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Erotic movies showing actions related to sex have been criticized by spiritual groups or have been banned or censored by governments, although the perspectives have changed a lot over the years and in particular a more liberal social environment has been created in many parts of the world, especially in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. In nations with a film rating system, Erotic movies usually get limited circulation.

An Erotic movie is generally a film that has the plot and several scenes related to sex, desire, sensuality and seduction. Erotic movies, sensual or otherwise, have existed in films since the silent film era. Erotic movies have a wide range of sub-genres and themes: erotic drama, erotic thrillers, erotic comedies, coming of age films, erotic romantic films, among others. A pornographic film, on the other hand, is a sex film that typically does not claim any kind of creative value, only purports to have sex-related stimulation, and are termed adult films.


Erotic Movies and Actors

Some famous actresses in Western countries have performed nude scenes and acted in sexually intriguing ways at some point in their work. A well-known example was the American actress Marilyn Monroe, who early in her occupation of the motion picture market performed in raunchy short films, never released to the public, before taking on assignments in films that did not require her to do scenes of sex, but only that he could impersonate a sexually attractive woman. Sex scenes are the highlight of pornographic films. In Erotic movies, sexuality is much less important. Erotic movies suggest sexuality, but need not include nudity or sex scenes. .

An actress can really feel at risk making an Erotic movie, and contracts are settled before registration. In it, aspects of each sex scene are elaborated, consisting of information about the sex scenes and the environments in which the sex scenes will be filmed. These contracts can consist of extremely comprehensive summaries such as how much the actors have to be naked and even details about their clothes. A contract might stipulate that while an intimate scene is being filmed, only people related to the scene or set may continue to be present. Since the 2010s, film and television productions have been using organizers to ensure the health and well-being of actors participating in Erotic movies.



Brief History of the Erotic Movie


Lorna (1964) was the beginning of Russ Meyer films where the main character, played in this film by Lorna Maitland, was chosen based on the size of her large breasts. Kissing in movies was initially considered outrageous by some. The Kiss (1896) included a kiss, which was considered a sex scene and attracted grassroots outrage from film-goers, public leaders, and spiritual leaders, as utterly astonishing and totally immoral. Due to the fact that kissing in public at the time could lead to prosecution, the Catholic Church has called for censorship and an ethics reform. Despite the outrage the film was followed by several other similar films, including Kiss in the Tunnel (1899) and The Kiss (1900).

Producer Howard Hughes featured Jane Russell’s breasts in The Outlaw (1943) and also in The French Line (1953), which was deemed unethical under the Hays Code due to bust shots of Russell at the bust, breast and to nudity in the bathtub. Both films were condemned by the National Legion of Decency and were only released in cut versions. Choosing actresses for a function based on the size of their breasts created problems but turned out to be a trump card. Producers like Russ Meyer made movies that featured actresses with large breasts. Lorna (1964) was the first of her films, starring Lorna Maitland, she was chosen based on her breast size. The producers and even the distributors of the film were prosecuted for profanity in several US states. Various other big breasted actresses used by Meyer include Kitten Natividad, Erica Gavin, Tura Satana and Uschi Digard. Most of them had large breasts, and Meyer periodically had women recite in their first trimesters of motherhood to improve breast size.

Blue Movie (1969), directed by Andy Warhol, was the first adult erotic movie to be released in the United States. Blue Movie is an influential film in the golden age of porn and also, according to Warhol, influenced Bertolucci’s film Last Tango in Paris (1972), an erotic drama film which was successful worldwide. Another significant adult film of that era was Mona the Virgin Nymph (1970), which contained a variety of unsimulated sex scenes with no penetration. Unlike Blue Movie, however, Mona had a story. Mona’s producer Bill Osco had success with other adult films, such as Flesh Gordon (1974), Harlot (1971) and Alice in Wonderland (1976). Young boys in the Sand (1971) was an American gay pornographic film, the first gay adult film to achieve success, among the first adult films, after Blue Movie to achieve reviews and popularity, followed by Deep Throat (1972) .


Erotic and Horror Movies


In the horror movie, gender is usually used to show characters destined to die. Characters who participate in sexual acts are typically the first to be stalked by the villains, and almost always die after their sex scene or in the middle of it. This convention is evident in the Friday the 13th film collection, in which villain Jason Voorhees takes utter disapproval of young lovemaking due to the fact that he, as a child, sank into a lake while camp therapists who allegedly had to monitor it they were making love.

In some analyzes of this “rule”, the sexual acts themselves create the death of the character. In Cabin Fever, a man becomes very ill when a woman who was sick, but not yet symptomatic, seduces him and has sex with him. Species (1995) and its follow-ups also include numerous sex-related deaths every human who befriends an alien eventually dies: alien women eliminate human suitors. Human women who mate with alien men either die soon after sex or have their bellies destroyed during motherhood. Many times in scary movies the survivor is a still virgin girl. In the film Scream, which is a parody of horror films, Randy Meeks’ character says that one of the basic rules of survival is not to make love.

Erotic Movies in the World

Pedro Almodóvar in Spain is a celebrated director who has included eroticism in most of his films. Tinto Brass in Italy has brought Erotic movies directly into traditional and arthouse cinema. French director Catherine Breillat created conflict-laden Erotic movies such as Romance (1999) and Anatomy of Hell (2004). In Italy, the Erotic movie first appears in the silent period with films such as The Last Days of Pompeii (1926). Lars von Trier in Denmark has included explicit, unsimulated sex scenes in many of his films, such as Breaking the Waves (1996), The Idiots (1998), Manderlay (2005), Antichrist (2009), and Nymphomaniac (2013). He is also one of the founders of the film company Puzzy Power, a subsidiary of his Zentropa, with the aim of producing hardcore pornographic films for women. Blue is the Warmest Color (2013) sparked a worldwide sensation for its candid depiction of sexuality between two girls, and won the Palme d’Or, the highest accolade awarded at the major Cannes Film Festival in May 2013. Love ( 2015) includes several unsimulated sex scenes. Finnish black comedy Dogs Don’t Wear Pants (2019) offers audiences a study of the world of BDSM.

In South America, many comedy movie are based on sex, and show men like unstoppable animals in search of sex and women as ready targets. Maids, bartenders, neighbors and cheating wives continue to be shown as possible sexual partners available for casual relationships. In India Erotic movies have not had any kind of truthful depiction of sex. Kissing scenes, for example, were also banned by Indian film censors until the late 1990s.

