes of opposite values ​​that this period of pandemic has highlighted and exasperated. The human species is called to elevate its way of life, to have a strong and solid vision, or to collapse to a level of chaos and confusion that will last a very long time. All the superficially erected wall of propaganda is collapsing, what is on the other side is beginning to be seen clearly. There are no longer half terms: either you look or you turn away. 

Is forcing the entire population to a vaccination obligation and to exhibit a mandatory green pass in all places where social activities take place a denial of freedom of choice? Is there complete certainty that the vaccine is the definitive and indispensable remedy? Meanwhile, nature, which has an irrepressible creativity, and also a sense of irony, enjoys creating variants to which experts give exotic names. No, the letters of the Greek alphabet are better, they are more scary. That is, they assume that they are limited variants. But nature is bizarre, it could even create a few millions, just as there are millions of viruses and bacteria that we have in our body, of which we do not have a precise letter of the Greek alphabet, and of which we know absolutely nothing. 

What do experts say about mandatory covid vaccine?

The experts in question however, who preach through the mainstream channels to absolutely get vaccinated, to the question “what is the vaccine made of, does it really work?” they don’t know how to answer. The testimonials of the vaccination campaign who invite you not to hesitate, and spread the message that we must keep up with the most advanced countries, which already have the green pass, when faced with the question in question they do not know what to answer. They don’t know what’s in the vaccine. However, they have their own personal ‘opinions “very positive and encouraging. But the certainty of data? Where are the data. The data are not there, there are only opinions. 

So here’s a plausible and realistic scene of the next few weeks. Go to the movies but you are not vaccinated, you are not at all convinced. The controllers arrive and ask you for the green pass. You tell them that you do not have it, that you are a free being and that you have doubts about it. The controllers then call the police forces. order that threaten to arrest you. Faced with such a prevarication you lose control and start saying that you will break everything, that you will make a kind of French revolution. The police are called out of duty to repress your manifestation of revolt and take you to jail. But how big is this jail? will he be able to hold all those who lose the light of reason in the face of deprivation of the value of freedom of choice and free will?

Someone pointed out that the vaccine is not mandatory, it is expensive. That is, if you go to certain places you have to do it but if you don’t go there you don’t have to. If you don’t go to the theater, the cinema or a concert, you may as well not get the vaccine. You will be excluded from all social and cultural activities, but who cares. But is the vaccine mandatory even if you go to the bar or restaurant? But then the countries that we have always considered as evolved countries, Northern Europe, countries like Denmark that have not hesitated to make everything mandatory, are they really evolved countries? Does evolution also consist in forced constraints in the name of the common good? But are these developed countries well aware of the data that underlie these constraints, these obligations? But what a mess. 

4 films about the pandemic and the lockdown

Here are four films to see that have as their subject the pandemic and the lockdown that we have experienced these months. Luckily they are independent films: it was possible to make them independently, without the biblical times of a standard film production, and therefore they are films that have been able to remain directly connected with reality and with the evolution of events, which give us back with precision and immediacy what we have experienced in this period.

Corona days


A reflection on time and death, through the lockdown and the mourning for the loss of the father. The moment we erase time, death also disappears. The director and interpreter Fabio Del Greco makes a very personal film, shot live, day by day, during the lock down of 2020. The result is an anomalous and authentic film, shot outdoors with a smartphone, free from codes and from conventions of how we are used to watching cinema. When time stops and the clock of your mind stops you enter a world without time, the world of eternity and the absolute.

Lockdown trilogy of mine Stage I


In the first chapter of her trilogy, Apathy or As the muse was locked down, Rachele Studer recounts the inner conflicts of a quarantined writer facing a creative block. The inspiring Muse remained trapped in the fears of her mind. These fears arise from the fear of poverty, from the social instability that he perceives around him. A complicated period for artists and creatives.

Lockdown trilogy of mine Stage II


Claustrophobia or Everbody is herodoc is the second short film by Rachele Studer, a young independent director who tells the moods during the pandemic in a very effective way through the character of a writer in crisis during the lock down. He seems to accept the restrictions but suffers from the lack of his freedom, is depressed, anxious and unable to work. TV, radio and newspapers fill his mind with negative things, objects and stimuli. Fears of the mind are fears of the future and of what might happen.



At the beginning of the film we learn that humanity is dying out due to a terrible pandemic. The only way to escape death is to isolate oneself, to escape from every other human being, to be alone in faraway places. After a long journey, a man and a woman find shelter in an isolated house in the mountains, far from society and the metropolis. They hope to survive by living in a different, primitive and solitary way. There is no human trace around them, just an immense nature. Time passes slowly, everything changes. Is it enough to escape man to escape death?

Adele Resilienza

Picture of Indiecinema