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Love stories, passionate relationships, feelings and emotions. The romantic genre is an inexhaustible trend that has produced so many movies to watch in the history of cinema. Romantic movies focus on the love stories of the protagonists, telling the fundamental desire of every being: to love and to be loved. The search for love on the journey of life can be one of the most complex and exciting searches that any person faces. 


The conflicts and the enemies and obstacles that the protagonists of romantic movies face are very different from those of other film genres. They can be internal conflicts such as racial or religious discrimination, problems with the traditional and retrograde mentality of the family of origin, psychological problems that prevent love from entering one’s life. Or it can be external and material problems such as economic hardship poisoning a relationship, a health problem, sexual temptations and betrayals outside the couple. 

Another major obstacle that is halfway between the inner world and the outer reality is the incompatibility of the couple. Misunderstandings and quarrels in fact often occur for external causes but have an internal root. Sometimes conflict resolution comes when one partner changes his or her personal view of the other and of the things that have happened. The main enemy, however, both in real love stories and in movies, is loneliness. Or perhaps it is better to define it as isolation: the lack of communion with another person that makes us feel at one with the world. 

The Sub-Genres of the Romantic Movies 

The most frequent themes in romantic movies are love at first sight, love between people with a large age difference, love between people of the same sex. Unrequited love, the obsessive and destructive amorous passion that can often lead to the sub-genre of the romantic drama. Tragic romance, self-destructive love, and love that requires extreme sacrifice are all themes of the romantic drama film. 

In some cases the sub-genre of the romantic drama movies can generate a further sub-genre, which we could define as weepy romantic movies. A type of film that runs through a large part of the history of cinema: from the sentimental melodramas of the 1930s to today. The skill of the director and screenwriter to evoke sad emotions to tears is not something common: sometimes it is the result of a well-constructed artifice, other times it is the authenticity of the real life that the director has been able to convey in the film. 

Romantic Drama Movies


Romantic drama is the mainstay of the romantic movie genre. This sub-genre is the one that offers the greatest insights to writers and directors because it is richer in conflicts. It is usually romantic movies that make cry the most audiences of both sexes. Extra-marital affairs Sex scenes and cheating are the main ingredients of romantic drama movies. The soundtrack is often used in more dramatic ways than in comedy movies, emphasizing the intense emotional states of the protagonists. 

The isolation and the difficulties that the couple has to face usually take on more extreme shades and there is no shortage of extremely dramatic scenes. Often romantic drama movies, even if they suggest a happy ending, do not show it directly at the end of the film. Crest to the public the possibility of interpreting the evolution of history. 

Romantic Women’s Movies

Romantic women’s movies take a typically female look at the world. The protagonist is a woman and the viewer experiences her torments and her amorous joys through a female point of view. We could associate the female romantic film with what in literature is called a romance. 

The plot focuses mainly on sentimental vicissitudes, but does not explore the territories of pure drama, as in romantic drama movies. Although there are moments in the story in which the conflict that the protagonist faces can be dramatic, it usually remains anchored to sentimental and erotic events, and does not extend the range of action to other events. 

Romantic Comedy Movies

Romantic comedies, on the other hand, explore the sentimental and amorous vicissitudes of the protagonists with a lighter and more carefree tone. There are almost never any dramatic scenes and if there are they are softened with irony. In some cases the dramatic event becomes a source of comedy. 

Romantic Thriller

Romantic thriller movies are a sub-genre of romantic movies in which the element of thrill and intrigue is inserted. The love story then mixes with dramatic and violent events, such as mysteries and murders. In some cases the thriller element clearly prevails as in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece the woman who lived twice. Despite being a film with a strong romantic and passionate component, it remains primarily a film by the master of the thriller genre, in which the mysterious element and the intrigue represent the most important part of the story. In movies, such as in The Phantom of the Opera and The Tourist, the love story represents the main story, while having as a secondary plot the typical elements of the thriller and mystery genre. 