Since then, entertainment has liberalized and some Bollywood films in the 2000s included kissing scenes, however Central Board of Film Certification restrictions against nudity still continue, with many Bollywood celebrities refusing to do kissing scenes. sex. Distribution of Erotic movies is limited to more liberal groups. In China Desire, Caution, a 2007 Erotic movie by director Ang Lee, had numerous sex scenes. Scenes were edited for launch and Singapore, while shown intact in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, as well as other locations.


Homosexual Erotic Movies


Since 2010, many Erotic movies have shown sex scenes between women. Actually there were other movies made before that that focus on sexual relationship between women. Scientists were unable to study people’s opinions of intimate scenes between women that included sex scenes before 2010. Heterosexual individuals reported that the scenes had results on their sexual stimulation. The factors were different for all self-identified homosexuals or heterosexuals, men or women. Lesbian women claimed it restored memories of their experience and also produced pleasurable experiences. Straight women said they got the exact same pleasurable experiences as watching heterosexual sex scenes.

In the past, same-sex sex scenes not only made actors embarrassed, but were also stigmatized, thought to be narcotic and immoral. This transformed significantly and several films about same-sex sexual relations were also made. There is also a growing focus on gay male relationships in cinemas. An Italian film Call Me by Your Name, directed by Luca Guadagnino, was released in January 2017. Set in the summer season of 1983, the film deals with a 17-year-old Jewish American man, called Elio, played by Timothee Chalamet, who is in a love affair with a 24-year-old college student, Oliver.


Caged (1950)

It’s a noir film 1950 american erotica directed by John Cromwell and starring Eleanor Parker, Agnes Moorehead, Betty Garde, Hope Emerson and Ellen Corby. He was nominated for 3 Academy Awards. The film tells the story of a young bride convicted of robbery. Her ruthless experiences while behind bars, including her husband’s murder, transform her from a meek woman into a beast. The subplot of the film consists of a story of prison corruption.

The film was adapted by Virginia Kellogg from the short story “Women Without Men” by Kellogg and Bernard C. Schoenfeld. The production had originally planned for the film to be written for Bette Davis and also Joan Crawford, but Davis allegedly said she did not want to make a film with lesbian material and turned it down.

Crazed Fruit (1956)

It’s a japanese movie erotic Sun Tribe of 1956 directed by Kō Nakahira. It is an adaptation of the story of the same name by Shintaro Ishihara, the older brother of the participating actors Yujiro Ishihara, and also deals with 2 brothers who fall in love with the same girl and their rivalry. Due to its portrayal of Japanese youth, the film caused a sensation upon release. It was later called a seminal work of the Sun Tribe category.


Lolita (1962)

It is a 1962 erotic drama film directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on the 1955 book of the same title by Vladimir Nabokov, who is also credited with writing the film’s screenplay. The film tells of Humbert Humbert, a middle-aged writer who ends up being sexually subjugated by Dolores Haze, nicknamed “Lolita, a teenage girl. It stars James Mason, Shelley Winters, Peter Sellers and Sue Lyon.

Due to the constraints imposed by the Motion Picture Production Code, the film softened one of the most intriguing aspects of the book, leaving much to the imagination of viewers. The actress who played Lolita, Sue Lyon, was 14 at the time of filming. Lolita has polarized critics for its depictions of teenage girl sex. Years after its release, Kubrick has revealed the uncertainty he had in making the film due to censorship constraints. The film was later shortlisted for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 35th Academy Awards.

Daydream (1964)

It is a 1964 Japanese erotic movie. It was the first Erotic movie to have a big budget and also a mainstream release in Japan, and it was also shown at the Venice Film Festival. Director Tetsuji Takechi revived the film in hardcore variations in 1981 and also in 1987. Both of these remakes starred starlet Kyōko Aizome.

The film is loosely based on a 1926 short story by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, published in Chūōkōron in September 1926. The film opens with an artist and a girl staying in a dentist’s waiting room. He is attracted to women. When the artist is given an anesthetic, he begins to think of a collection of scenes in which the woman suffers numerous types of sexual assault by the dentist, consisting of rape and abuse. When the musician recovers from the anesthetic, he discovers bite marks on the woman’s breast, showing that he may not have been dreaming.

The Embryo Hunts In Secret (1966)

It is the first film made by the Japanese director Kōji Wakamatsu in independently from any type of film studio. It launched a few months after he left Nikkatsu and also set up his own business, Wakamatsu Productions. A man keeps his wife locked up in his studio flat and abuses her too. She is naked, imprisoned with different types of chains, whipped and even wounded with a razor blade. He similarly brushes her hair, uses cosmetics on her, breaks down mentally, and cries in the fetal position. Eventually the woman secures her freedom and also has her revenge.


Trans-Europ-Express (1966)

It is a 1966 Erotic movie written and directed by Alain Robbe-Grillet and played by Jean-Louis Trintignant and also by Marie-France Pisier. The title describes the Trans Europ Express, a worldwide rail network in Europe at the time. A group of writers creates a cinematic story during a train ride in Antwerp, interspersed with a film within a film about a drug dealer and a prostitute. The film within a film includes a Frenchman named Elias who takes his first shipment of drugs from Paris to Antwerp on the Trans Europ Express. There he goes from one intermediary to another, and as time goes on, he has a dream of rape with a prostitute named Eva.

I Am Curious (1967)

It is a 1967 Swedish erotic movie written and directed by Vilgot Sjöman, with Sjöman and Lena Nyman. It’s a related movie to 1968’s I Wonder and was meant to be a single 4-hour movie. Director Vilgot Sjöman wants to make a social film starring his lover Lena Nyman, a young theater student who has an interest in social problems.

Nyman’s character, also called Lena, lives with her father in a one-room apartment in Stockholm and is driven by a burning interest in social justice and a need to learn about the world, relationships and people. Her small space is filled with publications, boxes and documents filled with clippings on topics like “religious beliefs” and even “boys,” as well as data on each of the 23 boys she’s hooked up with.

The Graduate (1967)

It is a 1967 American erotic comedy-drama film directed by Mike Nichols and created by Buck Henry and Calder Willingham, based on the 1963 story of the same name by Charles Webb, who wrote it after finishing at Williams College. The film tells the story of 21-year-old Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman), a college graduate with no clear purpose in life, who is attracted to an older woman, Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), but then falls in love with her daughter Elaine. (Katharine Ross).

