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What is Creativity

The official definition of the concept of creativity is the ability to find ideas and new proposals to solve problems, mix existing resources into something new, solve problems in an innovative way or change what already exists by improving it.

Going beyond the classic definitions, we discover that creativity is something much more complex and broad than what psychology tells us. Creativity can be the greatest rebellion and the greatest resource of personal growth that a human being can conquer. To create it is necessary to free oneself from any social conditioning and any pre-established mental structure. 

Following the instructions according to the social and educational models does not mean that you create copies of things that already exist. It means following the psychology of the crowd and mass homologation. The creative, on the other hand, must enter mysterious and unknown roads in the jungle of existence. 

How Does Creative Thinking Develop?


It is no coincidence that for centuries creatives, painters, artists and musicians were marginalized from society and had to live as bohemians, vagabonds in search of a place in the world. Society does not understand creatives and, in some cases, as in dictatorships, tries to stop them in every way. 

The creative is rarely recognized in life: his work and his ideas need decades if not centuries to be understood. Those who are successful among contemporaries are often people who are not creative at all. More than anything else they understood the bizarre mechanisms of the society in which they live and applied them to achieve success. 

The gratification and reward of the truly creative individual, on the other hand, is connected simply to the individual act of creation. He is not interested in success in power or economic gratification because he has already achieved the greatest satisfaction in his creative act, while he is painting, while he is dancing, while he is creating a work of art. 

In fact, success in the material world passes through a series of filters that distort the true creative essence. A series of mediations and compromises that end up absorbing vital energy. The pure creative act, on the other hand, gives those who create it an immediate and much more powerful satisfaction. 

10 Tips for Being Creative

  • Every creative act you do must be a matter of life or death. Your creation must involve you totally. 
  • Stay in the present because every creative act only happens in the here and now. 
  • Find an activity that you enjoy, that you would even do for free several hours a day, that makes you forget the knowledge of time and space. Do something for the simple pleasure of doing. With these conditions, creativity will grow more and more. 
  • The creative act is a sublimation of energy, and energy is predominantly sexual energy. So welcome sexuality in a total way and then transform it into something higher: Love. 
  • If you live in repression and indifference your creativity slowly disappears and your creative thinking dries up. 
  • Meditation favors your creativity because it dissolves tensions and neuroses. The energy that was stuck in these points can finally be used for creativity. An energy so great that you didn’t even think you had. 
  • While an anonymous job that leaves you indifferent sucks your energy, creative work is an energy multiplier. The more energy you invest in a creative project, the more energy it comes back to you: it’s a virtuous circle. 
  • Creativity is not a serious thing but it is a form of play. The more you are willing to play, the more you are on the path of creativity growth. 
  • In everyday life there are hundreds of elements that drain your energy: commitments, responsibilities, relationships, media news. Drop all of this and become a detached and impartial observer. In this way all the holes from which you continuously lose vital energy will be automatically repaired, and you will feel stronger and stronger. 
  • Give up your inner conflicts and accept yourself for who you are. By giving up all the contradictions you have with yourself you set yourself up for a huge new amount of energy that you can use creatively. Accept yourself for who you are and forget yourself while doing the creative act, whatever it is. 

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How Does Creativity Work? 

Creativity is a paradoxical phenomenon: the more active you are, the more it escapes you, the more relaxed you are and the more it grows. Why does this happen? Because activity and action are completely different and opposite things. Activity is an almost compulsive need to continually do things. For example, some people are continuously active because if they were not they would sink into boredom and sadness. 

The action, on the other hand, is an explosion that comes from relaxation and calm. When your mind is empty and you are connected to intuition, you suddenly feel the need to take action. True action is an energy that transcends the individual and comes through inspiration and intuition. The business, on the other hand, can be profitable in the long term or serve no purpose. It simply serves to deceive oneself to escape from the present moment, from the here and now. 

The Here and Now of Creativity


Creativity always happens in the here and now: it makes you forget the future and the past and makes you live intensely in the present moment. When you are creative and totally involved in what you do you forget about yourself, and any half planned. This is because in reality half of the creativity is you, the creation of your identity. There are no external goals. 

The ambitious person who pursues goals that have nothing to do with his identity is not creative, he is in search of success and power, he is destined to gradually lose mental clarity. Up to possible cases of insanity. 

Creativity, on the other hand, is a celebration of existence that takes place in the present moment. Creativity is a prayer of gratitude that takes place in the here and now, and that cancels all existential anguish. Whether there are gains or not, it doesn’t matter. 

Creativity is also a moment of connection with the Absolute where you become aware that in reality there is no goal to reach. All that is needed is already there. Everything we want to become we are already in the creative act. 

Creativity and Nature


Artists often describe their creative experience as a phenomenon of possession in which they do not themselves act. Indeed creativity is a Divine position of the flow of nature. Something great is expressed through the artist but it is not his ego that creates it. The artist is only a medium, an intermediary of the creative form that is transmitted to him by the Whole. 