Teenage romantic movies

Teenage romantic movies, on the other hand, have adolescents as protagonists. Their love affairs are often linked to the social group they belong to, to school and to family. In these stories the figures of parents, teachers, or authorities in general are almost always present. 

Characters who create obstacles and misunderstandings with the feelings of the protagonists. Teen romantic movies usually have large audiences among the youngest. They rarely use the style of arthouse movies, but rather use a more standard language, typical of commercial movies. 

Romantic Movies to Watch

Here is a selection of the best romantic movies that you can immediately watch in streaming. Strictly in chronological order.

Faithful Heart (1923)


Marie is an orphan exploited hard by a bartender in the port of Marseille. They want to marry her to Petit Paul, a drunkard slacker. But Jean, a man who works in the port, is in love with her and Marie reciprocates his sentiment. Marie is forced to leave with Petit Paul, but Jean follows them to an amusement park where the two men argue. In the fight, a policeman is stabbed and, while Petit Paul escapes, Jean is arrested. Forgotten masterpiece of the impressionist cinema, an exciting melodrama full of visual experimentation. A brutal philosophical and stylistic theorem. Faithful Heart takes place outdoors in disreputable and real areas such as the port, the tavern, the proletarian and disreputable suburbs, in natural settings on the border between land and sea. 

Atalante (1934)

Jean, the captain of the barge L’Atalante, marries Juliette, and the couple decides to live aboard the Atalante together with Jean’s crew, at eccentric Père Jules and the hub. The couple travel to Paris to deliver the cargo, enjoying an impromptu honeymoon en route. One of the most beautiful love stories in the history of cinema, balanced between surrealist avant-garde and poetic realism. Jacques Louis Nounez, the producer of the previous film by Jean Vigo, Zero in Conduct, blocked by censorship, agreed to produce the director’s second film, Atalante.

Beauty and the Beast (1946)

It is a 1946 romantic film directed by French director Jean Cocteau. The film is an adaptation of the famous fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.

The plot follows young Belle, played by Josette Day, who is offered as a sacrifice by her father to the mysterious Beast, played by Jean Marais, in exchange for her father’s freedom. Initially frightened by the Beast, Belle begins to discover her humanity and kindness beneath her brutal guise.

The film was acclaimed for its visual beauty and its combination of the realism and the fantastic. Cocteau used techniques that were innovative for the time, such as the use of special effects and mirrors to create a magical and surreal world.

The film is also known for its symbolism, where the Beast represents the dark and repressed part of the human soul, while Belle represents beauty, love and light.

The film is considered a classic of French cinema and one of the most influential and beloved films in the history of cinema. It has inspired numerous works, including the 1991 Disney animated film of the same title.

Miss Oyû (1951)

The bachelor Shinnosuke falls in love with Miss Oyu, the companion of his younger sister Shizu who visits him as a future bride. The family taboo prevents Shinnosuke from marrying Oyu. He marries Shizu without consummating their marriage so that Shinnosuke can remain faithful to the unconscious Oyu. However, the couple’s commitment to appearances has a cost. The lack of sexuality and the malicious rumors about the ménage-a-trois lead to recrimination, separation and further pain. A great representation of Japanese culture exotic and picturesque, Ms. Oyu was the first of the costume dramas of the 1950s that would make famous Mizoguchi outside Japan.

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Scandal in Sorrento (1955)

“Pane, amore e…” is a 1955 romantic comedy film directed by Dino Risi and starring Vittorio De Sica, Gina Lollobrigida and Virna Lisi.

The plot of the film takes place in a small village in southern Italy during the post-war period. Vittorio De Sica plays Marshal Antonio Carotenuto, a man who is well respected in the village but who has a reputation for being a womanizer. Following the arrival of a new school teacher, Maria De Ritis (played by Gina Lollobrigida), Carotenuto falls in love with her but fails to confess his feelings for her.