The film was released on December 21, 1967 to critical and commercial success, earning $104.9 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of 1967. It garnered 7 elections at the 40th Academy Awards including Best Picture and also won Best Director. It is currently considered among the greatest American films ever.

Violated Angels (1967)

It is an erotic movie made by the Japanese director Kōji Wakamatsu in 1967. Wakamatsu’s most popular film, it is based on the mass murder of Richard Speck in 1966. A boy enters a nursing residence and kills the nurses one by one. In the custom of the various other Pinku eiga of Wakamatsu, there is a lot of sexuality and also nudity. Many of the murders take place off screen. Like various other cases in Wakamatsu’s work, the simplicity of the story gives it the form of an “erotic haiku”.



Vedo nudo (1969)

It is an erotic movie and Italian comedy of 1969 directed by Dino Risi. Nino Manfredi, who plays 7 different characters. The film represents the last partnership between Manfredi and Risi, after Operation San Gennaro and Straziami ma di baci saziami. For this film Manfredi was awarded a David di Donatello as best leading actor. Vedo Nudo achieved considerable industrial success, and was also followed by 2 sequels, Sessomatto and also Sesso e gladly, both directed by Risi.

Inga (1968)

It is a 1968 Swedish sexploitation erotic movie directed by Joseph W. Sarno. Three years later, Sarno directed the sequel The Seduction of Inga. After her mother’s death, Inga is sent to live with her diabolical aunt Greta, who tries to make her the girlfriend of a wealthy old man to pay off financial debts. The strategy backfires when Karl, Greta’s young lover, falls in love with Inga and runs away with her.

Go, Go, Second Time Virgin (1969)

It is a 1969 Japanese film by Kōji Wakamatsu. Poppo, a teenager, is raped by 4 boys on the roof of a seven-story apartment. Desperate, she asks them to kill her, but the boys laugh at her and leave. Tsukio, a teenage boy, watched the rape passively. For one night and one day, Poppo and Tsukio strike up a partnership, informing each other of their difficult pasts and pondering their fates. Poppo recalls a previous rape. In a nuanced recollection, Tsukio recounts his sexual assault with 4 friends, in which they stabbed and killed the girl. Poppo constantly asks Tsukio to kill the girl, but he refuses.

The Lady of Monza (1969)

It is a 1969 Italian historical erotic movie directed by Eriprando Visconti. It is loosely based on the real facts of Marianna de Leyva, better known as “The Nun of Monza”, whose story was made famous by Alessandro Manzoni’s original I promessi sposi. Virginia, a girl forced to become a nun by her parents, becomes mother superior of the convent where she is located in northern Italy. When the director of the Convent decides to host a wanted criminal to hide him, she falls in love with him and they begin to have sexual relations.

Venus in Furs (1969)

It is a 1969 Italian Erotic movie directed by Massimo Dallamano. Based on the novel Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the film was first released in 1969 in Germany under the title Venus im Pelz. In Italy the film failed the censorship test due to the sex scenes deemed too extreme and all efforts to eliminate the censorship restrictions, with numerous cutting variations, were unsuccessful.

The film was finally released in 1973 under the title Nude Venus, but this shortened version too was soon stalled a few days after release. In 1975, the film was finally released in Italian cinemas under the title Le malizie di Venere, in a version that was heavily censored and cut during editing. With new scenes shot by Paolo Heusch, the film was made into a Giallo movies. The new title was a reference to drive starlet Laura Antonelli’s box office success in Malizia (1973).


The Decameron (1971)

It is a 1971 episodic film written and directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini, based on 14th-century short stories by Giovanni Boccaccio. It is the first film in the Trilogy of Pasolini’s life, the others being The Canterbury Tales and One Thousand and One Nights. Each film is an adaptation of a variety of timeless works of literature. The stories have plenty of nudity, sex, slapstick, and even scatological humour. Pasolini’s aim was not to consistently recreate Boccaccio’s characters, but to criticize the modern world through the symbolic use of existing themes in the stories. The stories are often set in southern Italy and the heavy use of the Neapolitan language is used to depict the persecution and financial exploitation of the poorer area by the wealthier areas of northern Italy.

The film entered the 21st Berlin International Film Festival, where it won the Silver Bear. Despite the success and praise of this film, Pasolini was troubled by the numerous censorship cuts to the film. He considered these an affront to the anti-capitalist message. 2 entire stories were removed from the film: the fable of Girolamo and Salvestra and the fable of Rustico and Alibech. Pasolini eliminated Girolamo as he felt it was a weak story and cut the Alibech sequence because he intended to keep the landscapes of Yemen for his next film Arabian Nights, the third film in his Trilogy of Life. The film was the third highest grossing film in Italy in 1971 with 11,167,557 admissions behind The Godfather and … they kept calling it Trinity. It was Italy’s 21st most important film of all time and is also currently rated 25th.

Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971)

It is a 1971 American sexploitation Erotic movie which is in part one black comedy, partly mystery movie. Starring Rock Hudson, Angie Dickinson and Telly Savalas, it was launched on April 28, 1971. Roger Vadim directed the film and Gene Roddenberry composed the screenplay for the film and it was based on a 1968 story by Francis Pollini.

At Oceanfront High School, an American high school at the height of the sexual revolution, young girls are targeted by a serial killer. A student named Ponce is experiencing an erotic turmoil from sexually intriguing and seductive female classmates. The film was poorly received by many film critics, but Quentin Tarantino chose this film as one of his selections for a list of the best films of all time.

The Devils (1971)

It’s a Historical film of 1971 written and directed by Ken Russell and starring Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave. A historical account of the fall by Urbain Grandier, a 17th-century Roman Catholic clergyman accused of witchcraft in Loudun, France, the story also focuses on Sister Jeanne des Anges, a sexually repressed nun who blames him.

A co-production between the UK and also the US, The Devils is partly adapted from the 1952 non-fiction publication The Devils of Loudun by Aldous Huxley, plus John Whiting’s later 1960 play The Devils. United Artists originally pitched the project to Russell, but balked after reviewing the film’s script, as they felt it was too extreme. Warner Bros. agreed to produce the film and recording took place at Pinewood Studios in late 1970.

