Mass social homologation today: the web and social networks

Social networks have truly been an epochal revolution, but not because they have connected people to each other. Rather because they revealed who we are, something we were absolutely unaware of until the late 1990s, creating an mass homologation epochal. It is now normal to go to see a movie at the cinema but spend most of the time ignoring the images on the screen and staying with your eyes on your smartphone: the sacredness of the show, massacred first by television and remote control, then by the internet, is now a distant memory.

In the 90s, in my naive mind as a teenager without an internet, there was another world, another society made up of people with wide horizons. Then the web was born and grew, slowly focusing on a picture that I never expected, thanks above all to social networks. The real world, what people seek and want, was very different, and there was nothing to do but take it slowly awareness, trying to understand its dynamics.

No one could ever have dared to go so far with the imagination, not even the pessimistic Pasolini of the last period. The mass standardization is no longer a social or political issue. Mass social homologation have become the same thing. Indeed, the company is only a small part of the standardization which then has its roots in the depth of individual souls. But most people are completely unaware of the abyss in which they live. Perhaps today Pasolini would write his poems on social networks and would be quickly dismissed as one of the many controversial conspiracy theorists, one of the many slightly out of his mind keyboard lions.

Social homologation and materialism


More we have comfortable technologies that make our life easier, the more human beings seem inclined to support their homologation to social norms, fashions and has what more audience. The web is full of millions of articles all the same, written in a way to satisfy what users like, what is trendy. Culture slowly becomes a mass of photocopies of photocopies of photocopies. Social approval beyond any tolerable threshold.

The materialism of a society devoid of dreams, of art that inspires, is the main reason for social homologation and the decline of civilization. Through materialism, for example, people of a certain social class ghettoize themselves in certain circles: they attend the same parties, the same gyms, they do not intend to be confused with the humbler classes. The idea of ​​a more comfortable material life, the pride of having more money than others leads them towards a path with no way out: that of the most ridiculous social homologation possible, the social homologation of those who believe in a life made only of matter. All this is told in an extraordinary way by Luis Bunuel in the film The Exterminating Angel.


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Even children get used to competitiveness, the struggle of opposing factions, conflict. It is through conflict that the human being regresses, is homologated and does not adapt to a greater development plan. Because the big plan foresees, as a necessary and obligatory condition, that a social agreement is found. Not a social homologation.

Authority can even impose certain strict rules of behavior, punished in certain cultures with torture and death. Those who do not adapt and try to be themselves are condemned to loneliness, marginalization, to be used as an object and nothing more.

Social approval and social networks


Thanks Facebook for having opened this window: now the world is no longer the same. Indeed, it is more accurate to say that it appears for what it really is. Mass social homologation has emerged more and more with the internet and in particular with social media, to show itself shamelessly to the whole world. Google trends searches speak for themselves: the most searched terms every year are related to football, to Friends of Maria De Filippi, to inept politicians on duty, to the latest nonsense of mainstream culture. Many would cut a finger to follow their favorites, without even the slightest awareness that they are only puppets and brands in the hands of a great puppeteer.

Chiara Ferragni is not only a model for girls who do not know what kind of underwear to wear in the morning, but also a business model for men and institutions who want to build the society of the future. The real gurus are no longer those who write books, taking months or perhaps years, but those who have an approximate tutorial on the web or on social networks for every question of human knowledge. Mass homologation, with the growth of superficial communication in the age of social media, grows exponentially, and becomes homologation of the whole society.

Social homologation and lack of critical conscience


What leaps to the eyes of the world of social networks and search engines is the absolute lack of any individual critical spirit that can guide their life choices, instead dramatically shaped by the powers, uses and pre-made costumes. Who knows by whom, who knows where, who knows when and who knows why. Social media are the new point of reference for choosing and walking the path of life.

The controversy as an end in itself for pure outburst that recalls the famous “hour of hate” by Orwell in 1984. The destructive criticisms, the selfies, the apps for teenage dances, the great industry experts who want to teach “how to”. Children who at the parties of their peers do not even get up from the table to continue to stay with their heads immersed in the smartphone. Whole populations that now mark their existence by scrolling the Facebook feed on the phone without a purpose, in the streets, in cinemas, in bars, everywhere, like crazy pinball balls in search of any kind of entertainment. They are just the tip of the iceberg of a universe of dramatic social homologation on which we should take some time to reflect seriously.

But no one seems to notice, indeed, these speeches are annoying today. They distract from fashionable lifestyle, materialistic, with no prospects of transcendence. The impression is that the survival instinct, the aesthetics and the more superficial appearance of life dominate the world. For example, mediocre, improvised makeup tutorials that once even the worst of local TV stations would have doubted to broadcast have a following of millions and millions of followers around the world.

Because, once again, behind this seemingly free ocean flow, the ultimate goal is to make money or proselytize. What we see in any square of any city in the world are dozens of heads bent towards that small screen that we always hold in our hands: the smartphone is the new Messiah and the large corporations that are inside the Holy Spirit.

Fortunately Nature, even if it is severely tested, is always there, firm, imposing, immortal. Again Nature will save the world.

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