The film tells the story of Carotenuto’s unrequited love for Maria and how he tries to win her heart, but it is also a representation of daily life in an Italian village, between relationships between people and social dynamics.

“Pane, amore e…” is a classic of Italian comedy and has received numerous awards, including the BAFTA award for best foreign film in 1956. The film is famous for the interpretation of Vittorio De Sica and for the beauty of shots, which show the nature and landscapes of southern Italy in a splendid way.

Bob le Flambeur (1956)

It is a 1956 romantic film directed by French director Jean-Pierre Melville.

The film follows Bob Montagné, a former thief who has retired from crime and lives in the Montmartre district of Paris. Bob, however, is drawn to gambling and the chance to make one last big heist at the Deauville casino.

To carry out the heist, Bob reunites with a gang of thieves, including the young Paul and the beautiful Anne. But the initially well thought out plan begins to crack due to unexpected events and betrayals.

The film is known for its noir style, with a melancholy and romantic atmosphere. Melville effectively uses light and shadow to create an atmosphere of suspense and mystery. Additionally, the character of Bob Montagné was seen as a forerunner of the “gentleman thief” that would become a recurring theme in later film noir.

The film. it is considered a classic of French cinema and has influenced many subsequent directors. It was also Melville’s first film to gain international distribution and launched his career as one of the leading French directors of his time.

Crazed Fruit (1956)

The sweet life of the rich young Japanese of the Sun Tribe subculture who was inspired by the Western lifestyle in the late 1950s, between lust and violence, skiing water and motorboats. A story of love, passion and betrayal. Two brothers fall in love with the same girl, but she hides her real life. The morbid passion for the girl becomes unmanageable and the conflict between the two brothers more and more dramatic.

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1984 (1956)


In London, the dictator of the state of Oceania is Big Brother, who controls the population through a policy of violent repression and cameras located everywhere. Winston and Julia fall in love, but love is strictly forbidden and punished with death. Dark environments that perfectly make the desperation of this famous one dystopian work.

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The Naked Kiss (1964)

Kelly is a prostitute who arrives by bus in the small town of Grantville, after straying from the big city to escape her former pimp. She meets the local police captain Griff who hosts her in his apartment, but then invites her to leave the city. Kelly instead wants to give up her previous life and become a nurse in a hospital for disabled children. Griff thinks it’s opportunism, he doesn’t trust him and keeps trying to get her out of town. Kelly falls in love with Grant, the wealthy scion of the city’s most important family, a friend of his friend, Griff. 

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Manhattan (1979)

‘Manhattan’ is a 1979 romance film directed by Woody Allen, who also wrote it and played the main character. The film is a romantic comedy set in New York and follows the life of Isaac Davis (Woody Allen), a successful middle-aged writer who is dissatisfied with his love life.

The plot revolves around Isaac’s relationship with 17-year-old Tracy (Mariel Hemingway), a high school student who enters a relationship with Isaac despite their age difference and the disapproval of their friends. Isaac is also in a tumultuous relationship with his ex-wife Jill (Meryl Streep) and falls in love with his best friend, the talented writer Mary (Diane Keaton).

The film is set in the heart of Manhattan and is known for its iconic classical music score, which includes pieces by George Gershwin and Richard Wagner. The film was also lauded for its black-and-white photography and depiction of New York City.

“Manhattan” was a critical success and earned three Academy Award nominations, including Best Supporting Actress for Mariel Hemingway. The film became one of Woody Allen’s most famous and influenced many later romantic films. However, the film has also been criticized for its portrayal of the relationship between a grown man and an underage girl.

Before Sunrise (1995)

It is a 1995 romantic film directed by Richard Linklater and starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. The plot follows the story of two young people, Jesse and Celine, who meet by chance on a train in Europe and decide to spend a night together in Vienna, before Jesse has to catch a plane back to the United States.

The film centers on the conversation between the two protagonists and their discovery of each other as they explore the city of Vienna and discuss various topics, such as love, life, death, art and culture. The film was critically acclaimed for its realistic depiction of human relationships and the ability of the actors to create authentic and convincing characters.