The visual depiction of violence, faith and sexuality elicited a violent response from censors, and also initially achieved an X rating in both the UK and US. It was banned in a number of countries and also heavily modified for distribution in other countries. Film critics dismissed the film for its content. Russel won the Best Director award at the 33rd Venice International Film Festival. A director’s cut fix by premiered in the UK in 2002.

The story focuses on themes of sex-related repression and political corruption. The film was recognized as one of the most controversial by various magazines and critics, and was banned in Finland until 2001. The film was openly condemned by the Vatican, which, while acknowledging some creative qualities, asked that its screenings be suspended at the Venice International Film Festival. It has been called a “great party for sexual deviants and sadists”.

Women Convict Scorpion: Beast Stable (1973)

It is a film made by Toei Company in 1973. It is the third in the Female Convict Scorpion series. Actress Meiko Kaji and the director Shunya Itō they are featured in all 3 films. Matsushima is out of jail and on the run from the authorities, wanted for prison escape and murder. In his path is the investigator Kondo (Mikio Narita). He seeks refuge with a lady who has a brother with a psychological handicap. After her brother tries to rape Matsushima, she stabs him with a blade as a warning. The woman eventually reveals that her brother regularly abuses her. Both an ex-con and the police are looking for her.

Ichijo’s Wet Lust (1972)

It is a 1972 Japanese film from the Nikkatsu collection, directed by Tatsumi Kumashiro and stars famed pole dancer Sayuri Ichijō as herself, who co-stars Kazuko Shirakawa and Hiroko Isayama. Considered among the most effective films in the series, in 1999 Japanese critics voted it one of the 100 ideal Japanese films of the 20th century.

Famous real-life pole dancer Sayuri Ichijō plays herself in this fictional account of her daily life. The story tells of Ichijō’s relationships with 2 men: her lover and the owner of the strip club. Ichijō considers his work in erotic dance to be an art form and pushes the limits of what is allowed to be done. Harumi, a younger dancer, wants to outdo Ichijō, and the competition leads to extreme striptease shows, leading to constant trouble with the police.

Lead actress Sayuri Ichijō was praised for her performance in this film for her grit, passion and irony which elevate the film into an entertaining drama that transcends its genre. Sayuri performs very erotic striptease acts including perversions, sadomasochism, torture with candle wax and chains.

Last Tango in Paris (1972)

It is a 1972 Erotic movie directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. The film stars Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider and Jean-Pierre Léaud, and portrays a widowed American who enters into a sexual relationship with a young Parisian woman. The film premiered at the New York Film Festival on October 14, 1972 and also earned $36 million in its U.S. theatrical release, making it the seventh highest-grossing film of 1973.

The film’s gritty depiction of sex and also the psychological chaos of the characters led to global controversy and attracted varying degrees of government censorship in various territories. Upon its US release, the MPAA gave the film an X rating. United Artists Classics released an R-rated cut in 1981. In 1997, after the film entered the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer collection, the film it was reclassified as NC-17. In Italy, the film was released on December 15, 1972, earning $100,000 in 6 days. A week later, however, cops confiscated all copies as a district attorney, who called the film a porno, and its director were prosecuted for “vulgarity”. The fate of the film was sanctioned by the Italian Court of Cassation, which sanctioned the destruction of all duplicates. Bertolucci was given a four-month sentence behind bars and his civil rights were blocked for five years.


Harmful (1973)

It is a 1973 Italian Erotic movie written and directed by Salvatore Samperi. In the cast Laura Antonelli, Turi Ferro and Alessandro Momo. The film deals with the libido of a widower and also his 3 children for their new carer. At the Nastri d’Argento, Antonelli and Ferro also won Best Actress as well as Best Supporting Actor. The film was entered into the 23rd Berlin International Film Festival.

Following the death of his wife, a father of 3 children (aged 18, 14 and even 6) works with a charming young waitress named Angela, and soon begins an erotic affair with her. His children are also obsessed with Angela, each using their own means to strategize and seduce the seemingly naïve, and to see more of her body. At one point the teenager Nino blackmails her, imposing his perversions on her.

Emmanuelle (1974) 

It is a 1974 French Erotic movie directed by Just Jaeckin. It is the first part of a series of french movies based on the character of Emmanuelle. The film stars Sylvia Kristel in the lead role of a woman who travels to Bangkok to enhance her sexual experience. The film was professional photographer Just Jaeckin’s debut feature and was shot in Thailand and France between 1973 and 1974.

Emmanuelle was criticized on its first release, but in France it was among the highest-grossing French films. The film was a hit in Europe, the United States and Asia and was followed in 1975 by Emmanuelle, The Joys of a Woman. A number of other films influenced by Emmanuelle were launched, including the Italian series Black Emanuelle. The film typically received adverse reviews from film critics upon its initial release, and Jaeckin’s direction has been described as pompous. Some have called it an extremely well-made film: impeccably photographed in an area in Thailand, loaded with charming characters and emotional songs.


School of the Holy Beast (1974)

It is an Erotic movie of the nunsploitation subgenre made by Toei Company in 1974. A girl (Yumi Takigawa) becomes a nun at the Sacred Heart Convent to find out what happened to her mother years ago. He experiences a lesbian mother superior, lewd archbishops and also reveals different dark sides. Likewise, the convent exercises tough self-restraint and even solicits masochistic routines such as self-flagellation. In one scene, 2 religious women have to strip and whip each other. Subsequently, Takigawa is wounded and whipped by a group of nuns equipped with rose thorns. This Japanese Erotic movie manages to sensational and stunning, as much as it may seem too violent and sleazy, it is downright beautiful to watch.

The Swinging Cheerleaders (1974)

It is a 1974 erotic comedy film written and directed by Jack Hill. It is the sequel to the 1973 film The Cheerleaders, directed by Paul Glickler; and was in turn followed by Revenge of the Cheerleaders (1976), directed by Richard Lerner; and also The Great American Girl Robbery (1979) directed by Jeff Werner.

To create an article for the Mesa University college newspaper about how cheerleaders humiliate women, Kate (Jo Johnston) infiltrates the cheerleading squad. The other girls have various problems: Mary Ann (Colleen Camp) has trouble convincing her promiscuous football player, Buck (Ron Hajek) to be in a serious relationship with her; Lisa (Rosanne Katon) is in a secret relationship with Professor Thorpe (Jason Sommers); and Andrea (Rainbeaux Smith) doesn’t know whether to remain a virgin or not. Kate discovers unethical dealings: the football coach (Jack Denton) and the university dean (George D. Wallace) are in cahoots over the bet that Professor Thorpe, who is also the bookmaker, organizes.

