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Love stories, passionate relationships, feelings and emotions. The romantic genre is an inexhaustible trend that has produced so many movies to watch in the history of cinema. Romantic movies focus on the love stories of the protagonists, telling the fundamental desire of every being: to love and to be loved. The search for love on the journey of life can be one of the most complex and exciting searches that any person faces. 


The conflicts and the enemies and obstacles that the protagonists of romantic movies face are very different from those of other film genres. They can be internal conflicts such as racial or religious discrimination, problems with the traditional and retrograde mentality of the family of origin, psychological problems that prevent love from entering one’s life. Or it can be external and material problems such as economic hardship poisoning a relationship, a health problem, sexual temptations and betrayals outside the couple. 

Another major obstacle that is halfway between the inner world and the outer reality is the incompatibility of the couple. Misunderstandings and quarrels in fact often occur for external causes but have an internal root. Sometimes conflict resolution comes when one partner changes his or her personal view of the other and of the things that have happened. The main enemy, however, both in real love stories and in movies, is loneliness. Or perhaps it is better to define it as isolation: the lack of communion with another person that makes us feel at one with the world. 

The sub-genres of the romantic film 

The most frequent themes in romantic movies are love at first sight, love between people with a large age difference, love between people of the same sex. Unrequited love, the obsessive and destructive amorous passion that can often lead to the sub-genre of the romantic drama. Tragic romance, self-destructive love, and love that requires extreme sacrifice are all themes of the romantic drama film. 

In some cases the sub-genre of the romantic drama movies can generate a further sub-genre, which we could define as weepy romantic movies. A type of film that runs through a large part of the history of cinema: from the sentimental melodramas of the 1930s to today. The skill of the director and screenwriter to evoke sad emotions to tears is not something common: sometimes it is the result of a well-constructed artifice, other times it is the authenticity of the real life that the director has been able to convey in the film. 

Romantic Drama Movies


Romantic drama is the mainstay of the romantic movie genre. This sub-genre is the one that offers the greatest insights to writers and directors because it is richer in conflicts. It is usually romantic movies that make cry the most audiences of both sexes. Extra-marital affairs Sex scenes and cheating are the main ingredients of romantic drama movies. The soundtrack is often used in more dramatic ways than in comedy movies, emphasizing the intense emotional states of the protagonists. 

The isolation and the difficulties that the couple has to face usually take on more extreme shades and there is no shortage of extremely dramatic scenes. Often romantic drama movies, even if they suggest a happy ending, do not show it directly at the end of the film. Crest to the public the possibility of interpreting the evolution of history. 

Romantic women’s movies

Romantic women’s movies take a typically female look at the world. The protagonist is a woman and the viewer experiences her torments and her amorous joys through a female point of view. We could associate the female romantic film with what in literature is called a romance. 

The plot focuses mainly on sentimental vicissitudes, but does not explore the territories of pure drama, as in romantic drama movies. Although there are moments in the story in which the conflict that the protagonist faces can be dramatic, it usually remains anchored to sentimental and erotic events, and does not extend the range of action to other events. 

Romantic Comedy Movies

Romantic comedies, on the other hand, explore the sentimental and amorous vicissitudes of the protagonists with a lighter and more carefree tone. There are almost never any dramatic scenes and if there are they are softened with irony. In some cases the dramatic event becomes a source of comedy. 

Romantic thriller


Romantic thriller movies are a sub-genre of romantic movies in which the element of thrill and intrigue is inserted. The love story then mixes with dramatic and violent events, such as mysteries and murders. In some cases the thriller element clearly prevails as in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece the woman who lived twice. Despite being a film with a strong romantic and passionate component, it remains primarily a film by the master of the thriller genre, in which the mysterious element and the intrigue represent the most important part of the story. In movies, such as in The Phantom of the Opera and The Tourist, the love story represents the main story, while having as a secondary plot the typical elements of the thriller and mystery genre. 

Teenage romantic movies

Teenage romantic movies, on the other hand, have adolescents as protagonists. Their love affairs are often linked to the social group they belong to, to school and to family. In these stories the figures of parents, teachers, or authorities in general are almost always present. 

Characters who create obstacles and misunderstandings with the feelings of the protagonists. Teen romantic movies usually have large audiences among the youngest. They rarely use the style of arthouse movies, but rather use a more standard language, typical of commercial movies. 

Romantic movies to watch

Here is a selection of the best romantic movies that you can immediately watch in streaming.

Hollywood Dreams

Aspiring actress Margie Chizek seeks stardom Hollywood. She is rejected by the cinema scene, falls in love, discovers the deceptions behind the world of film advertising, and understands her identity better. Saved from ruin by a kind producer, Margie manages to enter the world of the rich in Hollywood and falls in love with a young actor, who is building his career by pretending to be gay. The couple will face show business and sexual identity manipulation. 