It is the first film in Linklater’s trilogy, which also includes Before Sunset (2004) and Before Midnight (2013), which follow the story of Jesse and Celine as they meet again after nine and eighteen years, respectively. The film has become a cult classic of independent cinema and has been cited as one of the best romantic films of all time.

Festival in Cannes (2001)

Cannes, 1999. Alice, an actress, wants to direct an independent film, and is looking for financiers. She meets Kaz, a talkative businessman, who promises her $ 3 million if she uses Millie, a French star who has passed her youth and no longer finds interesting roles. Alice tells the story of the film to Millie and the actress falls in love with the project. But Rick, a prominent producer who works for a large Hollywood studio, needs Millie for a small part in a film due to shoot in the fall, or else he’ll lose his star, Tom Hanks. Is Kaz a real producer or is he a charlatan? A film shot with great stylistic freedom, like a documentary, during the 1999 edition of the festival, which focuses on the performances of the actors with a spontaneous and fluid improvisation method, inspired by the cinema of Cassavetes.

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Amélie (2001)

It is a 2001 romantic film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, which tells the story of a young French woman, Amélie Poulain, played by Audrey Tautou.

Amélie is a lonely girl who works as a waitress in a café in Montmartre, a district of Paris. One day, she discovers an old box hidden in her apartment containing childhood treasures from a former apartment dweller. This discovery prompts her to try to find the original owner of the items and bring them back to him. This first selfless act paves the way for a series of good deeds towards those around her, as she also tries to find her love and happiness in her life.

The film is known for its fantastic, colorful and light-hearted atmosphere. The soundtrack was composed by Yann Tiersen and contributes to the magical and enchanting atmosphere of the film. The direction is innovative and uses a number of visual techniques to tell the story and create a unique style.

The film received many positive reviews from critics, was a great success with audiences and won numerous awards, including four César Awards (the French equivalent of the Oscar) and received five Academy Award nominations, including best foreign film.

The Notebook (2004)

It is a 2004 romantic film directed by Nick Cassavetes, based on the homonymous novel by Nicholas Sparks. The film tells the love story between Allie (played by Rachel McAdams) and Noah (played by Ryan Gosling), two young people who fall intensely in love during the summer of 1940 in North Carolina.

The drama unfolds through a flashback, in which an elderly Noah (played by James Garner) reads the story of their love to Allie (played by Gena Rowlands), who has Alzheimer’s disease and no longer remembers her past. The film is known for its tear-jerking ending and emotional soundtrack.

The film achieved great critical and commercial success, and became a real romantic cult. It also launched the career of Rachel McAdams and cemented that of Ryan Gosling, who later became two of Hollywood’s most beloved stars.

It is considered a film that marked an era for the romantic genre, thanks to its ability to touch the emotional strings of the spectators and to represent love in an intense and passionate way.

Hollywood Dreams (2006)

Aspiring actress Margie Chizek seeks stardom Hollywood. She is rejected by the cinema scene, falls in love, discovers the deceptions behind the world of film advertising, and understands her identity better. Saved from ruin by a kind producer, Margie manages to enter the world of the rich in Hollywood and falls in love with a young actor, who is building his career by pretending to be gay. The couple will face show business and sexual identity manipulation. 

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First Bite (2006)

Gus is a charming man who works as a cook in an oriental restaurant in Montreal. His boss sends him to a remote island in Thailand to meet a Zen cooking master and improve the quality of his dishes. There he meets a strange woman named Lake who lives in a cave and informs him that the Zen cooking master is dead. Gus goes to live in the cave and begins a romance with Lake. Lake doesn’t want Gus to leave, but Gus feels he needs to escape the island and his life is in danger.