Black Emanuelle (1975)

It is a 1975 Erotic movie directed by Bitto Albertini. This film from the Africa series was mainly shot in Kenya. The songs were composed by Nico Fidenco. Black Emanuelle was followed by a series of sequels, all centering on the sexual journeys of Mae Jordan (played by Laura Gemser), a voluptuous, globetrotting investigative reporter and photographer known as “Emanuelle”, an independent, sexually aggressive, always seeking of wealthy young and old whites in power as well as interested in all sorts of prey bases and scenarios.

Journalist and photographer Mae Jordan (Laura Gemser) publishes her work under the name Emanuelle. He meets a couple who grew up in Nairobi and begins a sexual relationship with both of them. Together they teach her the customs of the nation and love.

Cooley High (1975) 

It is a 1975 erotic comedy that follows the story of a group of secondary school friends, Leroy “Preach” Jackson (Glynn Turman) and Richard “Cochise” Morris (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs). Written by Eric Monte, directed by Michael Schultz, the film, largely shot in Chicago, was a significant box office success, earning over $13 million. The lighthearted story turned tragedy was accompanied by a soundtrack that includes many Motown hits. Cooley High has been called a classic of black cinema and an inspiration to directors such as John Singleton and Spike Lee. After a humdrum beginning the movie magic starts to work, and ‘Cooley High’ turns into an alluring story worth seeing even more than before.

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1975)

It is a 1975 Canadian erotic movie about Ilsa, a sexually ravenous and ferocious Nazi prison camp commandant. The film is directed by the American director Don Edmonds and written by David F. Friedman for Cinépix Film Properties in Montreal. The film stars Dyanne Thorne in the title role, which is loosely based on Ilse Koch, a real-life criminal and also a film director in the Buchenwald prison camp. Upon its release in early 1975, the film was quickly the subject of scandal and even derision, being called one of the most degenerate films ever made. The film’s physical violence includes depictions of castration, caning, and many other types of torture. Word of mouth spread and the film was a significant financial success, becoming a staple of grindhouse and drive-in theaters.

Interest in the film led to the production of 3 sequels, each of which saw Thorne repeat his function. The film at one point turned into a real one cult movie, with the character of Ilsa becoming a pop social symbol. The film belongs to the Nazisploitation and sexploitation sub-genre, and is one of the goriest and most visually shocking films ever made.


The Nun and the Devil (1973)

It is a 1973 Italian Erotic movie directed by Domenico Paolella. The action is set in the 16th century in the convent of Sant’Arcangelo, near Naples, then under Spanish rule. The film’s success led to another Paolella feature film launched exactly the same year, Story of a cloistered nun, an Italian-French-German co-production starring Eleonora Giorgi. The opening credits mention that the film is “based on authentic documents from the 16th century and on a short story by Stendhal”, Stendhal’s L’Abbesse de Castro (1832).

The story tells of the power and sexual intrigues of a group of beautiful religious women at the Convent of Sant Arcangelo, as well as particularly the machinations of Sister Julia as she tries, as far as possible, to succeed the deceased Mother Superior. Nuns fight with their oaths of celibacy, some leaning towards lesbianism while others secretly welcome men into their cells. A corrupt church wishes to profit from a contribution to the Convent before starting an inquisition.

Cloistered Nun: Runa’s Confession (1976)

It is a nunsploitation-style Japanese Erotic movie starring pop singer Luna Takamura, directed by Masaru Konuma and written by Nikkatsu. Konuma is not one to do light erotic nonsense, the film is even more political than many European films of sinful religious women it ostensibly resembles. Young Runa/Luna entered a convent after losing her lover to her sister Kumi. When she is raped by the abbot and subjected to abuse and abuse, her desire for a peaceful life in the convent is ruined. Leaving the convent, she returns to her sister and ex-boyfriend for precise revenge with a fake scheme to advertise Christianity in Japan.

Saloon Kitty (1976)

It’s a erotic movies 1976 directed by Tinto Brass. The film was co-produced by Italy, France and West Germany. It is based on Peter Norden’s story of the same name, which recounts the real-life events of Salon Kitty, whereby the Sicherheitsdienst took over an expensive brothel in Berlin, exchanging all the prostitutes for skilled spies, in order to gather intelligence on the several participants in the Nazi celebration and on very important international personalities. He is considered one of the progenitors of the Nazisploitation style. The script does nothing but accumulate perversions as quickly as possible, and the characterization is quite ridiculous.

The Pom Girls (1976)

It is a 1976 American Erotic movie directed by Joseph Ruben. The screenplay for the film was written by Ruben and based on a story by him and Robert J. Rosenthal. The film was shot on and around the Chaminade High School area of ​​Los Angeles. The Pom Girls is a teen movie, with naughty teenagers dealing with the discovery of love and sex, many exterior scenes and stunts. A football player falls in love with a girl who is dating another boy, while another teenager can’t figure out which woman he likes.

The earlier teen exploitation film The Cheerleaders (1975) influenced the writers of The Pom Girls. Easy Rider had an impact on the film, the remarkable success of that film made film producers and screenwriters Robert Rosenthal and Joseph Ruben focus on the value of freedom.

Ilsa, the Wicked Warden (1977)

It is a 1977 erotic horror film directed by Jesus Franco and played by Dyanne Thorne. It is the third part in the Ilsa film series. The story of the film concerns Greta, a director of a mental hospital for girls, as well as a woman who invents the disease to ensure that she can look into what happened to her sister who remained at the health center. The film has more extreme scenes of violence than the previous film. Meyer shot this film at the same time as Barbed Wire Dolls with common actors and sets from both films.

Greta (Dyanne Thorne) works as a director at a mental hospital for girls. Unbeknownst to him, his client Abby is actually Rosa’s sister. Abby wants to find out what happened to her sister and to save her. She is unaware that Greta uses prisoners at the health center to produce porn, often against their will.

Sister Emanuelle (1977)

It is a 1977 Erotic movie from the Black Emanuelle film series starring Laura Gemser. Forsaking her evil past, Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) moves to a convent and becomes a religious woman, dedicating her life to faith and rejecting evil. Monika (Mónica Zanchi), a free-spirited child of a wealthy baron, joins the convent. Informs a nun how she was sexually assaulted by a group of boys. Monika makes love to several men around the convent.