Watch Hollywood Dreams

The season of the sun

The sweet life of the rich young Japanese of the Sun Tribe subculture who was inspired by the Western lifestyle in the late 1950s, between lust and violence, skiing water and motorboats. A story of love, passion and betrayal. Two brothers fall in love with the same girl, but she hides her real life. The morbid passion for the girl becomes unmanageable and the conflict between the two brothers more and more dramatic.

Watch The season of the sun


Jean, the captain of the barge L’Atalante, marries Juliette, and the couple decides to live aboard the Atalante together with Jean’s crew, at eccentric Père Jules and the hub. The couple travel to Paris to deliver the cargo, enjoying an impromptu honeymoon en route. One of the most beautiful love stories in the history of cinema, balanced between surrealist avant-garde and poetic realism. Jacques Louis Nounez, the producer of the previous film by Jean Vigo, Zero in Conduct, blocked by censorship, agreed to produce the director’s second film, L’Atalante.

Watch Atalante

Mrs. Oyû

The bachelor Shinnosuke falls in love with Miss Oyu, the companion of his younger sister Shizu who visits him as a future bride. The family taboo prevents Shinnosuke from marrying Oyu. He marries Shizu without consummating their marriage so that Shinnosuke can remain faithful to the unconscious Oyu. However, the couple’s commitment to appearances has a cost. The lack of sexuality and the malicious rumors about the ménage-a-trois lead to recrimination, separation and further pain. A great representation of Japanese culture exotic and picturesque, Ms. Oyu was the first of the costume dramas of the 1950s that would make famous Mizoguchi outside Japan.

Watch Ms. OyuKinky


Kelly is a prostitute who arrives by bus in the small town of Grantville, after straying from the big city to escape her former pimp. She meets the local police captain Griff who hosts her in his apartment, but then invites her to leave the city. Kelly instead wants to give up her previous life and become a nurse in a hospital for disabled children. Griff thinks it’s opportunism, he doesn’t trust him and keeps trying to get her out of town. Kelly falls in love with Grant, the wealthy scion of the city’s most important family, a friend of his friend, Griff. 

Watch The Perverted Kiss

Festival in Cannes

Cannes, 1999. Alice, an actress, wants to direct an independent film, and is looking for financiers. She meets Kaz, a talkative businessman, who promises her $ 3 million if she uses Millie, a French star who has passed her youth and no longer finds interesting roles. Alice tells the story of the film to Millie and the actress falls in love with the project. But Rick, a prominent producer who works for a large Hollywood studio, needs Millie for a small part in a film due to shoot in the fall, or else he’ll lose his star, Tom Hanks. Is Kaz a real producer or is he a charlatan? A film shot with great stylistic freedom, like a documentary, during the 1999 edition of the festival, which focuses on the performances of the actors with a spontaneous and fluid improvisation method, inspired by the cinema of Cassavetes.

Watch Festival in Cannes


In London, the dictator of the state of Oceania is Big Brother, who controls the population through a policy of violent repression and cameras located everywhere. Winston and Julia fall in love, but love is strictly forbidden and punished with death. Dark environments that perfectly make the desperation of this famous one dystopian work.

Watch 1984

Faithful Heart

Marie is an orphan exploited hard by a bartender in the port of Marseille. They want to marry her to Petit Paul, a drunkard slacker. But Jean, a man who works in the port, is in love with her and Marie reciprocates his sentiment. Marie is forced to leave with Petit Paul, but Jean follows them to an amusement park where the two men argue. In the fight, a policeman is stabbed and, while Petit Paul escapes, Jean is arrested. Forgotten masterpiece of the impressionist cinema, an exciting melodrama full of visual experimentation. A brutal philosophical and stylistic theorem. Faithful Heart takes place outdoors in disreputable and real areas such as the port, the tavern, the proletarian and disreputable suburbs, in natural settings on the border between land and sea. 

First bite

Gus is a charming man who works as a cook in an oriental restaurant in Montreal. His boss sends him to a remote island in Thailand to meet a Zen cooking master and improve the quality of his dishes. There he meets a strange woman named Lake who lives in a cave and informs him that the Zen cooking master is dead. Gus goes to live in the cave and begins a romance with Lake. Lake doesn’t want Gus to leave, but Gus feels he needs to escape the island and his life is in danger.

Bite is an extremely original Canadian indie film that crosses various cinematic styles in its storytelling, suddenly shifting from romance to thriller to horror. Between black magic, love stories and tropical islands, Primo bite is the odyssey of a man who is held in a trap from which he can no longer escape, lost between passions and exotic foods.

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