Bite is an extremely original Canadian indie film that crosses various cinematic styles in its storytelling, suddenly shifting from romance to thriller to horror. Between black magic, love stories and tropical islands, Primo bite is the odyssey of a man who is held in a trap from which he can no longer escape, lost between passions and exotic foods.


The Holiday (2006)

It’s a romantic comedy of 2006 directed by Nancy Meyers and played by an all-star cast including Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. The plot follows two women, one American and one British, who meet online and decide to swap houses for the Christmas holidays, trying to escape their respective relationship problems.

Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) is a successful movie trailer producer living in Los Angeles, California, and after discovering her boyfriend’s cheating decides to take a break and spend the holidays in a new place. Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) is a journalist living in Surrey, England, who has just discovered that the man she loves is getting married to another woman. The two women meet online through a home swap site and decide to swap their homes for two weeks.

Amanda arrives in Surrey and meets Iris’ older brother Graham (Jude Law), a widower with two daughters, while Iris arrives in Los Angeles and meets an old Hollywood screenwriter, Arthur Abbott (Eli Wallach), who becomes her mentor .

The film follows the story of the two women as they adjust to their new lives in their respective vacation homes, dealing with the challenges and thrills they encounter along the way. Amanda begins dating Graham, but finds that he’s not quite what it seems. Iris befriends Miles (Jack Black), a music composer who has just lost his girlfriend.

“The Holiday” is a funny movie and romantic that addresses universal themes such as love, betrayal, friendship and the courage to take risks. The soundtrack, which includes songs by Hans Zimmer and artists such as Nancy Wilson, is the perfect accompaniment to the story.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

“Vicky Cristina Barcelona” is a 2008 romantic film written and directed by Woody Allen. The plot follows the story of two American women, Vicky and Cristina, who spend a summer in Barcelona and both fall in love with the same man, Juan Antonio, a Spanish bohemian artist.

The film is set in a romantic and sensual atmosphere, where the landscape of the Catalan city and Spanish music create a romantic and captivating atmosphere. The film was praised for its portrayal of an amorous trio, with a great attention to detail of the characters and their psychology.

The cast of “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” is made up of big names in cinema such as Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Rebecca Hall, who have been lauded for their performances. The film was also nominated for several awards, including a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for Penelope Cruz, who also won the Academy Award for the same category.

“Vicky Cristina Barcelona” is a film that deals with themes such as love, passion and destiny, immersing yourself in a fascinating city like Barcelona and telling a passionate and engaging story.

Chasing Butterflies (2009)

Nina runs away from home hours before her wedding. In order not to postpone her wedding, her mother pretends to be Nina and marries her boyfriend. Soon after, the two begin their search to discover Nina and bring her back to her house: Nina’s boyfriend is convinced that she no longer loves him. A fifteen-year-old nerd meets Nina on the street and tries to impress her with her father’s Corvette that she stole, without having her driver’s license. A rebellious young woman and her escaped boyfriend meet the boy and steal his Corvette, wreaking havoc with a series of burglaries as they head to Canada in search of a better life and money.

Chasing Butterflies is an action-packed romantic comedy with characters predestined to go their separate ways. Everyone refuses to be locked into social conventions even when they themselves have actually sought them out, even when the social convention is that of marrying a boy you still like.

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500 Days of Summer (2009)

“500 Days of Summer” is a 2009 romantic film directed byMarc Webb and written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. The film is a romantic comedy that follows the relationship between Tom, a disillusioned greeting card writer, and Summer, a woman who doesn’t believe in love.

The film is structured in a non-linear fashion, jumping back and forth through the 500 days of Tom and Summer’s relationship, from their first meeting until their breakup. The film highlights the different ways the two characters see and experience their relationship, with Summer being more focused on freedom and being herself, while Tom desperately tries to find true love.

The cast consists of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom and Zooey Deschanel as Summer. The film was critically acclaimed for its originality and its ability to address complex themes such as love and loss in a lighthearted and entertaining way. Additionally, the film’s soundtrack was highly praised, featuring songs from artists such as Regina Spektor and The Smiths.