It is enough to observe nature to realize this in nature everything is creative and everything relies on the universe. The trees, the plants, the animals are all regulated by perfect cycles, by the universal creativity that provides every necessary element. 

When you become creative you become similar to the flow of natural energy: desires disappear, ambitions disappear. And you are already what you always wanted to be.

Creativity and Work


The satisfaction of creative work is intrinsic: fame and success may or may not come but this is indifferent. Sometimes a creative work can be recognized long after it is created. But the reward of creative work is the only currency with immediate payment at no time: it happens at the very moment in which you are creating with the satisfaction and fullness of being. 

Satisfaction, joy and connection with the world of intuition are the payment of any creative project. This does not mean, however, that a creative project never has concrete economic results. On the contrary. 

If organized in thoughtful rational planning, through a solid written plan, a creative project can have more important results than any project designed solely for ambition or greed that offers things that are actually of little use. 

9 Creativity Movies to Get Inspiration

A Bucket of Blood

Produced on a $ 50,000 budget, shot in five days by the low-budget B-movie king Roger Corman. One night, after listening to the words of Maxwell H. Brock, a poet who recites at The Yellow Door bar, the dull steward Walter Paisley returns home to try to produce a sculpture of the face of the woman who hosts him, but to mistakenly kills his cat. Instead of giving the animal a proper burial, Walter covers the cat with clay, leaving the knife stuck inside. The next morning Walter shows the cat to Carla and her manager Leonard. Carla is passionate about work and encourages Leonard to show it in her bar.

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The Soul of Belly

The soul of belly is a arthouse film about Claudio Pozzani, a rustling entity of poetic vivacity that sings while telling. The cinematographic work offers creative solutions in which happiness and pain coexist, artistic activities are confused with daily events with a hypnotic rhythm, the gaze of a creature that investigates the territory of its unconscious.

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Keep It Real!

In an old deserted residence a woman finds a pair of red shoes in a trunk that make her dream fly… they are the dreams of a star.

Watch Keep It Real

The Grin and The Cow

Musical film with a mental journey. The monsters of infantile images transmigrate in the various phases of the individual’s existence. The shadows, ghosts and fears that we have managed to tame but not eliminate and which continue to resurface in dreams, in language, in painting, in architecture and in narration. An experimental film created to penetrate the audience’s gaze with non-traditional images. Looking for that dream world that belonged to the child we were and that we can rediscover, with his creativity and his fears.

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Altin in the City

Altin, aspiring writer Albanian arrived in Italy aboard a large ferry in the 1990s, works in a butcher’s shop when he is chosen to audition for a reality show and sees a chance to succeed with his novel “Ismail’s Journey.” However , this is the beginning of the experiences that will lead him to know revenge, isolation and even poverty, the dark side of himself and also success. Art, ambition but also a desire for social redemption in a story that could be a modern Faust. When creative thinking satisfies the greed of the media industry and its values ​​come together in the search for attractiveness and even success.

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France, Almost a Self-Portrait


Pure cinephile, director, film author, professor. Who is actually Francesco Ballo? Maybe it’s all these things together, and more: an Inter fan, an expert in red wines, an attentive jazz enthusiast … A real independent filmmaker from any kind of business logic, Francesco talks about himself in this documentary, guiding the client through his world, his life full of interests and his creativity. A journey without maps and without pre-established routes, as dizzying as a film by Buster Keaton is totally insane as a Charlie Parker jam session, loaded with reflections on cinema as well as how to make movies.

Watch France, almost a self-portrait

Video on Paper


Video on paper is a journey into the creativity of Perino & Vele in search of the creative impulses that stimulate the production of these two musicians, more a start of work than a presentation. Three writers, the artist-director Antonello Matarazzo and also Perino & Vele in a contrast of two visions in which the peculiarities of audiovisual innovation and papier-mâché come into contact, confront each other and harmonize in a continuous dialogue that leads to an infinite collection of possibilities.

Vegetable Skin

An exciting documentary on the mysterious relationship between art and nature. The peasant musician Bruno Petretto created Molineddu, the land in which he lives and which for years has hosted musicians from all over Sardinia, on annual occasions, who typically leave their work to the creativity of nature and the park it creates. A male who creates his imaginative works in a magical bond with the creativity of nature, far from motivations of ambition. A kind of communication with the universal consciousness that expresses itself through his hands, never definitive objects, constantly changing with the passage of time and the seasons.

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Man with a Movie Camera

After a couple of years invested in propaganda documentaries, Dziga Vertov creates his masterpiece, influenced by the concepts of cinema and Kinoglaz. An experimental visual symphony with futurist origins. A normal day of a cameraman wandering around the city with no obvious purpose in search of the life to be filmed. The video camera triggers an explosion of creative thinking that is a new vision of truth: pure cinema enriched with ingenious editing innovations. A contemporary film so passionate that it is still an unlimited topic of conversation and new ideas today.

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