The Chicken Chronicles (1977)

It is a 1977 teen film set in 1969 and starring Steve Guttenberg. David Kessler is a high school student who wants to lose his virginity, as he goes about his job at a chicken coop and tries not to get kicked out of Beverly Hills High, which can get him shipped to Vietnam. The film was based on a short story by Paul Diamond. It was the first real starring role for Steve Guttenberg. “Some stars get humiliated for their first job,” Guttenberg said, “but most of us don’t start out as ‘artist.’ No one is likely to confuse ‘Chicken’ with ‘Citizen Kane,’ but I learned a lot. They bet on than me. I didn’t get rich, but it was a start.”

Lemon Popsicle (1978)

It is a 1978 teen Erotic movie co-written and directed by Boaz Davidson. The film’s success caused a number of sequels. The film tells the story of a group of 3 teenagers in late 1950s Tel Aviv. In 1950s Israel, Nili is the new college girl. Meet three friends: Benzi, Momo and also Yudale. Benzi, the group’s regular “nice guy”, takes an instant liking to Nili. Nili likes Momo, much more skilled and aggressive. Knowing that Nili is a virgin, Momo boasts to her friends that she will definitely have sex with her, much to Benzi’s dismay. Benzi also relies on his friends and is unwilling to ruin their relationship to warn Nili of Momo’s intentions, and sees Momo and Nili start dating.

National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978)

It is a 1978 American comedy film directed by John Landis and written by Harold Ramis, Douglas Kenney and Chris Miller. In the cast John Belushi, Peter Riegert, Tim Matheson, John Vernon, Verna Bloom, Thomas Hulce, Stephen Furst and Donald Sutherland. The film deals with a group of kids who test the authority of the principal of the fictional Faber College. The film was written by Matty Simmons and Ivan Reitman. He was influenced by short stories created by Miller and published in the National Lampoon.

Of the younger leads, only 28-year-old Belushi was a well-known celebrity, but even he hadn’t appeared in a film yet, having gained popularity as an actor on Saturday Night Live. Many of the stars who were cast as college students, including Hulce, Karen Allen and Kevin Bacon, were starting their film careers. Matheson, also cast as a pupil, was a professional actor. After its release Animal House garnered positive reviews from film critics. Shot for just $3 million, it grossed over $141 million, making it the top-grossing comedy of its time.


Images in a Convent (1979)

It is a 1979 Erotic movie directed by Joe D’Amato with Paola Senatore, Marina Hedman and Donald Obrien. The film comes from the “nunsploitation” subgenre. It has scenes of violence that connect to the exorcism movie and is among the initial hardcore porn films that passed the Italian censorship in 1979. The film has lesbian scenes and also cunnilingus.

In a cloistered convent, the nuns engage in sexual acts with each other at night, worried that their Mother Superior might discover their disobedience. Finally, a wounded man shows up at the convent and his sister takes him in. Individually, the nuns are brought to the man and take turns meeting him during the night. Unbeknownst to them, Satan has also entered the convent and is turning the nuns into sinners. An exorcist is sent to the convent to cast out Satan and restore religious devotion.

Killer Nun (1979)

It is a 1979 Italian horror film directed and co-written by Julius Berruti, co-written by Alberto Tarallo, and starring Anita Ekberg, Joe Dallesandro, Lou Castel, and Alida Valli. Her story tells of a religious woman who, after recovering from brain surgery treatment, enters paranoia and starts consuming opioids and also addiction and chaos with terrible effects. The film is loosely based on the true story of Cécile Bombeek, a middle-aged nun who committed a series of murders in a health center for the elderly in Wetteren, Belgium in 1977.

Unlike various other examples in the category, which generally set in medieval or renaissance locations, this film is set in contemporary times, and has no social criticism regarding the duty of religious women within the Church. In the UK it has been defined as film that can have a detrimental impact on human behaviour.

Malabimba (1979)

It is a 1979 Italian Erotic movie directed by Andrea Bianchi. A séance is held in the castle of a wealthy family to get in touch with the spirit of a lady who had been killed. The spirit of Lucrezia, progenitor of the family, is evoked during the session. Lucrezia tries to possess the spirit of sister Sofia, who has resided in the castle to look after the paralytic Adolfo, owner of the castle together with his brother Andrea, companion of the murdered woman. Having no success, the body of the adolescent Bimba enters instead, daughter of Andrea and the woman killed, who until then had led a normal life.

Bimba’s habits change considerably and many times she falls victim to Lucrezia’s evil sexuality. The family members, stressed, leave the woman in the care of Sister Sofia. The relationship between Bimba and Sister Sofia expands and a relationship of affection is born between them. In truth Bimba, governed by the spirit of Lucrezia, sexually attracts the nun into a spiral of debauchery.


Little Darlings (1980)

It is a 1980 teen erotic movie starring Tatum O’Neal and Kristy McNichol and also includes Armand Assante and Matt Dillon. It was directed by Ronald F. Maxwell. The screenplay of the film was created by Kimi Peck and Dalene Young and the music was also composed by Charles Fox. The film somehow manages to address the topic of sex-related initiation. A group of teenage girls from Atlanta are at a summer camp. Unbeknownst to the adults, two of them make a bet on who will lose their virginity, and all the girls bet money.

Private Lessons (1981)

It is a 1981 erotic comedy film starring Sylvia Kristel, Howard Hesseman, Eric Brown and Ed Begley Jr. The screenplay of the film was written by Dan Greenburg who made the book, Philly. Greenburg is a motel manager in the film. Kristel was much better known to European viewers for her films Emmanuelle. Philip “Philly” Fillmore (Eric Brown) is a 15-year-old high school student and son of a wealthy businessman in Albuquerque, who takes a long trip during the summer holidays, leaving the boy in the care of Nicole Mallow (Sylvia Kristel) , an attractive French maid and Lester Lewis (Howard Hesseman), the family butler.

The Last American Virgin (1982)

It is a 1982 erotic movie written and directed by Boaz Davidson. It is a remake of Davidson’s 1978 Israeli film Eskimo Limon. Following the success of the initial film and its sequel in Israel, Davidson teamed up again with producers Golan-Globus to try and recreate the exact same success in the United States. The story of the film and the characters have remained largely the same, the setting has been updated from 1950s Israel to contemporary Los Angeles. Even the soundtrack, a significant aspect of both films, has been updated from the oldies of the original to a much more modern new age rock.