Overall, “500 Days of Summer” is a film that explores the complexity of human relationships in a fun and original way, and can be enjoyed both as a romantic comedy and as a deeper reflection on the nature of love.

Celeste and Jesse per semper (Celeste and Jesse Forever, 2012)

Celeste and Jesse Forever is a 2012 romantic-comedy film directed byLee Toland Krieger and written by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack.

The plot follows the story of Celeste (played by Rashida Jones) and Jesse (played by Andy Samberg), an ex-couple who have decided to separate but remain friends. Though they’re still very close, Celeste realizes she needs to move on with her life and find a new relationship, while Jesse tries to reconnect with her and try to make their marriage work.

The film explores the themes of personal growth, separation and the possibility of finding love unexpectedly. Rashida Jones wrote the screenplay based in part on her personal experience of failed relationships.

The film was well received by critics, who praised the performances of the actors and the film’s ability to deal with complex subjects in an authentic and sensitive way. Celeste and Jesse Forever is a smart and sweet romantic comedy that explores the complexity of human relationships in a realistic and engaging way.

Once Upon a Time in New York (The Immigrant, 2013)

It is a 2013 romantic drama film directed byJames Gray and starring Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner. The plot follows Polish immigrant Ewa Cybulska (played by Cotillard) who arrives at Ellis Island with her sister Malvina. After Malvina is separated from Ewa and deported due to illness, Ewa is forced to rely on a surly and manipulative theater manager, Bruno Weiss (played by Phoenix), to find work and survive.

The film explores the themes of desperation, immigration, fraud and the struggle for survival. Cotillard’s performance was critically acclaimed and earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picturedrama movie.

The film was also praised for its historical fidelity and accurate depiction of 1920s New York City, as well as its realistic depiction of the difficult immigrant world of the time.

Ruby Sparks (2012)

“Ruby Sparks” is a 2012 romantic film directed byJonathan Dayton e Valerie Faris. The plot follows Calvin (played by Paul Dano), a young writer who is struggling to find inspiration for his next novel. When he has a vivid dream of a girl named Ruby Sparks (played by Zoe Kazan), he begins writing about her, until one day Ruby appears in his life, physically and realistically.

Initially Calvin is thrilled to have Ruby as his ideal girlfriend, but eventually realizes that she is a figment of his imagination and that his control over her life is limited by his ability to write about her. As Calvin tries to manipulate Ruby’s life through his writing, the relationship becomes toxic and Ruby becomes increasingly impatient of Calvin’s control.

The film deals with themes such as obsession, creative power, self-determination and responsibility. It was critically well received for its original storyline and well-chosen cast, especially the performance of Kazan, who also wrote the film’s screenplay. “Ruby Sparks” is an interesting cinematic work

The Spectacular Now (2013)

It is a 2013 romantic film directed by James Ponsoldt, based on the novel of the same name by Tim Tharp. The film follows the story of Sutter Keely (played by Miles Teller), an outgoing, alcoholic high school student who meets Aimee Finicky (played by Shailene Woodley), an introverted, studious girl. Despite their opposing personalities, the two begin to develop a romantic relationship.

The film explores themes such asadolescence, alcohol addiction and the difficulty of facing the future. Sutter is a complex, fascinating and problematic character who tries to avoid any responsibility and to live only in the present moment. Aimee, on the other hand, is a sweet and vulnerable girl trying to find her place in the world.

The cast is exceptional, with intense and realistic performances by Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley. Director James Ponsoldt has been able to create a sensitive and intense story, which addresses difficult but important issues for young people. It is a film that has received many positive reviews and has won several awards in film festivals, becoming one of the most acclaimed independent films of 2013.

Blue Valentine (2010)

“Blue Valentine” is a 2010 romantic drama film directed byDerek Cianfrance. The film tells the love story between Dean, played by Ryan Gosling, and Cindy, played by Michelle Williams, through two periods of their lives: the first, when they meet and fall in love, and the second, some years later, when their marriage is in crisis.

