Spirituality: the new wave of awareness of the past twenty years

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The planet, like every living being, has its own spirituality but most of society seems not to notice it at all. Each person but also each organization and each state has its own spiritual life. But the political and economic approach of those in power seems to take into account only the matter.

The policies of states around the world are a long series of failures. They seem designed specifically to sow fear and frustration. The twentieth century was the century with the most millions of deaths in the history of mankind. After a brief period of recovery in the post-war period, humanity has plunged back into greyness, this time disguised as democracy.

The true face of democracies seems to be only an awareness of the powerful that they can no longer exercise the dictatorship directly. A mask worn to avoid total rebellion and the failure of all the darkest policies. Wars, fanaticism, repression, discrimination and financial crack: there is something for everyone.

The opposite of spirituality: globalized materialism


The orientation of power and the media is to completely deny the existence of spirituality. TV, newspapers and politics do not deal with it at all, except for a few small columns on the last page. Theirs is an attitude of superiority towards something that seems not useful in solving the practical problems of society. Growing up in a purely materialistic lifestyle we try to satisfy only our material needs and we are unable to interpret our ailments.

Finance and economics seem to increasingly take away any possibility from individuals and small local organizations. Their idea is to impose few products and few guidelines on everyone with no choice. They all focus on the clash of civilizations between the West and Islam causing wars and conflicts one after another, while poverty is rampant in poor countries in the West other types of illness such as depression, unhappiness and the continuing fear of the economic crisis spread. But why does all this happen? Is the catastrophe really so global is it inevitable?

Why does this negative energy seem to possess the power of virtually every state on the planet? Materialism seeks to impose itself everywhere as the only reality: the spiritual forces that govern the destinies of the planet are not mentioned at all in the mainstream media. Television and newspapers offer a stream of news that seems to have been designed to plunge us into a kind of deep sleep.

The daily and obsessive repetition of tragic news, dramatic events and pessimism affects us every day. Through this obsessive repetition that continues over the decades and tells only the most tragic events of materialism, our spiritual energies are colored black. The audiovisual stunning of certain films full of special effects seems to be created precisely on the model of how the world is presented to us by the media: explosions, sensationalisms, tragedies one after another without the basis of any script.

The matter and the randomness of events


The dominant culture imposes on us the philosophy of chance right from school. There is no specific purpose or design for our lives. The events that happen one after the other are just fortuitous happenings, unrelated actions, anarchic forces of nature operating without a specific purpose. The characters of a person, a family, a place are random, as are wars, accidents, gambling or migratory flows.

The reaction of many to this lack of meaning is to take as much stuff for themselves as possible, accumulate wealth for themselves and build walls to defend themselves from the outside. Earn everything there is to earn by any means by cheating on others. Throw yourself into the competition and come out victorious, without any ethics. It happened in high finance to Martin Scorsese’s wolves of Wall street and in many other sectors. With this philosophy of life the disasters are amplified more and more, and you never see the light at the end of the tunnel.

All this makes us slaves to a meaningless life. Spirituality is what it takes to become free: to understand the universe in which we find ourselves, what is its meaning and what our true goals may be. How can we focus our thoughts, our actions, our feelings in a context where everything has meaning? How can we have a clear idea of ​​what goals are worth pursuing?

If up to a certain point in our life we have had the impression of committing only mistakes that we must then laboriously remedy, a spiritual approach can offer us a clearer vision of what is really important. It is necessary to go beyond looking at the flat surface of things and become aware that there are many dimensions and connections that are behind appearances.

Spirituality and its channels


Scientists who believe in the analysis of matter argue that to analyze something you have to select it in smaller and smaller units. But what happens in the end when we arrive at something infinitely small and no longer analysable? It happens that that thing disappears, it no longer exists. We discover that deep down it is only energy. We have the intuition that matter comes from somewhere else, from another dimension.

With a spiritual approach it becomes possible to give an answer to the infinitely small, to those particles that seem to come out of nowhere. Spirituality is precisely the tool to get in touch with this dimension. It is the same dimension of our thinking in the noblest and most positive form. Thought is a frequent visitor to the spiritual worlds where all that is matter is designed and created.

Beginning to understand that everything that comes outside is born in the inner world and that collective and social events also originate from the spiritual world, then the perspective changes sharply. Every now and then we are faced with strange intuitions. Coincidences, moments of light, new understandings that give us the suspicion that material life is not everything.

Someone ignores these signs and forgets them soon after. Someone else starts looking for new ones and following their directions. The spiritual life has been experiencing unprecedented growth in many countries of the world in recent years. A large part of humanity is no longer willing to believe the lies of materialism.

