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Mass media: definition 

The term mass media was coined in England in the twentieth century. The definition says that they are open means of communication, to reach a large audience in a short time. But the encyclopedic definitions never take into consideration the evolution of the phenomenon. How much are the mass media involved with the degree of evolution of an individual and with his personal growth?


What are the mass media?

From the first means of mass communication, the printed paper invented thanks to the typographer Gutenberg in 1400 up to the radio, to arrive at the global impact of television, which has been shaping social habits and customs for 70 years. was instrumental in shaping lifestyles and values. From a typical modality of media power, dialogue from one to many, we have reached the internet, where a plurality of information and points of view guarantees a much more open and stratified communication. Reality through the internet reveals itself for what it is: a myriad of points of view that represent the reality of different people. There is no single and unshakable reality. 

Examples of mass media


Human beings throughout history have always enjoyed talking face to face, and information flowed from word to mouth, locally, in the cities where communities lived. The means of mass communication were science fiction. Today we are in a diametrically opposite situation. Through a post on social media maybe we know well an event that happened on the other side of the world but we don’t know what is happening in our neighborhood. Our mind is absorbed by the news feed on the smartphone and not by the real life taking place before our eyes. The real environment even appears too complex to us and digital information simplifies our knowledge: we prefer to read an article on a blog about what happened in our city, rather than go in person to the place, where the meaning of that event would escape. A certain type of cinema and music also belongs to the mass media, media that work differently through the reproduction of copies, bearers of values ​​that transcend the time of news and the world of information. 

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The Mass Media: Communication and Conditioning

The propaganda narrative of the mass media has existed for centuries and controls the masses through the fundamental fears of man that certain people have known well since the dawn of civilization. In our age, the mass media have reached an unprecedented development and have immense power. This power, however, as we gave it to it, we can take it off at any time. It depends on us. 

Today knowledge is much more developed than in the past and this news has reached us through psychologists, mystics, intellectuals, philosophers, and is available to everyone. But how many have the foresight and time to get off the so-called “hamster wheel” to deepen this knowledge? If there were many, the mainstream media narrative probably wouldn’t have such a strong impact. 

Mass media and propaganda


The strategy is always the same and is repeated throughout history: the images and fears spread by the media have the aim of permanently installing themselves in the unconscious of individuals, and they leverage on fears fundamentals of the human being. In this way you can hold all kinds of power: fear prevents you from acting on the higher planes, prevents you from reasoning and taking free initiative, from staying focused to pursue positive values. 

The creation of fears occurs through the change of habits and the symbolic association of mental images. With testimonials sometimes of a disconcerting banality, which even a mentally retarded child would not believe, the information flows all revolve around the creation of strongly negative emotions with a bombardment of symbolic and repeated associations over time, linked to the main fears of man. : fear of death, fear of poverty, fear of loneliness.

It goes so far as to formulate phrases and associations that seem to come from a science fiction film, or from some sad archive of the worst episodes in human history. These experiments initially succeed in convincing the masses. Because? Because those who live only on the material level feel they have no way out. Without the plate of pasta, without the distractions and entertainment to have fun, without the possibility of buying and consuming, without the company of friends who love to do the same things, with the shadow of death appearing at every corner, life it does not make sense. 


How mainstream propaganda works


Propaganda and coercive systems disguised as democracy can only convince those who live only physically, because the threats can only go so far. Already on the mental level, with a lucid and detached analysis, everything begins to appear clearly as a staging, a mass hysterical attack, a manipulation of fragments of small truths to present them as absolute truths to achieve certain objectives. 

The whole history of civilization is studded with these attempts at manipulation: they all start successfully but all end badly. It can be safely said that, even if they last very long periods, these operations have all failed, always. How come? Because the ideas they inspire are negative ideas that are not necessary for the development of humanity. Humanity develops only through positive ideas and ideals, and where this development does not exist, failure comes. However, the damage is there and the times are getting longer inexorably. I had to go from my house in the city to the house by the sea, but on the way I encountered detours, works in progress, accidents, demonstrations. The lap I had to do to reach the goal was very long. I could have been there in no time and enjoyed the sea breeze, but instead I had to spend hours in hellish traffic. 