The film is known for its realistic and gritty depiction of human relationships, and for the intense performances of Gosling and Williams. The non-linear narrative shows the ups and downs of Dean and Cindy’s relationship, from the early stages of falling in love to the disintegration of their marriage.

The film was critically acclaimed for its emotional authenticity and its ability to depict the complexity of human relationships in a realistic and poignant way. Gosling and Williams have been praised for their performances, which have been described as intense and vulnerable.

However, “Blue Valentine” is also a very painful and dark film, and contains scenes that can be difficult for some viewers to watch. The film explores themes such as love, loss, loneliness and depression, and can be considered an accurate and ruthless portrayal of the difficulties of human relationships.

The One I Love (2014)

AND a 2014 film directed byCharlie McDowell and starring Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss. The film is a psychological romantic comedy that follows a young couple in crisis as they try to save their marriage.

The plot of the film follows Ethan and Sophie, a couple who have been married for six years who are slowly moving away from each other. After meeting a marriage therapist who directs them to a secluded house in the countryside, Ethan and Sophie discover the house holds a mysterious secret.

While trying to uncover the truth about the house’s secret, Ethan and Sophie discover that there are versions of themselves inside the house, who appear to be the solution to their marital problems. But soon, the situation becomes more and more complex and the identities of Ethan and Sophie become confused, leading to a surprising and unexpected ending.

The film was highly praised for its original storyline and the performances of the lead actors. In particular, Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss have received praise for their portrayal of the main characters. ‘The One I Love’ has been described as a mix of romantic comedy, psychological thriller and drama, and has received positive reviews from critics and audiences.

Carol (2015)

“Carol” is a 2015 romantic drama film directed byTodd Haynes and based on the novel ‘The Price of Salt’ by Patricia Highsmith. The film is set in the 1950s and follows the love story between Carol Aird (played by Cate Blanchett), a sophisticated woman dissatisfied with her married life, and Therese Belivet (played by Rooney Mara), a young saleswoman from a boutique who dreams of becoming a photographer.

Carol and Therese’s relationship begins as a friendship, but soon turns into something deeper and more romantic. However, the society of the time does not accept love between women and Carol is forced to fight to keep custody of her baby and to keep her job. Meanwhile, Therese must decide whether to follow her feelings for Carol or take a more conventional path in life.

The film was critically acclaimed for the performances of Blanchett and Mara as well as the direction and screenplay. “Carol” was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Blanchett and Best Supporting Actress for Mara. The film also won several awards, including the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and the New York Critics’ Best Film Award.

The Lobster (2015)

“The Lobster” is a 2015 film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. It’s a black comedy dystopian that takes place in the near future where people are forced to find a romantic partner within a certain amount of time or they will be turned into an animal of their choice.

The protagonist, played by Colin Farrell, is a man just left by his wife and forced to check into a hotel where he must find a new partner within 45 days. In case he fails, he will be transformed into a slug, which choice he made earlier.

The hotel is governed by strict and grotesque rules, including a requirement that everyone wear the same clothes, a prohibition on masturbation, and nocturnal hunting of those who escape from the hotel.

The film explores themes such as love, loneliness, social pressure, dehumanization and the loss of individual freedom. It is a savage satire on dating culture and social conformity, which questions the very idea of ​​individual identity and freedom.

The cast of the film also includes Rachel Weisz, Olivia Colman, Ben Whishaw and Léa Seydoux. The film premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Jury Prize, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 2017.

Moonlight (2016)

Moonlight is a 2016 film directed by Barry Jenkins and winner of three Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The film is divided into three chapters that tell the story of Chiron, an African-American boy who grows up in a tough neighborhood in Miami.

The first chapter focuses on the childhood of Chiron, nicknamed “Little”, who is constantly bullied by his schoolmates. One day he is rescued by Juan, a drug dealer who becomes a sort of father figure to Chiron and introduces him to the world of drugs.