The truth is that every event in life should not be interpreted only through matter. Malaise, pain or illness should be interpreted from a spiritual perspective, because that is where the causes come from. A lot of people are beginning to understand that it is the soul that drives the events of the material world and that many problems can be solved at the root only by looking into the spiritual world.

The world of spirituality affects matter


There are spiritual therapists able to identify the true causes of a disease in the spiritual aura that blinds every human being, through the Chakras, the points of our body connected to spiritual energy. When the chakra is suffocated or absorbs negative energy this dysfunction manifests itself in the physical body as a disease.

By recognizing the spiritual causes it is possible to eradicate the disease at its root. But Western medicine deals little or nothing with these methods. In this area too, the approach is almost exclusively materialistic. The piece of the diseased body is identified and tried to cure it. If the diagnosis is serious, an attempt is made to completely replace it with a new piece. But efforts to recognize the spiritual roots of a disease and treat it with this approach are a practice recognized only in the East.

The spiritual energy within us works through its connecting channels to the physical body. By blocking these channels it is possible to obtain a weakening of the individual and his total inability to react to certain situations. Negative powers systematically use their knowledge of the spirit world to achieve certain effects. The invisible spiritual world not only directs individual existences, but also those of territories, cities and nations. The individual soul becomes a collective soul in social organizations at every level.

The growth of spirituality today


For about twenty years there has been an explosion of interest in spiritual themes which is being expressed in various forms. New Age, yoga, books, seminars, meditation. A great awakening of consciousness is taking place all over the world. The more dramatic and violent the theater of media and power becomes, the more a growing number of people decide to say enough is enough.

The wrong reaction to materialism is that every now and then someone decides to make a radical change, and goes to a cave on a mountain to be an ascetic. Or he leaves his family to volunteer in Africa. And there, far from everything, he ends up drying up his heart. It is not by moving away from one’s work, one’s family and one’s daily life that one obtains true contact with one’s own spirituality.

Instead, it is a question of making an inner change of starting to look at everyday life with different eyes. To act differently. The material world doesn’t have much meaning unless we look at it from a spiritual perspective. The best strategy is to stay in balance, between spirit and matter. Suddenly we realize that there is a general sense of things, that there is a positive plan and that we can create it in our everyday life, integrating our material and spiritual sides.

This perception spreads more and more on an individual level but not yet successful on a collective level. The inner life of each of us does not belong to any organized religion. Any religion we believe in can be of great help to us if our pursuit is individual. Spirituality is born and transformed in our inner world. External events can only act as a catalyst if we know how to interpret them.

Spirituality and cinema

The interesting fact is that cinema has allowed us to discover the unknown worlds of Eastern spirituality which for some time has also submerged the West like a great wave. We were finally able to see the images, faces and places of that distant spirituality we had only read about in books. As often happens, mainstream productions have treated the subject in the most superficial way possible, using clichés and ideas packaged for the mass audience.

But there are authors, filmmakers and documentary makers who explore the spiritual reality in more depth. There is a huge literature on the subject of spirituality that we can find in bookstores. But the cinema has dealt with it much less, preferring the big themes with which it is easier to find the necessary budget for production. Or by telling stories of spiritual leaders but they don’t have a direct impact on people’s need for spirituality.

Great filmmakers of the spirit

Au hasard Balthazar

One of the most significant modern film on spirituality that have been made is Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire, a film that develops a fundamental concept of the invisible world: the connection between matter and spirit. What does it mean to be an angel and witness the suffering of men, hoping that they can get away with it? How terrible is it to witness the victory of evil helpless? And how attractive is it to go back to living in that world of senses and passions for an angel? According to Wenders, our guardian angels look at us lovingly and cheer for us, but they do not intervene: it is our responsibility to make a qualitative leap and gain awareness.

The great cinema of spirituality certainly belongs to a large part of Bresson’s and Bergman’s filmography. The first is the author of a lean and essential style, a cinema with a strong religious component, Christian and Jansenist, in constant search of Grace. Its themes are the loss of innocence, rebellion against God, social destruction by man, loneliness that meets Evil. The second recounted the existential crisis of man in an exemplary way with films of love and death, tormented journeys in search of God. A philosophical and existentialist cinema, capable of awakening conscience, devoted to solitude and self-seeking.

In more recent times, some documentaries are also making a great contribution to the knowledge of spirituality. Films that transport us into the practices of Yoga or that introduce us to the Zen philosophy, shot with the intention of bringing this knowledge to the widest possible audience, with the possibility of applying these disciplines to everyday life.

It is the right time to use cinema to tell about spirituality in the right way, to create more awareness. There is no longer a need for stars or special effects to convince an audience that wants to know more in a more authentic way. Spirituality is the light that illuminates things and cinema is the art of light, and it is no coincidence that its inventors were called Lumière.

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