The story focuses on the main character Gary, a high school student and pizza delivery boy, and also his friends Rick and also David, who is overweight and bumbling. Most of the story is about their attempts to make love, which are effective for Rick and David, but not for Gary.

Chained Heat (1983)

It is a 1983 German-American Erotic movie about women in prison. It was co-written and directed by Paul Nicholas for Jensen Farley Pictures. The producer was Paul Fine, who had previously created The Concrete Jungle. The film takes place in the California women’s prison where naive teenager Carol Henderson (Linda Blair) is sentenced to 18 months for inadvertently eliminating a man. Warden Backman (John Vernon) has a hot tub at work; her aide, Captain Taylor (Stella Stevens) runs the prison prostitute and has a lover who is also associated with Ericka (Sybil Danning), the leader of the white inmates, while the black inmates are led by the Duchess (Tamara Dobson).

Class (1983)

It is a 1983 American comedy-drama film directed by Lewis John Carlino, with Rob Lowe, Jacqueline Bisset and Cliff Robertson. In addition to being Lowe’s second film, it saw the film debuts of Andrew McCarthy, John Cusack, Virginia Madsen, Casey Siemaszko and Lolita Davidovich.

Early in school, Jonathan Ogner is teased for using his college attire. Going up to the dorm he meets his roommate, who introduces himself as Squire Franklin Burroughs IV but informs him to call him “Skip”. Miss then takes off her bath robe, revealing a red bra and underwear, whereupon she argues with the startled Jonathan that it is the practice for seniors to go to school wearing only girls’ underwear.

Jonathan doesn’t have any kind of sexy underwear, so Skip supplies him with a set. They exit the dorm until Skip is locked behind a door by Skip. The various pupils start laughing and mocking Jonathan for wearing women’s underwear. Mortified, Jonathan attempts to re-enter. After finding all the doors closed, he climbs up a trellis where he discovers Skip rolling around on the floor laughing.

Private School (1983)

It is a 1983 teen funny Erotic movie directed by Noel Black. Starring Phoebe Cates, Betsy Russell and also Matthew Modine, it follows a teenage couple trying to make love for the first time, while their close friends engage in sexual antics.

Christine “Chris” Ramsey (Phoebe Cates) reads a love book to Betsy (Kathleen Wilhoite), her roommate at the Cherryvale Academy for Girls in Northern California. Three students from the nearby Freemount Academy for Men, Jim Green (Matthew Modine) and his obese, frumpy friend Bubba Beauregard (Michael Zorek), sneak into Cherryvale to peep at the women. Jordan Leigh-Jensen (Betsy Russell), who was taking a bath at the time, sees the boys watching and enlists Chris and Betsy’s help to chase them away.

Private Resort (1985)

It is a 1985 erotic comedy directed by George Bowers and written by Gordon Mitchell, Ken Segall and Alan Wenkus. The film stars the then-unknown Rob Morrow in his initial film role, Johnny Depp in his very first lead role, and also Andrew Dice Clay. The film was the third in a collection of teen erotic comedies by producer R. Ben Ephraim, each of which had the word Private in the title. The previous 2 movies were Private Lessons and Private School.

Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow play Jack and Ben, teenage friends looking for wealthy women at a Miami hotel where they are weekend guests. Lurking is The Maestro (Hector Elizondo), a skilled gem thief who seeks Mrs. Amanda Rawlings’ (Dody Goodman) ruby ​​pendant.


9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

It’s a romantic movie 1986 directed by Adrian Lyne and starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke. Basinger plays a New York City art gallery staffer who has an event with a strange Wall Street broker, played by Rourke. The film’s screenplay by Sarah Kernochan, Zalman King and Patricia Louisianna Knop is adapted from the 1978 short story of the same name by Austrian-American writer Ingeborg Day, under the pseudonym “Elizabeth McNeill”.

The film was finished in 1984, but didn’t launch until February 1986, and was heavily edited for its US release, where it was a box office disaster, earning $6.7 million out of a $17 million spending plan. It also got mixed reviews upon its launch. Its soundtrack did well and the film itself became a big hit globally in its unedited version, especially in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, earning $100 million globally. It likewise gained a huge fan base on DVD and became a cult movie. Much of the success of 9 +1 ⁄ 2 Weeks is due to the fact that Rourke and Basinger play the characters very convincingly, humanly, and their relationship is believable, unlike many other characters in various other Erotic movies during that period .

Convent of Sinners (1986)

It is a 1986 Italian Erotic movie directed by Joe D’Amato (with the name of Dario Donati). D’Amato shot, photographed and edited the film. The screenplay of the film by René Rivet is based on the novel “La Religeuse” by Denis Diderot.

France, 1700. Young Susanna is raped by her stepfather. Her mother witnesses the crime and tells Susanna that she will be taken to a convent, against her will. The abbey is a strange place: several nuns are hypersexual. Many of them masturbate and whip themselves. The Mother Superior is turned on by Susanna and even makes advances. This excites the envy of his former mistress, Sister Theresa.

As the Mother Superior’s passion expands more and more, Theresa takes charge of the abbey and also abuses her power to make Susanna’s life an ordeal. Theresa spreads a report that Susanna is possessed by the Devil, and secures her in a rat-infested prison, whereupon she forces the woman to consume a drink that makes her feverish. He later convinces several of the nuns to drag Susanna out of her cell and whip her, declaring that she is trying to defeat the devil.

A Taxing Woman (1987)

It is a 1987 Japanese film also written and directed by Juzo Itami. He has won countless honors, including 6 major awards from the Japanese Academy. The film’s title character, played by Nobuko Miyamoto, is a private investigator for the Japan National Tax Agency who uses numerous methods to catch tax evaders. Apparently the director was influenced to make the film after he got huge tax bills following his success with The Funeral.

A female tax auditor, Ryōko Itakura, checks the accounts of numerous Japanese companies, revealing surprise gains and also recovering overdue tax obligations. One day Itakura convinces her manager to let her explore the owner of a string of love resorts who appears to be a tax evader, but no evidence is found upon examination. During the exam the assessor and the owner, Hideki Gondō, establish a respect for each other. When the same situation arises again, Itakura is once again able to examine. During an advanced series of raids against the resort owner’s interest rate, he unwittingly finds a surprised area with important incriminating evidence.