The second chapter follows Chiron at the age of sixteen, when he is still bullied and feels marginalized because of his homosexuality. During this time, his friendship with Kevin develops into a brief moment of intimacy, which is however interrupted when Kevin is forced to beat up Chiron in front of his schoolmates.

The third and final chapter shows Chiron into adulthood, where he lives in Atlanta under a new name, “Black”, and is a drug dealer like Juan. However, after a phone conversation with Kevin, she decides to return to Miami to face her past.

The film is very intense and deals with issues such as homosexuality, bullying, violence and drug addiction, through a very visual and suggestive narration. The performance of the actors including Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris and Trevante Rhodes was widely praised by critics, as was Barry Jenkins’ direction.

Call Me by Your Name (2017)

It is 2017 romantic drama film directed by Luca Guadagnino and based on André Aciman’s 2007 novel of the same name. The film follows the story of Elio, a seventeen-year-old boy who spends the summer of 1983 in the family villa in northern Italy. During this time, Elio begins a romantic relationship with Oliver, an American research assistant who comes to live with Elio’s family for the summer.

The film was praised by critics for its direction, cinematography, performances of the actors and the soundtrack. Timothée Chalamet, who plays Elio, received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, while the film itself received a Best Picture nomination.

“Call Me by Your Name” is a sensitive and intense tale of love and self-discovery, exploring the complex and often incomprehensible dynamics of attraction and passion. The film also deals with broader themes, such as sexuality, identity and family.

A Star Is Born (2018)

“A Star is Born” is a 2018 musical drama film, directed by Bradley Cooper, who also starred as the male lead. The film was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and is a remake of the 1937 film of the same name.

The plot of the film follows the story of Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), a country rock musician in decline who discovers and falls in love with Ally (Lady Gaga), a young singer-songwriter with an extraordinary voice. Ally is catapulted into the music industry, becoming a celebrity, while Jackson’s addiction to alcohol and drugs continues to worsen, endangering her career and his life.

The film was praised by critics and audiences for the performances of Cooper and Gaga, as well as the original songs on the soundtrack, including “Shallow”, which won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. The film also deals with important issues such as addiction, unrequited love, fame and success in the music business.

In general, “A Star is Born” was a great success and received numerous nominations and awards, including eight Academy Award nominations. It was considered one of the best films of 2018 and a modern classic of the music genre.

If Beales Could Talk (2018)

AND a 2018 film directed by Barry Jenkins, based on the novel of the same name by James Baldwin.

The plot follows the love story between Tish and Fonny, two young African Americans living in New York City in the 1970s. When Fonny is falsely accused of rape, Tish and her family work to prove his innocence and bring him home before their baby is born.

The film explores themes such as racial justice, discrimination, love and family unity. Jenkins’ direction is very intense and Nicholas Britell’s original score adds another emotional dimension to the film.

The cast consists of talented actors such as KiKi Layne, Stephan James, Regina King and Colman Domingo, who deliver heartwarming and realistic performances.

The film received positive reviews from critics and earned numerous accolades, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Regina King. It is a touching and powerful film that addresses important social issues in a sensitive and respectful way.

Nika (2020)

The film “Nika” follows the story of a young woman from Los Angeles who lost both of her parents in a car accident. Although she has embarked on a career as a model, Nika feels an emptiness in existence and the weight of the time she passes. Although she has studied in various artistic fields, she has not achieved the success she hoped for and her friend, who has become a popular star, does not seem happy. Nika, in financial desperation, faces a life choice that could make or break her: becoming an escort.

The film represents a world of fragility and characters who seek meaning in a society that seems hostile. The director Leilani Amour Arenzana, through surrealist and dreamlike inspirations, tells the story of characters imprisoned in a “Western” trap, where vices, psychological fragility and materialism take over. Nika is a film that mixes drama and romance, narrating a period of transformation and redemption for the protagonist.


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