Mass media and politics


As Noam Chomsky explains well in his enlightened essay The Consensus Factory: politics and mass media, these are the small inconveniences that create people who have no awareness and promote ideas and ideals without value for the development of the planet. They create damage, they create severe delays with positive appointments. But in the end they totally fail and the expansion of life goes on. Why are there governments in many countries that last like a bathing season? The ball passes from one political leader to another but nobody ever wins the game. 

Their ideas are not in the service of the expansion of existence. They have some ideas, often wrong, for solving material problems, which they call political problems. Sometimes they resort to force and coercion using obligations and laws. But they operate on such a limited and low level that after a while they are expelled. The elections take care of it, the crisis takes care of it, the way does not matter: it is life itself that expels them, it is the universal intelligence that finds the right means to put them in the garbage can. 

Can a politician who works through positive and ethical ideas and ideals fail the exams from existence? No, if the beneficial and positive effects of its political actions are concretely poured out on the life of the population. If it works concretely in tune with the development of civilization, the universal mind will find a way for its positive actions to reach their destination. But this is not currently the political class operating on planet earth. 

The political class in this historical moment strangely attracts only a certain type of people who absolutely cannot help us. It is they themselves who need help, and they try to fill this void through power. Once they come to power, with their destructive ideas and false ideals, they realize they are even worse off. And after some time they are put at the door. 

Free information and independent media


Free and independent information appeals to the right of free speech and is favored by the spread of the internet and technology. Free information and independent arts reject censorship, restrictions and mass approval of standardized content streams. Freedom of speech and expression is a concept recognized by international law and concerns any means of communication: in oral, written form, through the press, music, art, cinema. In this perspective, independent films represent a very important and fundamental alternative in the panorama of mass media and mainstream cinema to make different points of view exist.

But what is happening right now is that censorship operates at different levels, even occult ones. On the internet and on social media you cannot pronounce certain words and spread certain ideas, otherwise you risk having your account deleted or seeing your videos cut in certain parts, just like in a dictatorship. Just like the psychopolice of 1984. But despite everything the majority of the population continues to believe more in the mass media than in alternative information, they continue to consider certain stupid ideas superstitions and conspiracies rather than perceive banality and mediocrity absolute fashion of the mass media. Continue to see more mainstream films that propagate distinct ideas and lifestyles rather than indie films that draw attention to uncharted areas and new perspectives.

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Avoid the conditioning of the mass media

So how can you live with dignity in such a situation? How do you escape the fear and mass hysterics, the flux of apocalyptic images of the mainstream media and their dangerous symbolic associations that settle in the unconscious indefinitely? How do you go beyond this standard life that is given to us since childhood? 

First of all, it must be acknowledged that there are enemies. Many enemies, omnipresent and pervasive. Viral enemies who spread information to the population who then contribute to spreading their news with passionate and absolutely free volunteering. The people themselves who are at a certain level then think about spreading the news and the negative idea by talking about it with the friend, with the neighbor, with the family member, and the black spot of negative thoughts expands dramatically, such as a giant cloud. However, once we are aware that there are many enemies around us and we know how to avoid and neutralize them, we become immune: we self-vaccinate ourselves against propaganda and those who try to spread ideas and worthless actions. destructive. 

Detachment from the Material Level

Second, we must detach ourselves from the limited view of our material life, because it is only on that plane that all this negativity can affect us. We must take the necessary detachment from all that is immediate satisfaction, superficial enjoyment, enjoyment as an end in itself, the need to fill a void with physical objects. On the mental and relational level we are already able to understand that everything that is proposed to us does not work at all, it is a scam. 

But it is on the spiritual level that a real trend of routing takes place. When we are on the spiritual level, with awareness, knowing who we are, what we like and really motivates us to act, with a precise positive path to take, all these negative influences no longer have any power over us. 

Indeed, the opposite actually happens: we have greater power than all those enemies around us who seem so powerful, who have so many weapons and so many flows of information at their disposal. It seems incredible: a single person who has more power than a huge mass. But that’s how it happens, that’s how it’s always happened. It is the individual people who have a vision and constructive actions to take that keep the cart moving forward. 

Mystics, philosophers, artists, inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs, people who invent and create things that cause great changes, or simply people who in their small daily world work for love, truth and beauty. They are the ones who pull the cart of the world forward. 



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