The Rapture (1991)

It’s a drama movie erotica from 1991 also written and directed by Michael Tolkien. It stars Mimi Rogers as a woman who transforms from a swinger into a pious Christian after discovering that the Apocalypse is near. The low-budget film was a commercial failure, while critical appraisal was mostly favourable, with Rogers’ performance hailed as arguably the best of his work.

Sharon, a young woman from Los Angeles, lives lustfully. Get in touch with a Christian cult who say the end of the world is near based on their analysis of the strange dreams from the faithful. Over time, Sharon believes this idea and also becomes a fervent Christian. Subsequently he began to live a religious life, got married and had a son. However, when her husband Randy is killed in a senseless murder, she begins to doubt God’s goodness. She thinks God has called her to a desert awaiting the end of the world, and instead of leaving her son safe with friends, she chooses to take him with her. Foster, a law enforcement officer, is concerned for their health, but Sharon insists that the end is near.

Tokyo Decadence (1992)

It is a Japanese Erotic movie directed by Ryu Murakami with music by Ryuichi Sakamoto. The film was shot in 1991 and was released in early 1992. It stars Miho Nikai and has been banned in a number of countries such as Australia and South Korea. The story is about a prostitute disappointed in love who is abused by perverts and criminals as she seeks inner peace away from the truth that her lover is currently married.

Ai, a shy 22-year-old college student in Tokyo, works as a prostitute for a company that caters to wealthy and kinky men. To please her clients, Ai needs to play out imaginative sexual situations like sadomasochism and bondage. The first two-thirds of the film consists largely of four erotic sequences including sodomy, sadomasochism and bondage, with erotic vibrator toys and perverted men. There is where a necrophile tries to suffocate the protagonist. Various other acts of paraphilia and perversion are associated with many of the film’s situations.

Getting Any? (1995)

It is a 1995 Japanese film, written, directed, edited and also performed by Takeshi Kitano. The film is an erotic comedy. He revealed to the audience Beat Takeshi, initially a manzai entertainer, who goes back to his fun origins. The film includes a character whose fixation is making love. The film met with little recognition in Japan, where its release was barely seen. Kitano stated in 2003, that it was one of his 3 most loved films among the 10 he had already directed. According to him, this work was the basis for many of the films that followed, including the famous Hana-bi, as it includes all his recurring styles, physical violence and suffering.

According to Kitano, his function in this film was to make fun of himself. He also wanted to make fun of young Japanese, those born after the Second World War, who were very straightforward and sincere when it came to talking to women about making love. Kitano has refuted the accusation of ridiculing Japanese culture and also stated that his goal in this film was just to make the audience laugh.

American Pie (1999)

It is a 1999 erotic comedy film directed and co-produced by Paul Weitz and written by Adam Herz. It is the first film in the American Pie film series and stars a cast composed by Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Alyson Hannigan, Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Seann William Scott, Eugene Levy , Shannon Elizabeth and Jennifer Coolidge. The story tells of 5 schoolmates who attend East Great Falls High. With the one exception of Stifler, who has already lost his virginity, the young men pledge to lose their virginity before graduating from secondary school.

The title describes a scene where the main character is caught masturbating with a cake. Author Adam Herz actually said that the title also describes the mission of losing one’s virginity in high school, which is “as American as apple pie.” The film was a box office success and spawned three consecutive sequels: American Pie 2 (2001), American Wedding (2003) and American Reunion (2012).

Sacred Flesh (1999) 

It is a 1999 British erotic horror film. It is set in an undetermined past and contains a collection of loosely connected scenes illustrating pseudo-lesbian sexuality and sadomasochistic intercourse.

Sister Elizabeth, the mother superior of a medieval convent, has visions of Mary Magdalene and a dead nun. Father Henry, the abbot, and also his servant Richard are mobilized by the abbess of the convent to avoid hysteria in the convent. Elizabeth declares the visions and even the dreams of the nuns, flagellating herself and ending up getting excited as she does it: Sister Sarah masturbates; Sisters Mary and also Helena flog each other and then make love. Sis Jane, Teresa and also Helen have a threesome and also rape Sister Ann after putting her on a cross. Elizabeth writhes in her cell and furthermore, as she dies, is tortured by visions of a crucified woman.

Road Trip (2000)

It is an Erotic movie on the road from 2000 directed by Todd Phillips and written by Scot Armstrong and Phillips. The film stars Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott, Paulo Costanzo and DJ Qualls as four university friends who set out on a 2,900 kilometer journey to obtain a magnetic tape that was mistakenly sent to a woman.

A college student, Barry, takes a tour of his college with new entrants and tells a story about his friends. Josh Parker and Tiffany Henderson are friends who became lovers in high school and are in a long distance relationship as he goes to the University of Ithaca and she to the University of Austin. Eventually their long-distance relationship begins to fade. When he can’t get Tiffany on the phone regularly, Josh becomes less than confident. Fearing adultery, Josh begins sending recorded messages to Tiffany.

The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai (2003) 

It is an Erotic movie initially presented as a romantic film, then it became a cult and the producer authorized director Mitsuru Meike to expand it to its current form. In 2007 the film was selected at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Sachiko Hanai (Emi Kuroda) is a prostitute specializing in sex-related role-playing or cosplay. While in a cafe after work, he witnesses a meeting between 2 men, one North Korean and the other from the Middle East, who appear to be spies. When the fight turns into a shootout, Sachiko mistakenly starts taking a photo of the event on her cell phone and is shot in the temple. Instead of killing her, the bullet lodges itself in her mind and grants her phenomenal psychological powers, including the ability to understand languages ​​she previously had no understanding of, advanced math skills, and a sixth sense. After surviving she escapes the place and locates a cylindrical steel tube in her pocket with a duplicate of US President George W. Bush’s finger.

Serve the People (2022)

It is a 2022 South Korean Erotic movie, also written and directed by Jang Cheol-soo and also starring Yeon Woo-jin, Ji An, Jo Sung-ha and Kim Ji-chul. Based on the Chinese author Yan Lianke’s story of the same name, it shows the love between Mu Gwang, a soldier, and Su-ryun, the young wife of the department head, as well as Mu Gwang’s inner strife. The film is set in a fictional socialist nation very comparable to North Korea in the 1970s. The sex scenes make up a large part of the film and the initial subject matter of satire and resistance becomes more and more fuzzy as the minutes pass, but the film is definitely more than conventional erotic entertainment.



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